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    Android Turns Its Back on Jack Compiler Toolchain

    Google is deprecating the Jack compiler toolchain it introduced in 2014 to incorporate Java 8 features, which will be be natively supported going forward. 03/15/2017

  • The Agile Architect

    Inhibiting Agility with Code Branching

    We have the best software development tools in history. Why are our developers so afraid to refactor? Our Agile Architect explores how powerful code management tools can lead to powerful problems that inhibit agility -- and what you can do about them. 03/14/2017

  • IoT Think Tank

    There Is No Such Thing As an IoT Platform

    Creative Intellect Analyst Clive Howard says that if IoT is to move beyond the hype and to deliver the significant benefits that are possible, then we need to move beyond talking about IoT platforms. 03/14/2017

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    MapR Takes Big Data Analytics to the IoT Edge

    MapR Technologies today announced a small-footprint edition of its data platform designed to take Big Data analytics closer to the source -- in this case the edge of the rapidly growing Internet of Things. 03/14/2017

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    Open Source Tool Smooths Onramp to React Native

    Addressing the complexity of chaining together all the moving parts required to get a React Native project built and running, the open source community has published a starter app called Create React Native App to smooth the process. 03/13/2017

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    Google Targets Mobile Back-End Development

    With front-end mobile coding taken care of in the recent release of Android Studio 2.3, Google targeted cloud-based back-end development at its recent Google Cloud Next '17 conference. 03/13/2017

  • Visual Studio 2017: What Features Didn't Make It, What Are Planned

    With the long-awaited Visual Studio 2017 finally rolling out this week, here's a look at some user-requested features that didn't make into Microsoft's flagship IDE, and some that are on track for future releases. 03/10/2017

  • Developers Should Take Heed of Apple's Enterprise Push

    Programmers, who already favor Macs as their preferred dev machines, might be coding more Mac and iOS apps in the future, judging from new research that indicates Apple's enterprise push is succeeding. 03/10/2017

  • The Agile Architect

    Our Agile Architect Saves the World!

    This is the completely true and not at all exaggerated story of how I, the Agile Architect, saved the Earth from complete and utter destruction. I'm sure there's an agile lesson in there somewhere. 03/09/2017

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    Stack Overflow Hiring Trends: ReactJS In, AJAX Out

    The online programming community is providing guidance for developers who might be looking to change jobs in 2017. 03/09/2017

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    IBM To Commercialize Quantum Computing

    Cutting-edge IBM Q systems will be delivered to select business and science partners over the next few years via the IBM Cloud platform, the company said. 03/09/2017

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    Open Source Couchbase Mobile Now Scales on Demand

    Couchbase Inc. has launched a new version of its mobile-centric full stack data platform that adds scale-on-demand functionality. 03/09/2017

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    Report Shows Android Threatening Windows for Most Popular OS

    StatCounter published new research that shows Android is challenging Windows as the most popular OS used to access the Internet around the world. 03/08/2017

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    Mobile Is 'Top of Mind' in Visual Studio 2017

    Microsoft said mobile app development was "top of mind" as it built the newly released Visual Studio 2017 IDE, which is now chock full of options to create apps for the major platforms using multiple tools and languages. 03/08/2017

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    JNBridge Adds Support for VS 2017, Turns 15

    JNBridge has added support for the new version of Microsoft's Visual Studio tool suite to the latest version of its flagship Java/.NET interoperability solution. 03/08/2017

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    JavaServer Faces 2.3 Gets JCP Approval

    The final results of the Public Review Ballot for JSR 372 are in, and the latest JavaServer Faces specification (JSF 2.3) has been approved. 03/08/2017

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    BlueData's Big-Data-as-a-Service Goes Hybrid

    BlueData Software Inc. added support for hybrid architectures -- using the AWS cloud -- to the latest release of its Big-Data-as-a-Service software. 03/07/2017

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    Research: Cloud Impacts 'Data Management Solutions for Analytics'

    The latest Gartner Inc. report about the "Data Management Solutions for Analytics" market is still dominated by big, traditional vendors with on-premises legacy-like solutions, but cloud computing companies are making disruptive headway. 03/07/2017

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    Foursquare Launches Pilgrim SDK for Mobile Location Intelligence

    Foursquare is opening up its homegrown Pilgrim SDK to let third-party mobile developers build apps that use the company's contextually relevant location intelligence technology. 03/07/2017

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    AWS Adds 'Quick Start' Deployment Solutions for Big Data Analytics, More

    For enterprises looking to quickly get started with key cloud workloads on the Amazon Web Services cloud, the company has added Quick Start simplified deployment solutions for Big Data analytics and more. 03/06/2017

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