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How to Get Real Time Application Security Protection

Contrast adds smart sensors to analyze code so it can identify and block attacks in real time – making your application self-protecting. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour


Eliminate Data Prep Roadblocks

Ventana Research reports that companies using predictive analytics spend 40 percent of their time on data preparation and 22 percent accessing the data — the least gratifying parts of the analytic process. Similarly, Blue Hill Research reports that most analysts spend 40 to 60 percent of their time on data prep, and whatever time is left over on analysis. Register to learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

Logo: IBM

AI Opportunities for Developers

For those developers who know how to use it, AI is helping them to build smarter software faster, and to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. Attend this webcast for expert advice on how to expand your skillsets effectively to target emerging opportunities created by AI. Read on.

The New Face of Mobile App Security

Join us in this webcast as we dissect the most common types of mobile attacks and strategies for protecting your apps, including runtime application self-protection, behavioral authentication, secure provisioning, device identification and geolocation. Learn more.

DevSecOps with Jenkins, GitHub, and Eclipse

Watch this webinar to learn how you can integrate automated security controls within Jenkins, GitHub, Eclipse, Visual Studio and more so you can use high quality open source components that meet corporate policies. Register today!

Duration: 1 Hour


How Matrix Medical Network reinvented their customer experience with Couchbase Mobile – the enterprise mobile backend for any cloud

In this webinar we explain why Couchbase Mobile is the ideal enterprise mobile backend for any cloud. And we’ll show you how enterprises are using Couchbase Mobile to solve their data storage, access, sync, security, and integration challenges across the entire database stack. Watch it now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Logo: Construx

10 Deadly Sins of Agile Software Estimation

The average software project overruns its planned budget and schedule by at least 50 percent. Agile development, including Scrum, provides potentially useful estimation tools, but in practice little work is done that could truly be called "estimation." Some Agile teams are even actively hostile toward estimation (see #NoEstimates). In this talk, award-winning author Steve McConnell presents 10 of the worst ways estimates go wrong on Agile projects and describes rules of thumb for dramatically improving estimation accuracy. Register now!

Duration: 1 Hour