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    Cloud Database Comparison: 5 Vendors Go Head-to-Head

    Download this report to review the findings from these benchmark tests and discover how these databases compare to 1 another.Compare their performance based on database size, query complexity, user concurrency and other areas. Learn more.

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    Relational database software with built-in analytics is here

    Read this white paper to learn how Actian Vector takes advantage of x86 CPUs for rapid analytic processing – while still boasting all the other capabilities you would expect from a modern relational database software. Learn more.

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    Accelerate the Analytic Timeline with Real-time Operational Analytics

    By enabling operational data integration into an analytics system, an organization stands to gain huge benefits from real-time analytics capabilities. Read this 451 Research white paper for more details on real-time analytics and what it can do for business decision-making. Get the white paper now.

  • Mobile App Shielding: How to Reduce Fraud, Save Money, and Protect Revenue

    It’s a doomsday scenario that some security experts suggest could occur in 2019: Cybercriminals will breach a major mobile carrier. Download this article from American Banker to learn how you can protect your app and customers in this scenario. Learn more.

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    Embedded Database Management for IoT and Edge Developers

    Read this white paper for an overview of the key concepts and enabling technologies of embeddable DBs that IoT and Edge developers need to understand, including the importance of multiple platform support. Learn more.

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    Zen and the Art of Embeddable Data

    Read this white paper to learn about origins of this database technology and its range of capabilities for embeddable database management and delivers a common data type and file format across all platforms. Learn more.

  • Cloud Watch 2019: Top 5 App Development Trends

    Read this white paper to learn about five trends that should be on every cloud app developer’s radar in 2019 including cloud-native becoming the “new normal” and containers and Kubernetes rule. Learn more.

  • 2018 Mobile Biometrics Platform Scorecard

    This report, 2018 Mobile Biometrics Platform Scorecard, is a valuable guide for financial institutions evaluating biometric authentication. Javelin recognizes OneSpan as the top provider and provides a useful framework for solution evaluation and selection. Learn more.

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    Machine Learning for Dummies

    Read Machine Learning for Dummies so you can understand machine learning fundamentals, make sense out of machine learning algorithms, and build your data science team to take advantage of this new technology. Learn more.

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    Open Source and IBM SPSS Modeler

    Read this IBM Analytics paper to find out how to handle these drawbacks by getting the right data tools to the right people and leveraging popular open source tools with IBM® SPSS® Modeler software. Learn more.

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    Accelerate GDPR Readiness with IBM® Watson Explorer™

    Read this paper to find out how IBM Watson Explorer can help you with GDPR compliance including identifying where personal data resides, reduce the chance of a data breach and manage data access rights. Learn more.

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    Gartner - Lay the Groundwork for Enterprise-level AI

    The democratization of machine learning platforms is proliferating analytical assets and models. The challenge now is to deploy and operationalize at scale. Data and analytics leaders must establish operational tactics and strategies to secure and systematically monetize data science efforts. Learn more.