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    Oracle Announces Cloud Products, Challenges Amazon

    Oracle announced more than 20 new products and services for the Oracle Cloud Platform at its annual OpenWorld conference last week and took aim at its chief competitor in the cloud infrastructure market. 09/26/2016

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    Data Inflexibility Wrecks Analytics Projects, Survey Indicates

    A new survey of data analytics frontline pros and executives finds many have experienced project failures, with data inflexibility topping the list of challenges faced by enterprise teams. 09/26/2016

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    IBM Says Server-Side Swift 'Ready for the Enterprise'

    In announcing the general availability of the IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift, the company deemed Apple's young programming language to be "ready for the enterprise." 09/26/2016

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    Google Launches Mobile VR Push with Daydream SDK

    Google launched its push into mobile virtual reality, called Daydream, with a new SDK, updated developer site and invitations for select coders to get in on the action early. 09/26/2016

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    Cloudera Teams with CenturyLink for Big Data-as-a-Service

    Cloudera Inc. has teamed up with communications company CenturyLink to provide Cloudera's Apache Hadoop-based Big Data analytics software as a service. 09/23/2016

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    Report Provides Mobile App Retention Strategies

    Who knew that correctly timing push notifications to mobile app users can help developers increase app retention rates and make a lot more money? 09/23/2016

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    Talend Updates Big Data Sandbox with Docker

    Talend, which for years has provided a sandbox to explore the world of Big Data for free, is now powering its offering with Docker container technology. 09/23/2016

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    Oracle Introduces Low-Code Development Platform in the Cloud

    Among the host of cloud technology news items coming from Oracle's OpenWorld conference was this tidbit of special interest to "citizen" mobile developers: a new cloud-based, low-code development platform in the making. 09/22/2016

  • Diving into DevOps

    14 DevOps Leaders Join Forces

    CloudBees, Sonatype, GitHub, CA Technologies and 10 other IT solutions and service providers have announced that they are forming an alliance with the goal of making it easier for enterprises to adopt the software stack needed to implement DevOps in their organizations. 09/21/2016

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    Amazon API Gateway Updated for Cloud Developers

    Amazon Web Services simplified its API gateway used by cloud developers to provide back-end functionality for mobile and Web apps. 09/21/2016

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    GitHub Projects Simplify React Native UI Components

    While the relatively young React Native technology continues to evolve and mature with its new "learn once, write anywhere" approach to mobile app development, individual developers are helping Facebook and other major project backers by contributing their own creations to the community. 09/21/2016

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    MoPub's Modular SDK for Mobile Ads Reduces App Sizes

    Twitter's MoPub announced a new modular software development kit that can reduce the size of mobile apps by letting developers embed code only for specific ad formats they want to use. 09/20/2016

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    CA Technologies Enhances API Management for Mobile Development

    Improvements to CA Technologies' API management offerings help mobile developers create app back-ends and use open source components, among other new functionality. 09/20/2016

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    Android Studio 2.2 Released with Nougat Support, Layout Editor

    Google yesterday bumped up its official IDE for Android development to version 2.2, adding support for the company's new mobile OS, Nougat 7.0, along with a new layout editor and many other enhancements. 09/20/2016

  • The Future of Apache NetBeans

    John talks to major players at Oracle, the London Java Users' Group and research firms "about this Apache NetBeans business." 09/19/2016

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    JavaOne: Java SE 9 Delay Is About More than Jigsaw

    Work on Java SE 9 is moving forward apace, JavaOne attendees were assured, but it won't be ready as soon as they hope -- Oracle proposed a four-month extension of the JDK 9, which would push the release to July 2017. 09/19/2016

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    JavaOne: Java EE 8 Release Pushed to 2017

    The annual JavaOne conference kicked off on Sunday with a keynote confirmation of the widely expected delay of the release of Java EE 8. 09/19/2016

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    Code Editor Wars Redux: Vim, Emacs Fire Salvoes

    Old-school flame wars about the best bare-bones text editor for software development may be revived as new editions of Vim and GNU Emacs were released in the same week. 09/19/2016

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    New Releases from CloudBees and the Jenkins Community

    Topping the list of news from this year's Jenkins World user conference: the version 2 release of CloudBees Jenkins Platform, and the first enterprise distribution of Jenkins. 09/19/2016

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