On Demand

Generative AI: Breaking through the backlog for business transformation

Watch this on-demand webinar on AI-driven business transformation. Discover how generative AI empowers developers, accelerates app development, optimizes workflows, and delivers personalized experiences. Learn to unlock AI's full potential for unparalleled productivity and innovation.

Mastering Telemetry Pipelines: Driving Compliance and Data Optimization

Join our webcast to unlock the full potential of telemetry pipelines! Learn how to optimize data for log reduction, enhance compliance, and leverage real-time data actions. Don't miss this chance to transform your enterprise's observability and compliance strategies.

Duration: 1 Hour

Prisma SASE: Your branch has changed. Your SD-WAN should, too.

In today’s fast-changing technology landscape, businesses across all industries are reimagining the architecture for their branches, allowing them to be agile and better serve their customers. Join SDxCentral and Palo Alto Networks for this exclusive online event and see how next-gen SD-WAN and SASE can help you modernize and secure your branches.

Top Tech Trends for IT Leaders That Will Define 2024

Watch this webinar for exclusive insights from our tech experts. We’ll dive deep into their predictions on the key enterprise IT and software development trends that could drive a significant impact for your business.

Unleashing the Power of AI in IoT with InfluxDB

Explore how you can set up event processing—allowing developers to focus on coding without the hassle of infrastructure setup—accelerating application development on your time series data with InfluxDB and more!

2024 Software Trends in the Enterprise

Watch this webinar for exclusive insights from our tech experts. We’ll dive deep into their predictions on the key enterprise IT and software development trends that could drive a significant impact for your business.

Myths and Realities in Telemetry Data Handling

Data volumes are growing exponentially, driving up observability platform costs and slowing response times. Most organizations underestimate the impact of excessive and poorly understood telemetry data. But help is on the way! Telemetry Pipelines can enhance the value and reduce the cost of handling this data. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

How to Choose the Right Database for Your Workload in 2024

In this webinar, we will review the strengths and qualities of each database type from their particular use-case perspectives. Don't miss it!

Spring: Elevating Your Organization to New Heights

Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the transformative power of Spring, one of the world's leading application frameworks for enterprise-level Java development.

Duration: 1 hour

Bringing Apache Kafka to the Edge and Back

Extend the event streaming edge to your web, mobile, industrial IoT, and Robotics apps. Whether you are an Apache Kafka user, Apache Kafka curious or just working at the Edge, you can’t afford to miss this webinar. Register today!

Duration: 1 hour

PostgreSQL with Built-In Resilience and On-Demand Scale — Is This a Dream?

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to eliminate PostgreSQL limitations while simplifying the application architecture. Take a few minutes and come see if your dream has become a reality!

Still Developing Software the Old Way? Best Practices for Migrating to DevSecOps

In this webinar we explore best practices for seamlessly integrating security into DevOps to ensure that software development doesn't compromise security in its quest for speed.

Time Series Tech Stack for the IoT Edge

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to take your IoT ventures to new heights.

Unlock the Potential of Data-Driven Modernization: Empower Your Business for Success

Data-driven modernization with a Chief Data Officer aligns strategies, unlocks data's value, and fosters innovation. Let business-needs drive transformation and success. Join us on this transformative journey!

Overcoming Challenges with Event Driven Microservices

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights and best practices for leveraging event-driven architectures effectively. Register now and unlock the true potential of your microservices.

Managing Cloud Costs Better: Optimizing Cost Control Strategies and Data Infrastructure Management

Don't miss out on this insightful webinar that will reshape your cloud cost management strategies for tomorrow!

ACID Transactions on Cassandra

We start by introducing the concept of ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) transactions within the Apache Cassandra paradigm. We also discuss the current roadmap for implementation, as well as a little about the computer science behind the enhancement. Join to learn more.

Enhancing Mobile App Security: Strategies for Conquering Business Obstacles

In this webinar, an impressive trio of mobile app experts will share strategies to help organizations follow a mobile first mindset, which includes app shielding that keeps apps protected from unknown attacks, thus making efficient use of developers’ time.

Top Deployment Patterns for Modernizing Your CI/CD

Join Harness CI/CD experts to discuss their hands-on experiences with specific deployment patterns. We’ll discuss the complexity and value of each, where we see them used, and how we see them evolving to support new use cases.

Mitigate the Prime Source of Cyber Threats to Your Business

Join Quest senior analyst Michael O'Donnell, Ph.D. to gain insights on real-life examples and actionable solutions, and learn three actions to take and protect your organization from cyber threats from unpatched vulnerabilities, regardless of your security architecture.

Digital Transformation, DevOps & the Cloud 101: Transformation Basics

In this fundamental session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen will guide attendees down the path that goes beyond continuous improvement to achieve desirable transformation of the platforms, the processes, and the people that comprise an effective DX program.

Duration: 1 hour

Building Invincible Applications with Temporal & Astra DB

Join us for a live webinar on Thursday, April 20th to hear how Temporal and DataStax are delivering a new programming model for developers: cloud-native, invincible apps, without the burden of complexity, helping you focus on what you do best: building great software, fast.

Real-Time AI Explained. Enabling Ecommerce Instant Decisions with Streaming

In this session, we are going to look at how streaming and real-time AI enables enterprises to do more with data. But we’re not going to weigh you down with all the boring business trends and percentages. Join us March 30 for this cutting edge session and see the future of what your data can do.

Winning the Real-Time AI Race

Join us for a fast paced hybrid-cloud journey that looks at the data dimensions for real-time AI and shares the characteristics and capabilities to win the real-time AI race.

Duration: 30 minutes

The Cost of Convenience: 5 Tips on how to Effectively Choose Between Proprietary or Open-Source

Join us for a thoughtful conversation on the philosophy behind open-source with tales from real-world customer interactions.

Duration: 1 hour

Build vs Buy: Is Managing Customer Identity Slowing Your Time to Market?

As businesses grow and add features, maintaining a homegrown solution is a major drain on resources. Developer time spent on DIY identity, security and privacy compliance is time taken away from core business innovation. Join in to learn more!

How to Digitize Industrial Manufacturing with Azure IoT Edge, InfluxDB, and MAJiK

MAJiK Systems are the creators of a cloud-based factory and manufacturing monitoring platform. Discover how MAJiK uses a time series data platform to continuously improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) within factories. Don't miss out!

Duration: 1 hour

The Road to Reliability

In this webcast, we dive into the key measures of tempo and stability and how practicing chaos engineering will increase both. Don't miss it!

Duration: 1 hour

Simplifying and Modernizing Digital Transformation for Distributors

Join us at our upcoming webinar on the 23rd of June, 2022 with industry expertise from Infor, as we explore emerging trends in the distribution and building materials industry and how distributors can create new value through digitization. Learn more!

Leveraging engineering related data for comprehensive quality planning

Product and process complexity continues to grow in importance for many businesses today, influencing new business models. It becomes important to leverage engineering-related data when creating control and inspection plans for comprehensive quality planning. Register for this live webinar to discover how core quality processes can leverage and interact with product design and 3D data using a common change management process.

IoT Made Easy with Node-RED and InfluxDB

Join this webinar to will learn about Node-RED, a popular tool for rapidly gluing together different types of hardware and software. Learn more!

Shift-Left Security: Why Enterprises Should Embrace It

In today's fast-paced business environment, development teams can't (and won't) wait around for security reviews and approvals, so how do you ensure application security without slowing them down? This session will explore the benefits, what it looks like, and how to transform your organization to embrace continuous security.

Duration: 1 hour

DevSecOps & the New Dev Security Landscape Best Practices

As we move our workloads to the cloud, a DevOps approach isn't enough anymore. You have to put Security first! This is the philosophy behind DevSecOps. Please join Carlos Rivas as he discusses various architectures, tips, and best practices to get you going in DevSecOps!

Duration: 1 hour

Application Security and DevOps for Enterprises Summit

In this summit, our editors and top experts define the concept and outline strategies for ensuring app security throughout the development and delivery lifecycle.

Duration: 3 hours

Introduction to NoSQL Databases for beginners

Join Aleks Volochnev from the DataStax Developers Team and learn why more and more traditional and cloud native applications are using the power of NoSQL Databases. Learn more!

Cloud Data Strategies for Mission-Critical, Distributed Applications

In this webinar, DataStax's Matt Overstreet will explain Astra DB built on open source Apache Cassandra helps to meet the data demands of leading edge, geographically distributed applications. Learn more!

How Olympus Controls Automates Predictive Maintenance with Telit, MQTT, and InfluxDB

Discover how Olympus Controls uses a time series database to collect and analyze industrial sensor data, which is ultimately used to increase their customers’ competitive advantage. Learn more.

Build a Netflix clone with GraphQL, React and a NoSQL DB

Join the Ryan Welford from the DataStax Developers Team and learn how to build your own Netflix Clone using GraphQL, React, Netlify and a NoSQL database. Learn more.

How to Manage Your Time Series Data Pipeline at the Edge with InfluxDB

Discover how InfluxDB enables Prescient Devices’ clients to aggregate their IIoT sensor data at the edge for easy reporting and dashboards. By using a time series database, their customers make distributed data operations, such as ETL and edge analytics, faster and more convenient for end users.

An Introduction to Apache Cassandra™

If you’re new to the world of NoSQL and haven’t used Cassandra before, you can expect to leave this introductory session with your own database running in the cloud along with an understanding of why Cassandra is in the top 3 database salaries worldwide. Learn more!

Things to Consider with Cloud Native Data

Join our webinar featuring Patrick McFadin, VP, Developer Relations at DataStax, who will discuss considerations for using cloud or Kubernetes. Patrick will explain how to accelerate your application delivery time with GCP and Apache Cassandra and more. Learn more!

Turn One Time Revenue into Recurring Revenue With Equipment as A Service

The EaaS two would be more for industrial manufacturers though - companies that sell machines

How To Choose a Time Series Database — and Get Started Fast

Join this webcast and learn how to make the case to your management for getting yet another database, evaluate among the various time series databases on the market and their various editions and get started quickly with collecting, visualizing, processing, and alerting on time series data. Learn more.

Speed of Automation

Monthly releases are not cutting it anymore, and without a strong automation strategy in place, releasing weekly or daily is a herculean task. Learn how to scale automation at your organization in this webinar.

Duration: 1 hour

Using FLiP with InfluxDB for EdgeAI IoT at Scale

Join this webcast as Timothy from StreamNative takes you on a hands-on deep-dive using Pulsar, Apache NiFi + Edge Flow Manager + MiniFi Agents with Apache MXNet, OpenVino, TensorFlow Lite, and other Deep Learning Libraries on the actual edge devices including Raspberry Pi with Movidius 2, Google Coral TPU and NVidia Jetson Nano. Learn more.

Managing Kubernetes Implementations at Scale

Kubernetes is the clear market leader for container orchestration, but it requires a significant amount of knowledge and expertise to successfully deploy. Learn more.

Building an IoT App with InfluxDB, Python and Flask

In this session we will showcase how to build a fully functional sample IoT monitoring application built on InfluxDB. Learn more.

Graduating from Relational to NoSQL: Better, Faster Apps from Edge to Cloud

Modern databases need to support rapid change, agile development, microservices and cloud deployment while scaling to millions of users. Learn more.

Take Cassandra to the Cloud

In this webinar, we will address how to effectively provide data to web-scale applications. Learn more.

Organizational reliability: what, why, and how?

The best way to start a reliability journey is to first understand what reliability means and looks like, why it's important, and how you can expect your organization’s approach to reliability to mature over time.

Handling the Challenges of Unstructured Data, The Unsung Hero of Machine Learning

Join us to learn how to extract value from your team's unstructured data, the differences in the ML tech stack between handling unstructured vs structured data and what tools your team can take advantage of today. Learn more.

Monitoring PLC and SCADA Systems Using MQTT and InfluxDB

Discover how azeti uses InfluxDB to enable IIoT use cases like condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for their clients. Learn more.

Automating DataOps at Scale; How to Scale Data Preparation for ML Development

Join the team at Pachyderm and Superb AI as they cover how MLOps and DataOps teams will need to operationalize their data to better meet the needs of their end-users as data becomes difficult. Learn more.

Elastically Scaling Data for Black Friday: Best Practices

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaches many enterprises are preparing for peak workloads to maximize revenue during the busiest time of the year. Learn more.

Taking DevOps to the Next Level: Your 5-Step Guide to Monitoring Nirvana

What are the 5 steps to DevOps monitoring nirvana, and where does your company stand on each? Join us in this webinar to find out. Learn more.

Build Apps Easier and Faster with Data APIs

Developers can use APIs to interact with massive amounts of data and abstract away Cassandra specific details. Learn more.

Graduating from Relational to NoSQL: Better, Faster Apps from Edge to Cloud

Modern databases need to support rapid change, agile development, microservices and cloud deployment, while scaling to millions of users.  Learn more.

Introduction to Chaos Engineering

Curious how Chaos Engineering can make your systems more resilient? Get a comprehensive introduction to the history, principles, and practice of Chaos Engineering in our upcoming webinar. Learn more.

How to Avoid and Mitigate Technical Debt

No matter what tools you’re using or what kind of apps you’re building, choosing speed over quality almost always leads to technical debt. Join this webinar to learn how dev teams avoid technical debt and costly pitfalls, but still deliver applications quickly. Learn more.

Understand and Visualize Your Time-Stamped Data

In this webinar we'll go over Giraffe, an open source React-based visualization library that powers data visualizations, and how it can be used to display your data within your own app. Learn more.

Data Protection as Code: Introducing Zerto for Kubernetes

Join Kevin Cole, Head of Learning and Enablement at Zerto, for an exclusive deep dive into how Zerto for Kubernetes will empower your DevOps and I&O teams with continuous backup, disaster recovery, and long-term retention for this new containerized world.

Duration: 1 hour

Moving from a Relational Model to NoSQL

What if you could host a relatively unmodified RDBMS schema on your NoSQL database, then optimize it over time? Learn mroe.

Cost-Effective Monitoring and Visualization for vSphere Environments

In a modern data center, we find ourselves surrounded by a lot of metrics and systems that require attention, monitoring, alarms and event management. Learn more.

Tech Talk: Building Security into Your DevOps Pipeline with Intelligent Orchestration

In this webcast you will learn how to use "Intelligence Orchestration," a risk-based, adaptive approach to AppSec testing developed by Synopsys, to build security into those pipelines without slowing the flow. Learn more.

How App Dev Managers at Leading Tech Stars Build and Scale their Apps Fast

Large, successful companies such as Apple, Netflix and Yelp have embraced NoSQL to establish and maintain their market-leading dominance. Learn more.

Why Your Next App Should Be On Cassandra

For dev managers and architects, choosing an RDBMS for creating web or mobile apps rapidly becomes technical debt later in the life cycle. Learn more.

How To Choose a Time Series Database — and Get Started Fast

Why do you need a specialized database for time-series data, what should you consider when looking for a time-series database, and how to get started with a minimal amount of time and effort? Learn more.

What's New in Apache Cassandra 4.0

Join us for this webcast as we discuss performance improvements as well as key enhancements that enable fans to operate Cassandra at scale at a lower cost. Learn more.

Best Practices for Improving Your Test Automation

In this webinar, learn how to integrate automated testing into DevOps and adopt shift-left strategies. You’ll leave with a set of strategies to help you accelerate product velocity and reduce time spent on re-work. Learn more.

Why use Cassandra-as-a-Service?

A key challenge for Cassandra users, is that while Cassandra delivers the advantages of an always-on, highly scalable, highly performant database, it traditionally required considerable skill to deploy, create applications for and can be expensive to operate . Learn more.

Developer’s Guide to Service Level Objectives

Join this webcast for a step-by-step guide to define, communicate and implement adequate operational quality attributes and how to turn them into actionable Service Level Objectives. Learn more.

Top Tips for Improving Your Mobile App “Sticky-ness”

Join this webcast as we discuss how Functional and Visual Testing can lower your app abandonment rate. Learn more.

Best Practices for Improving Your Data Performance, Visibility and Cost Optimization

Join us as we walk through the pros and cons of workload migration, share architecture best practices, and give a live demo with Q&A. Learn more.

Introduction to Astra: Cassandra-as-a-Service on Google Cloud

Join us for an introduction to Astra, Cassandra-as-a-Service, and how it can be deployed in the Google Cloud. Learn more.

Kill The VPN: How to Secure the Remote Work Landscape

Remote work is the current security challenge in today’s professional landscape whether we're ready or not, and as was seen with last year’s Twitter hack, VPNs are simply not the answer. Learn more.

Moving from a Relational Model to NoSQL

What if you could host a relatively unmodified RDBMS schema on your NoSQL database, then optimize it over time? Learn more.

Hottest Third Party .NET Tools

Attend this quick and informative session to learn about the hottest tools for enterprise .NET development teams that you'll want to use in the upcoming years. Learn more.

Duration: 3 hours

Inside New .NET & What's Coming

Join this half-day seminar and find out how both releases are heading toward fulfilling Microsoft's promise that "There will be just one .NET going forward, and you will be able to use it to target Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS and WebAssembly and more." Learn more.

Duration: 3 hours

How Blazor Changes Web Development

Join this session to learn how advances in ahead-of-time (AoT) compilation and more coming in 2021 will provide new opportunities for .NET Web developers. Learn more.

Duration: 3 hours

What’s Ahead for .NET Development in 2021: Half-Day Virtual Summit

This half day seminar from the editors of Visual Studio Magazine will ensure your prospects are ready for all the changes Blazor and .NET 6 are going to bring. Learn more.

Duration: 3 hours

Why Mobile Performance Testing Matters in 2021

In a world gone digital, your mobile app and/or website’s performance is more important than ever. Join Kobiton CTO Frank Moyer and Product Manager Alex Drag as they discuss what every mobile testing team needs to ensure optimal performance. Learn more.

A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Secure Website

This webinar will teach you how to easily add secure login to your web apps so that you can save time and get right into building the core of your application. Learn more.

Secrets to Delivering High Quality Software

Attend a1qa's workshop dedicated to gaining a competitive advantage in 2021 through high software product quality. Learn more.

How a Time-Series Database Contributes to a Decentralized Cloud Object Storage Platform

This webcast will explore topics including collecting and managing high volume real-time telemetry data From A distributed network. Learn more.

Be A DBaaS Badass

In this session, we will explore how you can quickly and easily become a DBaaS Badass in your organization. You’ll learn how to leverage the advantages of in-VPC deployment, multi-cluster management, hybrid cloud replication, and more, all while delivering operational transparency and low TCO. Learn more.

Cloud Security Best Practices for Developers

This talk reframes how to manage secure access in a dev-friendly way using four principles. Learn more.

Storing and Visualizing Time Series Data with InfluxDB and Universal Dashboard

Learn how to quickly create visualizations that help your users derive powerful insights. Learn more.

Why Enterprises Need Native Cloud Development in 2021

In this session, Microsoft MVP and industry analyst Tim Warner will explore the transformative impact of cloud, microservices, and containers on the software development lifecycle, as well as the issues they can present. Read on.

Forecasting with Facebook Prophet and a Time Series Database

Data collection is only half of the battle. The other half is being able to easily perform data analysis. In this webinar, we'll learn how to make a univariate time series prediction with Facebook Prophet and a time series database.

Maximizing AWS in 2021 Summit

In this half-day free Webinar, the editors of AWSInsider.net, as well as independent experts, will walk you through everything you need to know about what's happening (and what's coming) in AWS to help you modernize, secure and transform your enterprise. Learn more.

What's New in AWS: A 50-Minute Overview

Join the editors of AWSInsider.net as independent experts catch you up on all the AWS products you need to know about for the enterprise. Learn more.

AWS Security Best Practices and Cost Optimization

Learn secrets from independent AWS security and cost experts about the don't-miss best practices every enterprise can follow to help keep their environments as secure (and cheap!) as possible. Find out more.

AI, Machine Learning and Smart Analytics Possibilities in AWS

Join this free, half-day virtual summit featuring the editors of AWSInsider.net and independent experts. They'll show you the possibilities of what Amazon offers which you can, of course, add on to. Learn more.

Avoid Technical Debt for Continuous Agility

True agility requires good architecture and governance. How can organizations avoid costly pitfalls but still deliver applications more rapidly? Join us for Tech Talk to learn how low-code supports the velocity required today while avoiding technical debt. Learn more.

Application Layer Attack Trends Through the Lens of Cloudflare Data

The past few months have seen significant changes in how attackers target the application layer—through injection attacks, malicious bots, DDoS, API vulnerability exploits, and more. Learn more.

Driving Service Ownership with Distributed Tracing

In this talk, I’ll cover how distributed tracing can serve as the backbone of service ownership. Learn more.

Discover a Completely New Approach To App Security

Building a modern app requires the perfect blend of technologies that enable scalability and security for your customers. Some organizations build these solutions themselves, spending a large amount of development resources on security, authentication, authorization, and user management. Find out more!

Why Distributed Tracing is Essential for Performance and Reliability

Many engineering organizations are adopting microservices or other loosely coupled architectures, often alongside DevOps practices. Learn more.

500 Petabytes of Data to Understand the Universe better

In addition to astronomical data, the Vera C. Rubin Observatory will explain how DevOps, IoT, and real-time monitoring data come into play in their research.

DevOps in a Low-Code World

Software teams all over the world have learned that DevOps is an important element in going digital and in agile transformation, but the complexity of DevOps tooling can be daunting! Learn more.

How to Save Customers Millions by Detecting Energy Usage Fluctuations Based on Weather and Geospatial Data

By collecting data from IoT sensors and meters, they help retailers, schools and local governments understand their energy consumption levels better through their analytics platform. Learn more.

Cracking the Case: How to Migrate from Monoliths to Microservices

Microservices migrations can be a challenge. What's the best approach to choosing your tech stack when splitting a monolith into a service-based architecture? Learn more.

Agile Best Practices for Remote Teams

Using Agile to build high-quality, digital products requires frequent collaboration from cross-functional teams. Learn more.

How to Build Accessible Apps Fast using Low-Code

In this webinar, we'll show you how you can use low-code to deliver new, accessible applications that comply with the highest accessibility standards and guidelines - such as WCAG 2.0 AA and section 508 - in a matter of weeks. Learn more.

What Blazor Can (and Can’t) Do for You

Join us and find out what open source Web application framework, Blazor WebAssembly, can do for you and what its limitations might be compared to other solutions. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

.NET Core: Top Reasons to Transition Now

The open source, cross-platform .NET Core has proven itself to be a winning release for Microsoft and for .NET developers. It's designed to work with containers, microservices architectures, IoT and many more project types targeting Windows, Linux or macOS. Join us for a walkthrough of exactly what .NET Core can offer you from the editors and experts of Visual Studio Magazine. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

Inside Visual Studio Code: What You Need To Know

Join this session and find out why the open source code editor, Visual Studio Code, from Microsoft has become the No. 1 development tool as reported by major surveys, plus all the features that you don’t want to miss. Read on.

Duration: 1 hour

The Future of Enterprise .NET Development Summit

Join this free half-day virtual summit and explore three of Microsoft’s hottest new development technologies (all open source!), including the cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor, the cross-platform .NET Core framework and the Web application framework that uses C#, Blazor. Learn more.

Duration: 3 hours

Biometric Authentication: Busting Myths for Increased Engagement & Better Security

In this webinar, a mobile security expert will, quite literally, break down the most common myths around biometric authentication. Learn more.

Microservices 102: Top Use Cases for Microservices in the Enterprise

This seminar offers real world examples of how microservices makes it possible for companies to build mission critical applications with separate service units and then connect them to speed development and boost stability for service delivery. You’ll see how DevOps teams that have moved from the traditional waterfall approach to microservices architecture have cut development time for new functions by as much as 75 percent.

Microservices & APIs Seminar: Implementing Microservices in Your Enterprise

Microservices are growing in popularity because the modular approach to building apps is better suited to today’s dynamic business needs than older programming methodologies with zillions of lines of code. Find out how microservices can speed application development and save time and money in today’s challenging business environment.

Microservices 101: Everything You Wanted To Know About Microservices & APIs But Were Afraid to Ask!

Traditional monolithic applications consist of large executable programs that are complex and can be difficult to deploy and update. Find out how microservice applications, composed of many small independent services, enable organizations to deploy and update granular microservices individually via APIs without impacting the entire application.

Sponsor Session: Security Patterns for Microservice Architectures

In this talk Matt Raible, Developer Advocacy Director at Okta, examines well-known and often-used security patterns in the world of microservices. Learn more.

Why NoSQL Is the Future of Enterprise Data

When it comes to enterprise data, there are so many reasons to move to NoSQL. Find out why many experts think it’s the future of enterprise data architecture on this Webinar from the editors of ADTmag.com. Learn more.

Solving the Hidden Costs of Kubernetes with Observability

Kubernetes has enabled software organizations to realize the benefits of microservices through its convenient and powerful abstractions. Learn more.

Forecasting with Facebook Prophet and a Time Series Database

Data collection is only half of the battle. The other half is being able to easily perform data analysis. In this webinar, we'll learn how to make a univariate time series prediction with Facebook Prophet and a time series database.

Three Pillars, Zero Answers: Rethinking Observability

Observability has never been more important: the complexity of microservices makes it harder and harder to answer basic questions about system behavior. Learn more.

Faster Innovation and Digital Transformation with a Time Series Database on Cloud Platforms

Cloud services is a fast-growing market and an attractive option for organizations. Learn more.

Video - Honest Answers to your AI Questions

Hear how a large call center transformed their operations with Watson Assistant, resulting in a 100% reduction in wait times and a 20% increase in revenue per call. Featured speakers are Michael Meyer, Chief Risk and Innovation Officer, MRS BPO and Ritika Gunnar, VP, Data and AI Expert Labs and Learning, IBM, and your host is Brenna McCarthy, IBM Marketing.

Innovation Preview: AI Learns the Language of Business

Join IBM GM, Data & AI GM, Rob Thomas as he hosts a digital event with NLP experts and clients, showcasing how NLP technologies are optimizing businesses across industries. See below for the agenda, looking forward to having you join us!

What Observability Means for Python Developers

This webinar will walk through what observability means for Python developers and how to achieve it in our systems with the least amount of work. Learn more.

Centralize Your Monitoring with a Time Series Database

Metrics as a Service combines centralization resource efficiency and maximum value extraction from data, but also and most importantly, it lowers the barrier to start using time series data to drive more accurate planning and decision making. Learn more.

Breaking Through the Testing and Monitoring Bottleneck

As a small startup team of developers, release engineering and quality assurance was inherently problematic. Learn more.

The Complete Guide to Observability

Learn how observability helps developers understand multi-layered architectures: what’s slow, what’s broken, and what needs to be done to improve performance. Learn more.

Why You Should NOT Be Using a Relational DB for Time-Stamped Data

We are always looking for ways to make our solutions work better and smarter. We accomplish this by tracking the performance of each of the components underlying our solution. Learn more.

Five Best Practices that Speed AI Value at Your Organization

IBM experts offer advice on how to get past top blockers and pitfalls when taking AI from pilot to production. Learn more!

Duration: 1 hr

Escaping OpenStack: 3 Secrets to Delivering the Private Cloud Developers Want

OpenStack was supposed to deliver tremendous value to both developers and IT teams. But in reality, the OpenStack dream ended up as a nightmare to many companies, failing to deliver the values and creating significant operational challenges. Learn more.

Change Your AI Game: AI-Powered Customer Experience (CX) on Watson Studio

AI has the potential to become a game changer for customer experience (CX). This Webinar provides key use cases for AI-powered customer growth, why they are important and how to put them into production to drive value fast. Learn more!

Duration: 1 hr

Security in the API Economy

Technology has revolutionized how we interact with the world around us. The critical systems we rely on are pervasive in every imaginable format and on every connected device. Unfortunately, our security practices haven’t kept pace with this evolution and every day people and companies fall victim to identity theft, data breaches and irate customers and employees. Learn more.

Duration: 50 minutes

AI and Its Impact on Development in 2019

This webinar discussed how AI will impact the traditional methods of software development, including automatic code generation, low- and no-code approaches, and intelligent defect identification and analysis. It looked at existing technologies and project how they will evolve to change the practice of software development in 2019. View now!

Progressive Web Applications - Are They Ready for the Enterprise?

In this session, we looked at PWA features in-depth and evaluate their readiness for the enterprise. We also built a PWA using the latest in JavaScript tooling to show how easy it is using enterprise JavaScript frameworks as well as framework independent web components. View today!

AI & The Future of Work Virtual Summit

Join WIRED editor-in-chief Nick Thompson to learn how the future of work is already taking shape, and how you can harness AI to help your teams recognize opportunities you may not even know to look for!

DevOps Automation in OutSystems With Jenkins Pipelines

Adopting new kinds of technology platforms, such as low-code, isn’t always easy if you’re using established DevOps toolchains for legacy systems. In the case of Jenkins, to explore new development tools, you must first ensure the existing automation structure is not impacted negatively. In this webinar, Kurt Madel, Director of Worldwide Solution Architects at CloudBees, will explore the advantages of Jenkins Pipelines job types and illustrate how this works with low-code. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

Watson Masterclass: Customer service & AI - Episode 1: Why conversational AI

Before making the decision to begin the Conversational AI journey, you must understand the drivers and approaches for building a conversational solution. This will help you to define your strategy. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

How Comcast Creates a Single View of Customers with NoSQL

A key part of Comcast’s business model is to provide a customer experience that is always improving. Achieving that goal is complicated because customers interact with Comcast in many different ways. In this webinar, Comcast’s Director of Software Development, Scott Carney, will share why Comcast chose the Couchbase Data Platform’s powerful yet flexible technology. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

Testing or Treats - Testing is no Longer Tricky with Continuous Testing

What happens when you don’t have the necessary data to treat your tests with? How do you create test environments that effectively disguise themselves as constrained dependencies? Don’t let missing components, poorly designed requirements or missing test data scare you away from testing early and often. Use continuous testing to free your testers to roam their neighborhood in search for other better treats. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

The Rise of Low-Code for Software Development

Join OutSystems’ Mike Hughes and Peter Varhol with Technology Strategy Research as they describe and discuss low-code techniques and how they are being utilized by enterprises to modernize and extend legacy applications, build applications for immediate mission-critical needs, and help the organization step into future business opportunities. Read on.

Cloud-Native Application Security Best Practices: Expert Advice for Enterprise Developers

The surging popularity of cloud-native applications has thrown a spotlight on the need to secure containerized environments. Cloud-native apps rely on containers to package and deploy their code and dependencies, so getting up to speed on their unique security challenges has never been more important. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

Future Proof your Databases: Integrate Database Operations into your DevOps Infrastructure

From performance monitoring to root-cause diagnostics, problem resolution, CI/CD and data replication, we will show a typical agile database change management workflow which will enable organizations to deploy changes to production safely and fast, when end users are jumping down the DBAs throat and money is on the line. Learn more.

The Cost of Poor Software: The Impact of Software Quality on the Economy

It would be hard to overstate the impact of Mobile First programs, DevOps initiatives, and the sudden ubiquity of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on software testing practices. In this webcast, we look at the top trends emerging in this environment to provide guideposts for enterprises and testing pros navigating this new terrain. Register now.

Duration: 1 Hour

SQL Server 2017: Top Analytics Tips & Tricks

From new support for Python, which is widely used in analytics applications, to the new SQL Server Analysis Service, an analytical engine that processes data for use in BI and data visualization applications; This webinar looks at some of these new and recent features and how they’re being used by SQL Server pros.

Duration: 1 Hour

Fraud Prevention for Banks: Top 10 Tech Requirements to Evaluate

For banks, combatting fraud is an ever-escalating arms race. If your bank is investigating anti-fraud solutions to stop fraud losses, lower false positives, or reduce manual workload, join this webinar. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

Watson Masterclass: Customer service & AI - Episode 1: Why conversational AI?

Before making the decision to begin the Conversational AI journey, you must understand the drivers and approaches for building a conversational solution. This will help you to define your strategy. Learn more.

Duration: Hour

Watson Masterclass: Customer service & AI - Episode 2: Getting started

Now that you’ve proven that AI will meet your business needs, it’s time to get started. You are about to embark on a journey that will transform your business and will bring tremendous value to your clients. This episode will outline how to make the beginning of your journey that much easier. Learn more.

Duration: Hour

Software Testing Trends: DevOps, AI, Mobile and More

It would be hard to overstate the impact of Mobile First programs, DevOps initiatives, and the sudden ubiquity of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on software testing practices. In this webcast, we look at the top trends emerging in this environment to provide guideposts for enterprises and testing pros navigating this new terrain. Register now.

Duration: 1 Hour

How to Deliver Faster, More Reliable Prediction Engines with Less Custom Development

Join us to learn how Redis provides a framework for developers to build predictive engines with familiar, off-the-shelf components. Developers can take advantage of all the features of Redis to deliver faster and more reliable prediction engines with less custom development. Learn more.

Polyglot Microservices Architectures: No App Is an Island

This ADT editorial webcast looks at the advantages and pitfalls of writing microservices in different languages. Learn more.

Fighting Back Against Siloed, Out-Of-Date, and Duplicated Customer Data

Hear how solution provider Xiatech is using the Couchbase Data Platform to power its Single Data View ecosystem for enterprise clients like FitFlop. You’ll learn how Xiatech clients are able to create consistent and personalized customer experiences while achieving a real-time, integrated single view of their business. Learn more.

Top 7 Benefits of Low Code for Enterprise Applications

In this webcast, experts in the field discuss specific advantages of low-code in the enterprise, and examine how companies are leveraging this approach to add speed and agility to their traditional software development practices. Read on.

Enabling Database Development Agility with DevOps

This session will highlight the advantages of bringing database development into the DevOps pipeline. You’ll learn how this prevents bottlenecks from occurring when application releases require database changes. You’ll also get to see how new tooling helps integrate Oracle database development processes to accelerate DevOps momentum.

Duration: 1 Hour

Error Monitoring 101: How to Avoid Costly Bugs and Project Delays

It’s no wonder that companies are putting more emphasis on error monitoring and crash reporting. It’s a fact of life that bugs get released into production, and undetected crashes are a recipe for customer churn, missed SLAs, and reputation damage. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

Securing Containers in the Enterprise

This ADTmag.com editorial webcast looks at how cutting-edge companies are building cloud-native operations, running and managing containers at scale, and addressing the potential security risks of this new model. Learn more.

A NoSQL Option for Storing Data in Your Mobile Apps

Building a mobile app with local data storage capabilities can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. In this webinar, we’ll examine the main challenges and requirements of an offline or offline-first storage solution and discuss how you can overcome some of the toughest obstacles using NoSQL with JSON documents.

Application Performance Management (APM) Trends for 2018

This ADTmag.com editorial webcast looks at the trends driving the explosive growth of the APM market, and offers insight on the growing need to monitor the performance of applications in complex environments.

Why the Future of App Dev Is AI and Machine Learning

In this Webinar, hear from experts on what’s coming down the pipeline and the skills you’ll need to succeed.

What’s New in InstallShield 2016

InstallShield 2016 eases the transition to Universal Windows Platform by empowering developers to create MSI and EXE installers, and UWP app packages from one build.