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  • RedHat

    Executive checklist: Open banking

    Open banking is impacting the way we do banking globally. In today’s competitive market, APIs can’t be one-offs. They must be part of a complete business strategy. It’s critical to enterprise success.

  • RedHat

    Building modern applications with Linux and containers eBook

    In a world where users demand new applications, features, and updates across all their devices in real time, container technology is critical. Containers let developers work smarter by creating consistent environments to rapidly develop and deliver cloud-native applications that can run anywhere. Read this e-book to learn more.

  • RedHat

    Boost Agility with Hybrid Cloud and Containers

    Developers need resources provisioned for them quickly so they can get started on the next big idea. Operations need to maintain security and reliability in their infrastructure. Together, using hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies, IT can provide the agility and stability needed to deliver services faster.

  • RedHat

    Eight steps to cloud-native application development infographic

    Cloud-native application development is an approach to building and running applications. It speeds time to market by using the cloud computing model, which is based on key tenets.

  • 15 Reasons to use Redis as an Application Cache

    In order to keep up with modern computing environments, today’s tech companies must constantly reevaluate their data storage methods.

  • Redis Enterprise For Financial Services

    Data is the foundation of all digital transformation initiatives in the finance industry. Redis Enterprise is the high-performance database of choice across the finance industry including leading credit card companies, multinational banks, consumer and corporate leading firms, boutique financial services, hedge funds and FinTech startups.

  • Redis Enterprise Database for Gaming

    Companies looking to gain a competitive advantage in the digital world must create unique and dynamic experiences in order to drive both customer acquisition and continued retention.

  • Why Use Open Source for IIoT

    In this technical paper, we will examine what existing solutions lack and review a few open source projects that should be considered for future success for operators.

  • Business leaders using AI for customer service share results

    Listen to Rob High, esteemed AI expert and IBM Fellow, and business leaders from a global automation company, one of Scotland’s largest banks and a US based hospital share details on how they are using conversational AI to transform customer service.

  • Fighting Cancer: A Compelling Case for Artificial Intelligence in Genomics

    Read this paper to learn how oncologists using IBM® Watson® for Genomics can quickly view insights from genomic data analysis which can be used to help them create personalized treatment plans for patients.

  • Mayo Clinic’s clinical trial matching project sees higher enrollment in breast cancer trials through use of IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching

    Mayo Clinic started working with IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching in 2014. Over time, a team of Mayo experts determined optimal workflows and enhanced patient awareness about clinical trials. The system was implemented with a team of clinical research coordinators in the ambulatory practice for breast cancer. Read this article to learn how Watson for Clinical Trial Matching has enabled Mayo to improve both enrollment metrics for breast cancer clinical trials as well as operational efficiency in its practice.

  • Matchmaking for Clinical Trials: The Achilles’ Heel of Cancer Research

    While cancer research is crucial to help the growing number of patients suffering from the disease, it is difficult to find enough patients that meet the criteria of clinical trials. Using spreadsheets to determine who would benefit from a new treatment can be slow and error prone.
 Read this paper to find out how IBM Watson for Clinical Trials Matching is making a major difference.