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    Databricks Open Sources Project Aimed at Data Lake Reliability

    Databricks has announced the release of Delta Lake, an open source solution designed to provide "reliability for both batch and streaming data" for data lakes. 04/24/2019

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    Oracle's Latest CPU Patches 3-Year-Old Deserialization Flaw

    All of the five Java SE vulnerabilities identified in the latest Critical Patch Update are remotely exploitable, and at least one is probably exploitable without the need for authentication. 04/24/2019

  • Red Hat Steps in to Steward OpenJDK 8 and 11

    Red Hat will "work with the community to enable continued innovation in Java," the company said about assuming stewardship of OpenJDK projects no longer supported, long-term, by Oracle. 04/24/2019

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    Akka Nearing 10 Years Hits 200K Dev Milestone

    Lightbend, the company behind the Scala JVM language and developer of the Reactive Platform, announced a 200,000-user milestone for its Akka platform, just a few months short of the platform's 10-year anniversary. 04/24/2019

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    JavaScript Breaks from Browser to Become Mobile Force, Report Says

    JavaScript traditionally has been all about Web development, but a new survey indicates it's breaking out of that bailiwick to become a force in mobile app development -- and even desktop. 04/23/2019

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    Google Enhances ML Kit, for Mobile Machine Learning

    Google's updated ML Kit, which packages up the company's machine learning expertise and technology for mobile developers creating Android or iOS apps, has been beefed up with Natural Language Processing functionality and more. 04/22/2019

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    Open Source PWABuilder for Progressive Web Apps Gets Version 2.0 Update

    Microsoft announced an update to its open source PWABuilder tool to convert existing Web apps/sites to Progressive Web Apps, which act more like native desktop/mobile apps with the help of several technologies. 04/22/2019

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    IoT 101: Latency, or the 50:1 Reason Experts Expect 5G To Drive IoT to New Heights

    Why so many experts expect 5G to transform IoT -- if the new standards set for 5G's latency are actually achieved. 04/19/2019

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    Company Launches Natural Language Processing Platform for Edge Computing

    This week, Santa Clara, Calif.-based Sensory announced the "first full-feature release" of TrulyNatural, its speech recognition and processing platform for embedded systems. 04/19/2019

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    What's New in Android Studio 3.4

    Google has shipped Android Studio 3.4, which continues the company's Project Marble work to make fundamental features of the flagship mobile development IDE rock-solid and polished. 04/18/2019

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    Mendix Taps React Native for 'True' Low-Code iOS and Android Apps

    In announcing its Spring '19 release, Mendix claims to be the first low-code application development platform vendor in the market to offer true native mobile apps with the model-based visual approach. 04/18/2019

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    Open Source Atom Editor Eases Code Reviews

    The open source Atom text/code editor from GitHub is seeking to ease the code review process, hoping to relieve some developer anxiety resulting from pull request reviews. 04/15/2019

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    Survey: Machine Learning/Data Science Propel Python Past Java

    A big new developer survey shows that Python has finally passed Java in the programming language popularity wars, propelled by its propensity for use in machine learning and data science projects. 04/11/2019

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    NSA Releases Java-Based Reverse Engineering Tool

    The National Security Agency has open sourced its Ghidra software reverse engineering (SRE) framework. 04/10/2019

  • Oracle Responds to Google's Supreme Court Hail Mary

    In what is sure to be the last chapter in the seemingly unending courtroom drama that is Oracle v. Google, Oracle has responded to Google's hail-Mary request, filed with the Supreme Court in January, to review the appeals court's ruling that the Alphabet subsidiary infringed on Oracle's copyrights over its use of 37 Java APIs in the Android OS. 04/10/2019

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    Alibaba Adds to the Growing List of OpenJDK Distros

    China’s e-commerce giant, Alibaba, has unveiled its own Java distribution. Based on OpenJDK and Java SE 8, Dragonwell8, currently in preview, is the open source version of the company’s in-house implementation. 04/10/2019

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    DevOps Shines in 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Report

    The new 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Report paints a rosy picture for the related positions of DevOps specialists and site reliability engineers across several different areas, including salary and job satisfaction. 04/09/2019

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    Open Source Ionic Framework Woos PhoneGap Developers for Mobile Apps

    Ionic, a six-year-old project seeking to make a bigger name for itself in the world of mobile app development, recently shipped an update to its major v4.0 release and soon after appealed to PhoneGap developers to get on board. 04/09/2019

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    C++ Duels with Python in New Popularity Report

    Reigning "programming language of the year" Python changed places with C++ in this month's edition of the TIOBE Index that tracks programming language popularity based on Web searches. 04/08/2019

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