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    Red Hat Unveils Open Source Developer Tools Beta

    Open source champion Red Hat unveiled a beta of its C and C++ developer tools for working with its enterprise Linux platform. 10/21/2016

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    Periscope Data Research Touts Amazon Redshift over Snowflake, BigQuery

    Periscope Data named Amazon Redshift as the best cloud-based data warehouse offering in recent testing conducted to better advise its customers on which technology to choose. 10/21/2016

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    Oracle Releases Bare Metal Cloud Services

    Oracle today announced the general availability of its new Bare Metal Cloud Services, which the company is billing as the next generation of its Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings. 10/20/2016

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    Projects Seek To Extend Reach of C#

    Apple's young Swift programming language is getting a lot of attention and being put to new uses as it evolves, but Microsoft's .NET stalwart C# language isn't exactly sitting still, with multiple projects underway to extend its reach. 10/20/2016

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    Facebook Pushes Mobile Notifications out of Beta

    Mobile developers seeking better user engagement can now use Facebook's push campaign functionality freely in production, as the feature has come out of an extensive beta program. 10/20/2016

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    Appdome Unveils No-Code Mobile Integration Platform

    Appdome Inc. today launched its new platform that provides automatic integration services for mobile apps, no coding required. 10/18/2016

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    Pentaho Platform Visualizes Big Data at All Stages

    Pentaho will soon launch a new platform that provides Big Data visualization during all stages of the analytics pipeline, including early-on data preparation. 10/18/2016

  • Linux Foundation Launches JS Foundation

    The Linux Foundation today announced the launch of the JS Foundation, a new project focused on fostering JavaScript developer engagement, collaboration and best practices under an open governance model. 10/17/2016

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    Devs Await Open Source Word After Commercial RethinkDB Effort Fails

    With the company behind the RethinkDB project having failed and its engineering team scooped up by Stripe, Big Data developers are awaiting further word on plans to continue it as fully open source. 10/14/2016

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    Red Hat Wraps Mobile Dev Platform in Modern Tech

    Red Hat ticked off all the modern tech keywords in announcing its enhanced mobile app development platform, including containerization, cloud native, microservices and more. 10/14/2016

  • Developers Sound Off on the State of JavaScript

    Developer Sacha Greif recently ran his own online poll to gauge the current State of JavaScript 2016, garnering more than 9,000 responses and a lot of interesting commentary. 10/12/2016

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    Q&A: Java 8 Lambdas and the Streaming APIs

    App Dev Trends/Live! 360 speaker Michael Remijan shares how these will revolutionize the Java collection process, shows how it will change your code and talks about common misconceptions. 10/12/2016

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    Qlik Playground Provides Online Big Data Visualization

    Big Data visualization specialist QlikTech International AB announced a new playground to help Web developers try out its Qlik Analytics Platform. 10/12/2016

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    Genymotion Cloud Goes Beyond Android Emulation

    Genymobile, the company behind the popular Genymotion Android emulator, has launched a new cloud platform that adds automation and collaboration functionality beyond its traditional emulation capabilities. 10/12/2016

  • NetBeans 8.2 Release Last Before Apache Handoff

    NetBeans 8.2 became generally available last week, marking the last release under Oracle's stewardship before it becomes an Apache Incubator Project. 10/10/2016

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    Research Firm Cites Five-Fold Explosion in Mobile App Developers

    With enterprises still complaining about the mobile development skills shortage holding back mobility initiatives, Evans Data Corp. has published a new study showing an explosion in the number of mobile coders. 10/10/2016

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    WaveMaker Expands API Integration of Mobile App Tool

    WaveMaker expanded the API integration capabilities of its namesake rapid application development platform for creating enterprise mobile apps. 10/10/2016

  • Diving into DevOps

    Compuware: Bringing DevOps to the Mainframe

    From new APIs to collaborative IDEs to Agile-friendly SCM and more, Compuware is making a major push to innovate mainframe development and maintenance. 10/05/2016

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    OutSystems Updates Low-Code Platform for Enterprise Mobile Apps

    OutSystems today announced an update to its namesake low-code development platform for creating cross-platform mobile and Web apps. 10/04/2016

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