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    Advanced Course for Java Developers Offered by Google

    Although Kotlin may be making waves as the fun new kid on the Android development block, Google isn't forgetting about its Java coders, having recently launched an advanced training course targeting the graybeard programming language. 12/11/2017

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    Google Reconsidering Accessibilty Crackdown for Android Apps

    Google is putting a hold on a plan to crack down on Android app developers who inject accessibility functionality into their apps without proving they actually help people with disabilities. 12/11/2017

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    Microsoft Offers Optimization Tool for Mixed Reality Mobile Apps

    Microsoft last week unveiled a new tool to ease and quicken the problematic process of optimizing 3D models for mixed reality apps for iOS and Android mobile apps. 12/11/2017

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    Faster Java Releases: A Challenge for the Spring Framework Project

    Maintainers of the Spring Framework project should prepare themselves for some challenges when Oracle's plan to speed up the cadence of JDK releases begins next year, says one of project's co-founders. 12/08/2017

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    Java Popularity Rising in the UK and Ireland

    Reports of the wavering popularity of Java in the U.S. in the face of growing interest in languages like Kotlin don't seem to have influenced the large community of Java jocks in the UK and Ireland, according to a newly published report by Stack Overflow. 12/08/2017

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    Hazelcast Joins Eclipse Foundation

    In-memory data grid specialist Hazelcast to bring its "extensive Java-driven community experience to a host of open source projects," focusing primarily on JCache, Eclipse MicroProfile and the Eclipse Enterprise for Java Project. 12/06/2017

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    Pivotal Partners with IBM on Enterprise Java

    Pivotal, the company behind the Spring Framework, today announced a series of joint efforts with IBM related to modern enterprise Java development, microservices and cloud-native design patterns. 12/05/2017

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    Google Cracks Down on Android App Info Collection

    Google' Safe Browsing team has expanded the enforcement of the company's Unwanted Software Policy, promising to flag Android apps in Google Play that collect personal information about users without their consent. 12/04/2017

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    OutSystems Marries DevOps with Low-Code

    The low-code development specialists at OutSystems aren't going to be left out of the DevOps revolution, having added a new set of DevOps features to its namesake development platform specifically designed to help enterprise IT shops adopt low-code practices that accelerate app delivery. 12/04/2017

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    Google Advances Android Things Developer Preview

    With the Internet of Things growing by the minute, Google has released another developer preview of its Android Things platform, which helps developers build connected devices for many different consumer, retail and industrial applications. 12/01/2017

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    AWS Unveils Web IDE for Cloud Computing

    Amazon Web Services released a new browser-based IDE called Cloud9, following last year's purchase of a startup with the same name. 12/01/2017

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    Google Rolls Out Final Android 8.1 Preview

    Fresh on the heels of the big Android 8.0 Oreo release, Google has rolled out a final Android 8.1 preview before the new point release ships next month. 11/30/2017

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    Android Architecture Components Ships as 1.0 Stable

    Google has shipped Architecture Components 1.0, a stable version of the guidance and libraries package for helping developers construct Android apps. 11/30/2017

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    JCP Executive Committee Posts Election Results

    Each year roughly half the seats of the 24-member EC are up for ratification/election. The EC oversees the work of the Expert Groups that define Java specifications, essentially guiding the evolution of Java. 11/29/2017

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    Hazelcast Jet 0.5 Appeals to Wider Java Audience with Pipeline API

    The latest release of Hazelcast Jet, an application-embeddable, distributed computing platform for processing of Big Data sets, comes with new functionality designed to appeal to "a wider Java audience," the company announced. 11/29/2017

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    Java Toolmaker ZeroTurnaround Acquired by Rogue Wave

    Java toolmaker ZeroTurnaround has been acquired by Rogue Wave Software, the two companies announced today. Louisville, Colo.-based Rogue Wave will be adding ZeroTurnaround's "visionary" lineup of Java tools to its list of cross-platform software development tools, components and platforms. 11/29/2017

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    HeadSpin Emerges from Stealth with Mobile UX Testing Platform

    HeadSpin Inc. has emerged from stealth with a new mobile platform emphasizing testing of mobile apps and measuring their experiences in real-world conditions. 11/28/2017

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    NativeScript Gets 'Sidekick' to Boost Mobile Business App Development

    Progress announced new components for its open source NativeScript mobile app development framework, including Sidekick for faster and easier development of mobile business apps. 11/27/2017

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    17-Year Microsoft Vet Joins Google's Flutter Team, Leaving a Few Parting Shots

    Seventeen-year Microsoft dev leader Tim Sneath is joining Google to work on the Flutter mobile app development framework, leaving a few parting shots at the failures of his former company on the way out. 11/27/2017

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    New Visual Studio Live Share Facilitates Real-Time Collaboration

    Microsoft introduced Visual Studio Live Share to allow dev teams to interactively collaborate by sharing code to edit and debug, troubleshoot, iterate or optimize apps, along with other preview tools. 11/16/2017

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