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  • The Guide to Great App Store Ratings White Paper Cover

    Learn about the overall impact of negative ratings and reviews on your app and what you can do to prevent it.

  • DevOps for Dummies 2nd Edition eBook White Paper Cover

    This book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it. You also discover how a holistic view of DevOps that encompasses the entire software delivery life cycle.

  • 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study United States White Paper Cover

    IBM and Ponemon Institute are pleased to release the 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: United States

  • Secure the Mobile Enterprise White Paper Cover

    Built on IBM’s unique threat intelligence platform, the Mobile Security Framework automatically fuses context and risk awareness into each security imperative, to maximize mobility management and security effectiveness.

  • Gartner Best Practices for Securing Hadoop White Paper Cover

    Historically, Apache Hadoop has provided limited security capabilities, and most Hadoop implementations to date have been deployed with little thought given to security. To protect sensitive data being stored and analyzed in Hadoop, security architects should use a structured approach to security.

  • Security Essentials for CIO's: Secure the Extended Workplace White Paper Cover

    IBM offers insights to CIOs regarding transforming the security organization into five core functional areas. This paper focuses on securing the extended enterprise.

  • Data security strategies for next generation data warehouses White Paper Cover

    Organizations are increasingly relying on data warehouses to provide the business critical reporting and analysis needed to empower business decisions and drive results. Data warehouses store current, as well as historical data, to satisfy business queries of all kinds. However, as the number of data warehouses storing sensitive data increases, we’ve also seen a rise in the number of attacks on those data warehouses.

  • Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing White Paper Cover

    Global-scale scandals around critical applications' breaches have highlighted the need for effective detection of exploitable application security vulnerabilities. Application security testing is the solution for Web, cloud and mobile applications.

  • Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology, Gartner Research White Paper Cover

    Global-scale scandals around sensitive data losses have highlighted the need for effective data protection, especially from insider attacks. Data masking, which is focused on protecting data from insiders and outsiders, is a must-have technology in enterprises' and governments' security portfolios.

  • The Top 30 Data Quality Issues We’ve Encountered Over 30 Years in the Industry White Paper Cover

    Download our free Melissa Data Magazine to learn the top 30 most pervasive data quality issues you need to know about – and what you can do to solve them!

  • Scanning on the Web White Paper Cover

    Developer Tips for Scanning on the Web: This whitepaper provides tips for developers on how to enable scanning capabilities in their web applications and outlines four methods for capturing documents into digital enterprise imaging solutions.

  • Enterprise Imaging on the Web White Paper Cover

    Tips and techniques for solving the challenges of modern browser support for multipage document image formats like PDF and TIFF.

  • Why NoSQL? White Paper Cover

    In a world where the pace of software development is faster and data and piling up, how you architect your data layer to ensure a global user base enjoys continual access to data is more important than ever.

  • Four App Deployment Disasters Every Business Should Know About White Paper Cover

    While successful mobile apps can elevate and transform your brand, hidden deployment disasters can tear down all your hard work in the blink of an eye.

  • Ten Answers Regarding Mobile App Testing White Paper Cover

    This white paper digs deep into the reasons testing mobile apps is fundamentally harder than traditional web or desktop applications.

  • Info-Tech Research Group; Software Test Management Vendor Landscape White Paper Cover

    Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace. Assessing vendors by the strength of their offering and their strategy for the enterprise, Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscapes pay tribute to the contribution of exceptional vendors in a particular category. For more, download the report today.

  • Test early, test often. Continuous testing as part of the DevOps lifecycle White Paper Cover

    Continuous testing is an effective quality management method that can help testing teams keep up with agile development. This paper explains the methods and approaches that can enable continuous testing as part of the DevOps lifecycle.

  • Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Database White Paper Cover

    Is your data architecture up to the challenge of the big data era? Can it manage workload demands, handle hybrid cloud environments and keep up with performance requirements? Here are six reasons why changing your database can help you take advantage of data and analytics innovations.

  • Intelligent Business Solutions Report: Big Data - Why Transaction Data is Mission Critical to Success White Paper Cover

    Analyst Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies writes about the enhanced role of transactional DBMS systems in today's world of Big Data. Learn more about how Big Data provides richer transactional data and how that data is captured and analyzed to meet tomorrow’s business needs.

  • Agile For Dummies White Paper Cover

    Confused by all the agile advice? Relax! With the Agile for Dummies eBook by your side you'll learn the fundamentals of agile and how to increase the productivity of your software teams while enabling them to produce higher-quality solutions that better fulfill customer needs much faster.

  • 7 Proven Practices to Strengthen Release Management White Paper Cover

    Business needs, market trends, and customer demands are forcing IT teams to deploy applications at a rapid rate. The frequency of the deployments can invoke human errors, failed deployments, and outages. This paper will guide you through seven best practices that will strengthen the way applications are released to production.

  • In-Memory Databases Put the Action in Actionable Insights White Paper Cover

    A different style of computing is required for speed of thought analytics in the age of Big Data. Read this paper from Wikibon to understand how in-memory databases can deliver real-time operational analytics for your most demanding workloads.

  • DevOps For Dummies White Paper Cover

    This book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it. You also discover how a holistic view of DevOps that encompasses the entire software delivery life cycle.

  • App. Release & Deployment For Dummies White Paper Cover

    Faster Application Delivery With Automated Release & Deployment Application Release & Deployment for Dummies e-book.

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites Screenshot of the Gartner Report

    Testing is one of the key processes in the software development life cycle. The market has been steadily maturing to deliver improved user success, but technology changes like agile practices, mobile computing and cloud platforms can complicate vendor evaluation for testers and test managers.

  • Deployment Automation Basics White Paper Cover

    This paper discusses the limitations of manual deployments, common failure patterns, the benefits of automation, and a base set of features an automated system should provide.

  • Mobile Application Development Primer White Paper Cover

    As enterprises realize the need for mobile versions of their business applications, there is a need for an enterprise-class approach to mobile app development. This paper describes best practices for collaborative software lifecycle management for mobile business applications development.

  • An Insider’s Guide to Agile Testing and Service Virtualization White Paper Cover

    This report details how Agile teams are revamping their testing tool strategy to work well in an Agile development context.

  • Service Virtualization For Dummies White Paper Cover

    In Service Virtualization For Dummies discover how service virtualization fits into the big picture of software quality. Learn how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing processes deliver higher quality software, while reducing testing downtime and testing cost.

  • Boosting Agile Velocity with Factory as a Service on Azure White Paper Cover

    Explore the evolution of Agile methodology and how Factory as a Service (FaaS) delivers a revolutionary, automated, cost-saving boost to Agile software development for the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

  • Accelerate Time to Market with Change Impact Testing White Paper Cover

    QA teams don’t have time to test everything yet they can’t afford to ship buggy code. Learn how organizations can help shrink their testing cycles and reduce regression risk by focusing their manual and automated testing based on the impact of change.

  • Building Secure Multi-Factor Authentication White Paper Cover

    In this whitepaper we provide some selected practical advice for people building multi-factor authentication for their applications, based on our observations working with engineering and product teams.

  • Transforming Software Testing Through Automation White Paper Cover

    Test your code as you write it. That’s a common mantra heard in many development teams today. However, for too many, that practice remains a lofty goal as opposed to a business reality. They lack the appropriate metrics and processes to make and measure progress and often underestimate the effort required to manage the cultural change.

  • Development Testing For Java Applications White Paper Cover

    Learn how a development testing platform can be used in conjunction with open source solutions to help you fix more of the quality and security issues in your Java code that matter, with your existing resources and a unified process across the enterprise.

  • Development Testing for Agile Enterprises: Helping Teams Maximize Velocity White Paper Cover

    Companies need to get their products to market faster to remain competitive and capitalize on market opportunity. Learn how the Coverity platform seamlessly integrates with Agile development methodologies and tools to help maximize development efficiencies.

  • The Developer’s Guide to the New .NET White Paper Cover

    This whitepaper is no fluff–just a developer-to-developer breakdown of what’s in store for .NET in 2015. Included are code snippets and step-by-step tutorials on handy new features and techniques.

  • Four Characteristics of Top-Notch Big Data Cloud Solutions White Paper Cover

    Cloud-delivered big data analytics presents an enormous opportunity for organizations that want to become more agile, more efficient and more competitive. To capitalize on the full potential of this opportunity, businesses need cloud-enabled big data analysis solutions that are flexible, simple, secure and open.

  • Aberdeen report: Rapid Insight With Results: Harnessing Analytics in the Cloud White Paper Cover

    Today's data-driven organization is faced with magnified urgency around data volume, user needs and compressed decision time frames. In order to address these challenges while maintaining an effective analytical culture, many organizations are exploring cloud-based environments coupled with powerful business intelligence (BI) and analytical technology to accelerate decisions and enhance business performance.

  • Application Performance Management: It’s Not Just for IT Anymore White Paper Cover

    Application Performance Management tools are playing a larger and more important role in enabling IT to move applications rom on-premises to the cloud. Find out why and what that means in this technical article.

  • 2014 Gartner Report: Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites Exclusive Gartner Research page

    The Gartner Magic Quadrant is one of the most influential research tools that IT buyers use to evaluate enterprise mobility security vendors. Learn more.

  • Ten Commandments of Bring Your Own Device White Paper Cover

    End users are demanding their own devices in the workplace, making IT the shepherds of a potentially unruly flock.
The good news is IT can embrace BYOD with security and confidence given the right preparation and technology.

 Read now!

  • Best Practices for Mobile Application Lifestyle Management White Paper Cover Image

    There's an app for every “that,” but are they secure? Mobile Application Lifecycle Management (MALM) is the key to ensuring the protection of apps and associated data by integrating security throughout the end to end process. Learn more.

  • Service Virtualization For Dummies White Paper Cover

    Discover service virtualization and how it fits into the big picture of software quality. In this book, Service Virtualization For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition written by industry analysts Marcia Kaufman and Judith Hurwitz, learn how to deliver higher quality software by increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing processes while reducing testing downtime and testing cost. Learn more.

  • Agile for Dummies White Paper Cover

    Confused by all the agile advice? Relax! With Agile For Dummies by your side you’ll learn the fundamentals of agile and how to increase the productivity of your software teams while enabling them to produce higher-quality solutions that better fulfill customer needs much faster. Read now!

  • Forrester: Open Source BPM Hits the Mark for Delivering New Class of Process Apps

    Read this paper to learn about the challenges faced by application development teams today, and how developers can benefit most from open source BPM solutions that provide full-featured process modeling, analytics, and business rules capabilities. The findings in this study are based on Forrester’s own research and a custom study of software developers commissioned by Red Hat.

  • Scaling for the Cloud in the Age of Apps White Paper Cover

    Scaling applications for the cloud is hard, but it’s no impossible. It simply requires a rethink of everything IT does and how IT does it. Find out much more in this white paper.

  • Pillars of Cloudiness: Trends in Cloud Applications

    More than anything else, the cloud requires flexibility and the ability to make changes quickly. Right now, new trends are emerging in the creation and delivery of cloud applications. Find out in this paper what they are and why they matter.

  • Dell Boomi a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for iPaaS

    Learn about the iPaaS landscape from industry analysts, find the best iPaaS solution for your needs, evaluate vendors based on ability to execute and completeness of vision and see why Dell Boomi is named a Leader.

  • SFDC Integration Guidebook

    Explore this guidebook to learn how to automate business processes and benefit from Salesforce application integration, get tips for using iPaaS to better connect the data that runs your business and much more.

  • OVUM Case Study: Adoption of Dell Boomi AtomSphere iPaaS by Novartis

    Learn how Novartis, a multinational pharmaceutical company, achieved TCO savings, faster time-to-value and simplified integration with Dell Boomi AtomSphere.

  • How iPaaS Supports Today’s Hybrid IT Environments

    Learn how iPaaS differs from middleware – and how you can achieve increased business success from a hybrid IT environment. Read now!

  • How iPaaS Supports Today’s Hybrid IT Environments

    Learn how iPaaS differs from middleware – and how you can achieve increased business success from a hybrid IT environment. Read now!

  • Bloor Research: The Economics of Cloud-Managed Integration

    Read this informative research report to learn how cloud-managed integration delivers 2.5 times faster time-to-value, offers nearly 40% lower total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) and speeds results for organization such as AAA, Brady and Panasas.

  • The Ultimate Guide to BPMN2

    If you’ve been putting off learning BPMN under the mistaken assumption that you need to be an expert to use it, or if you find the standard unwieldy and hard to dissect, this revised and updated Ultimate Guide is for you. Read now.

  • Four Pillars of Business Analytics

    This best practices brief describes the Four Pillars of Business Analytics framework, then shows how you can employ the Four Pillars to understand your application needs and design and build applications that inform, connect and motivate users.

  • How Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 Is Extending Business Value

    IDC studied the business value and benefits that three JBoss customers achieved by modernizing their middleware infrastructure with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. Learn more.

  • Re-think Data Integration: Delivering Agile BI Systems with Data Virtualization

    Read this white paper to learn about a lean form of on-demand data integration technology called data virtualization. Deploying data virtualization results in BI systems with simpler and more agile architectures that can confront the new challenges much easier.

  • Hurwitz: Benefits of Migration to Modern Middleware Services

    This paper will describe the characteristics of a modern middleware platform and how companies benefit by migrating from older inflexible monolithic infrastructures to a modular and flexible environment. We will look at how someorganizations have migrated to Red Hat’s JBoss Enterprise Application Platform(EAP) 6 as a way to cope with and accelerate business change.

  • The Forrester Wave: Hybrid2 Integration

    Read this report to compare 14 of the most significant middleware providers and their fit for hybrid scenarios between the cloud and on-premises, as well as across the different traditional on-premises integration capabilities to help you select the right partner for your hybrid integration endeavors.

  • Is an Open Source BPM Solution Right for You?

    If you are considering deploying business process management (BPM) solutions, but have been daunted by the cost, footprint, risk, lack of flexibility, or complexity of proprietary options, an enterprise open source approach may be just what you are looking for. Download this white paper to see how the increased availability of highly functional enterprise open source BPM technology is bringing the benefits of BPM solutions within reach.

  • Unified Communications: The Layman's Guide

    In this white paper contributing Ziff Davis analyst Cindy Waxer breaks down unified communications by defining it, explaining how it works, ROI, UC challenges in an organization, and questions IT leaders need to ask before deployment. Read now!

  • Contact Center Solutions Comparison Guide

    This comparison guide provides the top 10 providers and highlights key features to look for when considering a hosted solution for your business call center.

  • The Need for Improved Software Quality

    Learn the results of research from Osterman Research on the security of various types of software; their vulnerability to malware, hackers, and other threats; and recommendations for improvement. Read now!

  • Beginning the Move into Hybrid Clouds

    Moving data and applications to the cloud is going to happen eventually. Hybrid clouds offer most of the advantages, and some of the disadvantages, of on- and off-premises models. Discover in this article from ADT how to get started with a hybrid cloud.

  • The DevOps Mindset: Real-World Insight from Tech Leaders

    DevOps will only work if an organization has the right culture in place. Find out in this paper how big-name DevOps leaders set up their organizations.

  • DevOps Hiring in a Nutshell: How to Build a Winning DevOps Team

    Find out in this white paper how to navigate the tricky waters of building a DevOps department.

  • Securing the Cloud

    As usage of the cloud increases, so do security threats. Find out in this series of articles from Redmond how to identify and alleviate those threats.

  • The Last Mile: Delivering Meaningful Answers from Your Data

    Read this white paper to explore the changing demands of the data-driven enterprise and three trends changing the business of data, the tangible benefits of actionable, accessible data and which vehicle is right for your business.

  • Five Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven Apps

    Read this white paper to learn why data is becoming a differentiator in customer facing apps and some emerging best practices for creating compelling, high-scale data-driven apps and solutions for your customers

  • Deploy Full Java EE Applications in the Cloud

    Keeping up with the pace of deploying Java EE applications can be tough. Find out in this white paper how to stay ahead.

  • Behavior Driven Development and BRMS

    Behavior-driven development is an agile application life-cycle management framework that helps developers and business experts communicate effectively. Red Hat Consulting helps clients improve speed-to-market, reduce risk, and sustain quality by implementing agile development techniques with proven business rules management products, including Red Hat JBoss BRMS. Learn more.

  • Enterprise Integration Patterns Flash Cards

    Use these flashcards along with the popular open source integration framework Apache Camel as an easy reference during the design and development of integration projects. This deck of flashcards covers 49 integration patterns discussed in Gregory Hohpe’s book, Enterprise Integration Patterns.