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    Report: Low-Code Tools Increasingly Support ... Coding

    The low-code dev tooling space -- helping "ordinary business users" crank out apps to meet growing demand amid a shortage of trained developers -- is evolving to support ... more coding, of all things. 03/21/2019

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    Open Source Project Fosters Data Teamwork Best Practices

    The Linux Foundation has added a new project to foster and advance best practices for data teamwork, borrowing from the Agile approach to software development. 03/20/2019

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    JDK 12 Released

    Oracle today announced the general availability of JDK 12, the latest update of the reference implementation of the Java SE Platform, coming with a number of new features including a preview of Switch Expressions and abortable mixed collections for the Garbage-First (G1) collector. 03/19/2019

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    Progress Updates Low-Code-for-Pros Kinvey Platform

    Progress Software has updated its low-code Kinvey platform positioned as a productivity tool for professional developers, unlike competitors that target the non-coder "business user" audience. 03/18/2019

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    Hottest GitHub Project Right Now: VS Code in the Browser

    The hottest project on GitHub right now comes from Coder, which recently open sourced its cloud-hosted port of the open source Visual Studio Code editor, providing browser access to one of the most popular programming tools in the world. 03/15/2019

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    Low-Code Kony Quantum Boosts 'Digital Experience Development'

    A new product from low-code tooling specialist Kony has debuted, combining rapid application development functionality with the benefits of a "digital experience development platform." 03/14/2019

  • Q&A with Heather VanCura, Chair of the Java Community Process

    John revisits Heather VanCura, chair of the Java Community Process, to find out how the language and platform standards organization keeps up with all of the unprecedented changes lately in the Java community. Constant communication helps, she says. 03/13/2019

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    SAP Builds Its Own Java Distro

    SAP's new SapMachine was created to allow its customers and partners to build and maintain an SAP-supported version of OpenJDK. 03/13/2019

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    Red Hat Releases Kubernetes-Native Java Framework

    Quarkus is a lightweight, high-performance framework designed to significantly reduce the footprint and latency of Java applications, specifically for cloud-native architectures such as microservices, containers and serverless. 03/13/2019

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    Perfecto Unveils AI-Driven, No-Code Automation Testing

    Perfecto, specializing in cloud-based DevOps testing of Web and mobile apps, unveiled a new solution that uses machine learning to automatically write and maintain test scripts. 03/13/2019

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    Android Studio 3.4 Release Candidate Ships

    Google's Android team has shipped the first release candidate for the next edition of its flagship IDE, Android Studio 3.4, which continues the Project Marble push to reduce bugs and improve quality in response to developer complaints. 03/12/2019

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    Low-Code Appian Update Addresses Enterprise Mobility

    Appian last week updated its low-code app development platform, with enterprise mobility one of the key areas of focus. 03/11/2019

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    Xamarin.Forms 3.6 Boosts Material Design Look-and-Feel

    Microsoft's Xamarin team announced an update to its Xamarin.Forms UI toolkit -- for cross-platform iOS and Android projects -- that makes it easier to implement Material Design look-and-feel in such apps. 03/11/2019

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    IBM Launches Security Testing Service for Blockchain-Based Products

    This week IBM's X-Force Red security division announced it has launched a new testing service to help find weaknesses and fix vulnerabilities in Blockchain-based releases. 03/06/2019

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    Microsoft Open Sources Windows Calculator

    Microsoft has open sourced the code for its Windows Calculator app, inviting developers to help improve the tool's user experience while at the same time learning about and possibly adopting its technological underpinnings. 03/06/2019

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    Database Trends Report: SQL Beats NoSQL, MySQL Most Popular

    Good old-fashioned SQL still rules the database roost even though popular offerings in the NoSQL camp are closing the gap, while MySQL is the most popular of the whole bunch in a new report from ScaleGrid. 03/05/2019

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    Block Stack

    Microsoft Releases Azure DevOps Server 2019

    On Tuesday Microsoft announced the commercial release of the new Azure DevOps Server 2019. 03/05/2019

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    PowerShell Usage Increases in Microsoft's Era of Openness

    One byproduct of Microsoft's embrace of openness and interoperability may be a boost in popularity for PowerShell, the company's venerable scripting language. 03/05/2019

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    Software Engineers Want to Learn Machine Learning, Love Python, Survey Says

    A new survey of software engineers from careers firm Hired shows they want to learn machine learning, love Python, hate PHP and make a lot of money, especially in San Francisco where search engineer salaries average about $157,000. 02/28/2019

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    Eclipse MicroProfile 2.2 Continues Alignment with Java EE 8

    The latest release of the Eclipse MicroProfile continues to align itself with Java EE 8 as the foundational programming model for the development of Java microservices. It builds on the last release with numerous updates, additional features and greater functionality for implementing enterprise Java microservices. 02/27/2019


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