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Rapidly Rolling Forward During Production Failure

Join Al Wagner as he discusses how you can roll forward while improving your deployment process. He'll discuss deployment models like canary, blue/green and rolling that can help prevent major production outages, how to pinpoint deployment failures in your process and correct them and how to pull together a basic failure response plan. Register now!

Date: 09/29/2016

Time: 10:00 am PT

On Demand

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What’s New in InstallShield 2016: MSI, EXE Installers and UWP App Packages from One Build

InstallShield 2016 eases the transition to Universal Windows Platform by empowering developers to create MSI and EXE installers, and UWP app packages from one build.

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Extending the Value of Mobile Java Apps

In this hands-on webcast we'll explore strategies for JAVA and JEE developers, of all skill levels, on extending your once cutting edge but already legacy apps with compelling cloud and mobile front-end experiences.

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Using Analytics to Accelerate Continuous Delivery

Join expert, Ben Newton, as he delves into how DevOps teams are gaining full-stack visibility for their modern applications. He explores why DevOps teams are struggling to gain full stack visibility and how the combination of machine data analytics and machine learning can provide visibility into the entire continuous delivery tool chain. Learn more.

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Deliver on Your Innovation Goals with IBM Bluemix

With over 40% growth in 2015, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) clouds are gaining increasing attention of IT decision markets. This session describes how IBM helps its most demanding customers avoid the pitfalls and realize the benefits of PaaS with IBM Bluemix. Learn more!

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Seven Unbreakable Rules of Software Leadership

Steve McConnell has found a method for predicting which technical executives will be successful in their organizations and which will end up looking for different positions. Join Steve as he describes the seven crucial rules that lead software executives first to satisfactory performance and ultimately to superior performance and superior results. Learn more!

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A Field Guide to Modern Data Stores

Developing today's web and mobile applications can be challenging. Nearly every app needs built-in features users demand, from full-text search and geospatial functionality to a powerful recommendation engine. There are tools to help you with your job. Learn more and sign up for this webcast now!

Duration: 1 Hour

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Best Practices for Building Exceptional Mobile Apps

Through extensive demonstrations, we will explore best practices for building real-world mobile applications leveraging the latest in mobile platform technology from IBM.

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The New Builders Podcast series

Introducing The New Builders Podcast - listen to the builders behind today's most innovative apps reveal their best practices, latest projects and favorite tools.

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Why Does OpenStack Matter?

IBM Blue Box is one of the only OpenStack projects that provides comprehensive cloud services framework. And with the growing number of organizations throughout the world leveraging this technology, are you one of them? Or will you be left behind? Join us to learn more about OpenStack.

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How to simplify and speed mobile app development with cloud, in one click

View this webcast to hear results of a new research study conducted by the Creative Intellect Consulting. Their analysts spoke to more than 240 organizations across the globe to better understand key mobile application development dynamics and identify the best out-of-the-box mobile platform service clients are using.

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Deliver Apps Faster Across your Hybrid Clouds

View this interactive Webcast from IBM to find out about hybrid cloud advantages including maximizing return on existing IT investments, matching workloads to best-fit infrastructure, and balancing risk to speed.

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Disrupting in the Digital Economy with WebSphere and API Connect

View this on-demand webinar to learn more about how your business can take advantage of the market shift being driven by the API Economy.

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Preparing for the Next Generation of Enterprise Applications

Application performance management (APM) has been taken for granted. Now, in a world where innovation and customer engagement are at the forefront, APM is firmly in the spot light. View this on-demand webcast featuring Gartner’s Cameron Haight, to learn how APM and DevOps have changed with agile practices.

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Is your IT staff seeing your operations data clearly?

In this webcast, you’ll learn how IBM® SmartCloud® Analytics—Predictive Insights helps you prevent application degradation and service outages. IT Service Managers, IT Operations Managers should view this.

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Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise

To leverage Continuous Delivery, enterprises must consider impacts that span functional silos, as well as applications that touch older, slower moving components. Managing the many dependencies can cause slowdowns. See how to achieve continuous delivery in the enterprise.