• GitHub Beefs up its Enterprise Cred with U2F, LFS, New Tools Directory

    GitHub last week announced a new partnership with Yubico to expand its authentication system, unveiled a new directory of integrated applications, and made an extension for large binary files available on all repositories on GitHub.com. 10/06/2015

  • MapReduce vs. Spark Smackdown (from Academia)!

    Proving both that researchers are getting better at naming their stuff and that Spark is faster than MapReduce, here's a new paper from academia titled "Clash of the Titans: MapReduce vs. Spark for Large-Scale Data Analytics." 10/06/2015

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    Progress Promises Free Dev Software for Education

    Progress Software announced a new suite of app development software designed to be freely downloaded by students, recent graduates and new developers wanting to get help with designing enterprise-class applications. 10/06/2015

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    Talend Touts First Native Spark Support in Big Data Integration Platform

    Talend today said an update of its Big Data integration platform makes it the first such offering to include native support for Apache Spark and Spark Streaming. 10/05/2015

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    Low-Code Tool Addresses Mobile App Offline Problem

    Mendix said it addressed the thorny problem of handling offline functionality in mobile apps with the latest rendition of its rapid application development tool. 10/02/2015

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    Hortonworks Offers Scorecard for Big Data Adoption

    The promised benefits of becoming a "data-driven" organization capitalizing on business insights gleaned from analytics are many, but it's a complicated transition that vendors are trying to simplify with tools such as the Big Data Scorecard introduced this week by Hortonworks. 10/02/2015

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    New Enterprise App Orchestration Tool Announced

    Puppet Labs, the commercial supporter of the open source Puppet configuration management tool, today announced a new solution designed to simplify the enterprise application orchestration process. 10/01/2015

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    Google Doubles Allowable Size of Android Apps

    Google announced it was doubling the Android app file size limit from 50MB to 100MB, while warning developers to not use the additional leeway just because it's available, as it could degrade the UX. 10/01/2015

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    Compuware Tool Maps Program Interactions on Mainframes

    Maintaining legacy mainframe code may not be the hottest programming chore in today's world of mobility, agility and DevOps, but it's a necessary task that Compuware is seeking to make easier with today's release of a tool that visually maps program-to-program interactions. 10/01/2015

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    Study: Enterprises Slow to Leverage Mobile Apps

    A new study from Accenture indicates that executives are aware of the importance of enterprise mobile apps, but few organizations are following through to take full advantage of their mobile investments. 09/30/2015

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    Pivotal Open Sources SQL-Based HAWQ Big Data Technology

    Pivotal Software open sourced its SQL-based HAWQ analytics engine for Big Data processing. The company contributed HAWQ and MADlib, an associated parallel machine learning library -- which was already an open source project -- to the Apache Software Foundation. 09/30/2015

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    MapR Adds JSON Support to NoSQL Database for Big Data Analytics

    MapR Technologies, known as one of the top commercial vendors distributing Big Data software based on Apache Hadoop technology, today added JSON support to its MapR-DB NoSQL database, claiming the "industry's first in-Hadoop document database." 09/29/2015

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    'Citizen Developer' Movement Transforming in Enterprise, Report Says

    Facing huge demand for developers -- especially for mobile apps -- enterprises are turning to a variety of solutions, including outsourcing and relying on in-house "citizen developers" to use low-code or no-code tools to supplement professional coders, a movement undergoing change, according to a new report. 09/29/2015

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    Big Data Product Watch 9/25/15: Managed Services, Container Deployment and More

    In a busy week on the Big Data front, Google announced a managed service for Hadoop and Spark, two technologies also addressed by BlueData's new container deployment functionality. Also coming out this week were new Internet of Things solutions, open source NoSQL offerings and more. 09/25/2015

  • The 'Native vs. Web' Mobile App Conundrum: Handling Offline

    A recent "why we switched to the Web" article highlights the continuing issue of how to keep Web app users engaged when there's no Internet connection and promises an upcoming "new approach" to solve the problem. In the meantime, here are some alternatives. 09/25/2015

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    Spark Lighting a Big Data Fire, Survey Says

    Spark is still hot, seeing tremendous growth in contributing developers, user roles, applications, usage cases and just about every other Big Data metric you can think of, according to a new survey from commercial steward Databricks, which says it's basically eating Hadoop's lunch. 09/24/2015

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    New-Age C++ Boosts Open Source NoSQL Cassandra Speed 10x

    Among the news coming out of this week's Cassandra Summit was ScyllaDB, a rewrite of the NoSQL database that claims 10x more data processing speed via new-age C++ techniques that take advantage of the multiple cores in modern hardware. 09/23/2015

  • Java 9 & Jigsaw: Reinhold on 'the State of the Modular System'

    The first early access builds of JDK 9 with Project Jigsaw, the initiative that's bringing modularity to the Java platform, are now available for download. 09/23/2015

  • The Agile Architect

    Unbalanced Villains and Overpowered Heroes: An Agile Retrospective Game

    In agile retrospectives, teams will often focus on just their weaknesses, assuming any strength is good. But what happens if the team is spending too much time honing the wrong strengths? Our Agile Architect introduces a fun game to explore the possibility. 09/22/2015

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    Open Source Meteor Platform Supports ES2015, Angular and React JavaScript

    The ambitious Meteor JavaScript framework -- targeting cross-platform Web and native mobile app development -- has settled on standardized ECMAScript 2015 as its default JavaScript base, with support for Angular and React added on. 09/22/2015

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