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    Apache Kafka Stars in Two New Open Source Big Data Offerings

    Following the path of Hadoop and Spark, Apache Kafka is becoming a rising star in the Big Data ecosystem, playing a leading role in two brand-new open source offerings from LinkedIn, where Kafka originated, and Confluent, a company founded by former LinkedIn developers who helped create it. 05/25/2016

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    Open Source Realm Mobile Database Hits Version 1.0

    Citing advantages over the SQLite and Core Data databases commonly used in iOS and Android apps, Realm today launched version 1.0 of its namesake "mobile-first database." 05/25/2016

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    A Kotlin-Based Build Language for Gradle

    Gradle Inc., chief commercial supporter of the open source Gradle build automation system, is working with software development toolmaker JetBrains to provide a Kotlin-based build programming language for Gradle, the two companies announced. 05/24/2016

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    Microsoft Doesn't Budge on 'Classic' Visual Basic

    Despite renewed developer hue and cry to do something with "classic" Visual Basic sparked by the recent 25th birthday celebration for the programming language, Microsoft is showing no signs of caving in and revitalizing the language, moving it to open source or anything else. 05/24/2016

  • JFrog Xray's 'Radical Transparency'

    JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim describes his company's fourth major product release as a one-of-a-kind tool that will give organizations an unparalleled level of understanding about all their container images, software packages and binary artifacts. 05/24/2016

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    Open Source Horizon Claims Edge over Google's Firebase Mobile Back-End

    Much fanfare accompanied Google's elevation of its Firebase mobile back-end platform last week, but slipping under the radar was the quieter unveiling of Horizon, an open source JavaScript back-end for Web and mobile apps that claims advantages over Firebase. 05/23/2016

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    Microsoft To Host Jenkins on Azure

    The Jenkins community is partnering with Microsoft to move its back-end infrastructure to the Azure cloud, a move that unifies the Jenkins infrastructure -- which has been distributed in four locations among four different providers -- on a single, scalable platform. 05/20/2016

  • I/O 2016: Android 2.2 Gets New Test Recorder, Layout Designer and More

    Much of the press around this year's Google I/O event focused on the company's day-one consumer app-economy announcements, but there was plenty of news for enterprise developers in the opening keynote. 05/19/2016

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    Surveys Shed Light on New Developers Entering Workforce

    Two new surveys of recent graduates and students about to enter the developer workforce reveal lots of different opinions about their chosen vocations and one consensus conclusion: The developer hiring process is flawed. 05/19/2016

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    I/O 2016: Google Innovates While It Plays Catchup

    The annual Google I/O developer conference kicked off Wednesday with an opening keynote unveiling a range of upcoming products, including its new Siri/Cortana-like Google Assistant and an Amazon Echo-like Google Home device, but no Google-branded, stand-alone virtual reality headset. 05/19/2016

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    Docker Open Sources Mac, Windows Components

    Docker, having launched a Mac and Windows beta project in March, today announced it's open sourcing key components used to develop that technology. 05/18/2016

  • Classes, Modules and Promises: JavaScript Marches On

    The world's most popular programming language is starting to look like a real programming language, with classes, modules, promises and more. There's even a lot of excited discussion about proper tail calls and tail call optimization, whatever those are. 05/18/2016

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    Looking for a Pay Boost? Learn Scala, Go

    An ambitious new skills report drawing on salary information from more than 2 million workers reveals that learning the programming languages Scala and Go are excellent career moves for software developers. 05/17/2016

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    Programmable AWS IoT Button Sells Out in Hours

    The limited release AWS IoT Button, designed to help developers use Internet of Things and other data-related services from Amazon Web Services, sold out last week just hours after being made available. 05/16/2016

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    Firms Team Up To Advance AI in the Enterprise

    Move over, Siri and Tay, and make room for a new female virtual agent set to invade the enterprise: Amelia, a joint effort by Accenture and IPsoft aiming to help organizations adopt complicated and potentially game-changing artificial intelligence technology. 05/16/2016

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    IoT News Roundup: SAP, HP Enterprise Lead New Offerings

    New offerings from SAP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise highlight a busy week for the Internet of Things, which continues to edge aside Big Data, the cloud and mobile to take a seat as a first-class software development target. 05/13/2016

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    Freelancer Site Lists Top Requested Developer Skills

    Thinking of going the freelance developer route? Toptal, which specializes in connecting "elite" freelance developers with companies looking to farm out projects, might help you decide if you specialize in the right areas with its new list of most requested skills. 05/13/2016

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    Remember the Desktop? Electron 1.0 Debuts

    Promising the cross-platform creation of truly native Mac, Linux and Windows apps, Electron 1.0 has debuted following a two-year open source development effort. 05/12/2016

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    Databricks Previews 'Shiny New Toy': Apache Spark 2.0

    Two years in the making, Apache Spark 2.0 will officially debut in a few weeks from Databricks, which just released a technical preview so Big Data developers could get their hands on the "shiny new toy" that has become instrumental in processing streaming data. 05/12/2016

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    Programming Language Index Reports Reascendance of Ruby

    The latest edition of the TIOBE Index that plots the popularity of programming languages focuses on the reascendance of Ruby in the rankings. 05/11/2016

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