• Oracle Responds to Google's Supreme Court Hail Mary

    In what is sure to be the last chapter in the seemingly unending courtroom drama that is Oracle v. Google, Oracle has responded to Google's hail-Mary request, filed with the Supreme Court in January, to review the appeals court's ruling that the Alphabet subsidiary infringed on Oracle's copyrights over its use of 37 Java APIs in the Android OS. 04/10/2019

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    Alibaba Adds to the Growing List of OpenJDK Distros

    China’s e-commerce giant, Alibaba, has unveiled its own Java distribution. Based on OpenJDK and Java SE 8, Dragonwell8, currently in preview, is the open source version of the company’s in-house implementation. 04/10/2019

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    DevOps Shines in 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Report

    The new 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Report paints a rosy picture for the related positions of DevOps specialists and site reliability engineers across several different areas, including salary and job satisfaction. 04/09/2019

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    Open Source Ionic Framework Woos PhoneGap Developers for Mobile Apps

    Ionic, a six-year-old project seeking to make a bigger name for itself in the world of mobile app development, recently shipped an update to its major v4.0 release and soon after appealed to PhoneGap developers to get on board. 04/09/2019

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    C++ Duels with Python in New Popularity Report

    Reigning "programming language of the year" Python changed places with C++ in this month's edition of the TIOBE Index that tracks programming language popularity based on Web searches. 04/08/2019

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    Machine Learning, Dev Positions Dominate Survey of Top U.S. Jobs for 2019

    Indeed.com recently released its list of "Best Jobs in the U.S.: 2019" and machine learning engineer is No. 1 on the list, followed closely by full-stack developer at No. 3. 04/05/2019

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    New Open Source Tool Formats Big Data for TensorFlow

    LinkedIn open sourced a tool it developed to convert Apache Spark-based Big Data into a format consumable by TensorFlow, the popular open source platform for machine learning. 04/04/2019

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    Live Share, IntelliCode Mark Release of Visual Studio 2019

    In launching Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2019 for Mac, Microsoft highlighted the general availability of the collaborative Live Share functionality, along with the option to use AI-driven IntelliCode to smarten up the code-completion functionality of IntelliSense, and much more. 04/03/2019

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    Mobile Performance Firm HeadSpin Adds Testing Functionality

    HeadSpin, a mobile performance management specialist, announced a new suite of tools that incorporates new testing functionality gained in a company acquisition. 04/03/2019

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    Flaws Left Unpatched, Unstopped Malware Contribute to Growing IoT Attacks

    According to a recent IoT security report from F-Secure, a lack of good password security (or no password at all) combined with unpatched vulnerabilities contribute to 87 percent of all IoT attacks. 04/03/2019

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    LinkedIn Data Says Flutter Is Fastest-Growing Skill Among Software Engineers

    The business/careers-oriented social site LinkedIn studied internal data to determine the fastest-growing skills among software engineers, finding that Google's Flutter topped the list with its unique approach to mobile app development. 03/29/2019

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    Google Upgrades Accelerated Mobile Pages Testing Tools

    Google announced an upgrade to its open source AMP initiative to improve mobile Web browsing by speeding up page loads, improving the testing tools associated with the project. 03/27/2019

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    Eclipse IDE Keeps Pace with Faster Java Releases

    Last week's Java 12 release wasn't the only byproduct of Oracle's faster release cadence. The Eclipse Foundation also announced the third quarterly release of the Eclipse IDE, along with 75 participating projects. 03/26/2019

  • Oracle's Georges Saab on the Impact of Faster Java Releases

    John talks to Georges Saab, VP of the Java Platform Group at Oracle and chairperson of the OpenJDK governing board, about the impact of the faster Java release cadence on the developer community and his own team at Oracle. 03/26/2019

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    Xcode Playground Lets Developers Try New Swift 5 Features

    Apple announced Swift 5, which it describes as a major milestone release of the increasingly popular open source programming language used for iOS and other Apple Oses, and an independent developer has created an Xcode playground to try out its new features. 03/26/2019

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    React Native Team Addressing Biggest Complaints: Upgrading and Debugging

    The React Native Community recently conducted a survey via GitHub to ask mobile developers "What do you dislike about React Native?" and found that the two biggest complaints are upgrading and debugging. 03/22/2019

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    Report: Low-Code Tools Increasingly Support ... Coding

    The low-code dev tooling space -- helping "ordinary business users" crank out apps to meet growing demand amid a shortage of trained developers -- is evolving to support ... more coding, of all things. 03/21/2019

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    Open Source Project Fosters Data Teamwork Best Practices

    The Linux Foundation has added a new project to foster and advance best practices for data teamwork, borrowing from the Agile approach to software development. 03/20/2019

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    JDK 12 Released

    Oracle today announced the general availability of JDK 12, the latest update of the reference implementation of the Java SE Platform, coming with a number of new features including a preview of Switch Expressions and abortable mixed collections for the Garbage-First (G1) collector. 03/19/2019

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    Progress Updates Low-Code-for-Pros Kinvey Platform

    Progress Software has updated its low-code Kinvey platform positioned as a productivity tool for professional developers, unlike competitors that target the non-coder "business user" audience. 03/18/2019


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