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    Google Releases Spring Model for Java on Cloud

    Google and the Spring Team at Pivotal just announced the general availability of Spring Cloud GCP 1.0, a joint project aiming to make life easier for Java developers building Spring Boot applications that consume GCP services. 08/15/2018

  • The 16th Annual Duke's Choice Award Nominations Are In!

    The awards to "celebrate extreme innovation using Java technology" will be announced at The Developer Conference Formerly Known as JavaOne in October. 08/14/2018

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    TestArchitect Makes Test Automation Simple for Oracle Applications

    LogiGear today announced that its flagship test automation solution, TestArchitect, now integrates with, and provides native support for, Oracle E-Business Suite applications and Oracle’s JD Edwards. 08/14/2018

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    Swift Falls from Top 10 in RedMonk Programming Language Rankings

    RedMonk noted the "relatively static nature of the top 10 languages" in its new programming language popularity report, but one notable change in that higher echelon is the exit of Swift. 08/10/2018

  • The Agile Architect

    Why You Should Let Greed Accelerate Your Agile Development

    If you think this is going to be an article on evil product owners and how they just want everything, you're going to be disappointed. Our Agile Architect explains how 'Greed-Accelerated Development 'is the completely achievable desire to want more from your work than just the immediate benefit while not paying any additional price for it. Bwa Ha Ha Ha! 08/09/2018

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    Open Source Visual Studio Code Extension Helps Create Alexa Skills

    The Amazon Alexa dev team has published an open source extension for developers using the Visual Studio Code editor to create and deploy Alexa skills. 08/08/2018

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    Open Source Dart 2 Revamp Focuses on Mobile, Web Development

    After a nearly eight-month pre-release preview, the Dart 2 programming language has emerged as a stable release that includes many breaking changes in a revamp that focuses on mobile and Web client-side development. 08/07/2018

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    Google Bakes Machine Learning into New Android 9 Pie

    Succeeding Android 8 Oreo, Android 9 Pie has launched, sporting by a bevy of new developer/user features enabled by machine learning. 08/06/2018

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    Python, Java Top New Programming Language Popularity Rankings

    New programming language popularity reports from IEEE Spectrum and TIOBE are out, showing perennial leaders Python and Java holding on to the No. 1 spots in two indices. 08/03/2018

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    Microsoft's F# Functional Programming Language Shaped by Open Source Community

    Much has been made of Microsoft's embrace of open source and shift toward interoperability and collaboration, and that trend is exemplified in the new preview release of F#. 08/01/2018

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    Microsoft Ships Open Source TypeScript 3.0

    Microsoft shipped TypeScript 3.0, the latest edition of the open source programming language that provides a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript with the addition of optional static typing. 07/31/2018

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    Blockchain Again Reigns as Hottest Freelancer Skill

    Freelancing Web site Upwork said blockchain is again the hottest technology on its quarterly skills index, marking the first time a skill has ranked No. 1 twice. 07/31/2018

  • Apache NetBeans 9.0 Approaching Final Approval

    The community has finally given a thumbs up to Apache NetBeans 9.0. All that's left is the tabulation of a final vote by the project management committee (PMC), the compilation of the results of a community survey, and the final vote by the incubator managers. 07/25/2018

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    Oracle Adds Nashorn Support in Java-Based GraalVM

    The GraalVM team at Oracle Labs has announced new support in the polyglot virtual machine for users of the Nashorn JavaScript engine. 07/24/2018

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    Java SE Patches in Latest Oracle's CPU Mark a 12-Month Low

    This CPU includes eight new Java SE patches, which is a 75 percent drop from a 30-month high set in July 2017. 07/24/2018

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    Google Launches New Continuous Delivery Platform

    On Tuesday Google announced Cloud Build, a new continuous delivery platform for building, delivering and testing cloud-based applications. 07/24/2018

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    5 Inconvenient Truths About IoT

    Sometimes it's okay to poke the bear, with the metaphorical bear in this case being the Internet of Things (IoT). Industry analyst Bola Rotibi shares her take based on recent findings. 07/23/2018

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    OutSystems Launches Low-Code App Intelligence Tool

    OutSystems announced it's testing a low-code app intelligence tool designed to help organizations monitor performance and other metrics for mobile and other apps and quickly implement needed updates. 07/18/2018

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    AWS SageMaker Upgrades Again

    Amazon Web Services yesterday rolled out yet another new set of capabilities for its SageMaker end-to-end machine learning development and deployment service, including new streaming algorithms and batch job improvements. 07/18/2018

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