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    C# 7.0: Devs Get Excited About Tuples and Pattern Matching

    Many key features of the upcoming C# 7.0 release are available in the latest Visual Studio "15" preview, and developers are already getting excited about tuples and pattern matching. 08/26/2016

  • Java EE in the Cloud and the Future of the JCP

    After a recent meeting of the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process, John explores interesting nuggets of information and solicits commentary from principals. 08/24/2016

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    Visual Studio Code Now Debugs iOS Mobile Web Apps from Windows

    For the first time, developers using Visual Studio Code can debug iOS mobile Web apps directly from the code editor on Windows machines. Previously, debugging the JavaScript code powering these apps in the Safari browser was possible only on Macs. 08/24/2016

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    Hazelcast Launches Fully Modularized In-Memory Data Grid

    Hazelcast unveiled the first fully modularized version of its namesake in-memory data grid and caching solution, with 29 new plug-in modules and eight new programming language bindings, along with numerous bug fixes and other new features. 08/24/2016

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    Komodo IDE Features Built-In Tutorial Maker

    With the new Komodo 10.1 IDE, developers can use a built-in tool to create a tutorial on how to use the IDE -- or any other lesson. 08/23/2016

  • Linux at 25: Kernel Development by the Numbers

    With this week marking the 25th anniversary of the open source Linux OS, The Linux Foundation has issued a new report on the massive development effort that shapes the Linux kernel. 08/23/2016

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    Security Study: Developer 'Rush To Release' Increases App Risk

    The explosive growth of mobile apps and the shift to cloud computing are increasing security risks at the application level, a problem that organizations can overcome by hiring skilled developers and lessening the "rush to release," according to a new report. 08/23/2016

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    Android Nougat 7.0 Released

    Google today announced Android 7.0 Nougat, a major upgrade of its flagship mobile OS, is finally rolling out to users. 08/22/2016

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    MongoDB Leads Crowded Big Data NoSQL Field in Research Report

    The open source MongoDB database is featured prominently among a pack of Big Data NoSQL offerings all identified as "Leaders" in a new report from Forrester Research Inc. 08/22/2016

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    Apple Quickens Pace of iOS 10 Betas As Launch Date Nears

    Apple is quickening the pace of its iOS beta releases as the launch date for its flagship mobile operating system nears. 08/22/2016

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    Report: Austin Beats Silicon Valley in Adjusted Developer Salaries

    Factoring in cost-of-living expenses, Austin and Seattle provide developers with more bang for their buck than does Silicon Valley, with its sky-high salaries being eroded by equally sky-high rents and mortgages, according to a new report from careers site Indeed. 08/19/2016

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    Microsoft Open Sources Toolkit for UWP Development

    In its push to spur Windows 10 and Universal Windows Platform development, Microsoft has placed a new community toolkit on the GitHub open source code repository, featuring animations, controls, code helpers and more. 08/19/2016

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    Mobile Report Shows Apple Devices Losing Browser Share

    In its latest Mobile Web Intelligence Report, DeviceAtlas focused on a drop in Web browser market share for Apple devices. 08/19/2016

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    Static Code Analyzer Reportedly Finds 10,000 Open Source Bugs

    A Russian company behind the PVS-Studio static code analyzer claims to have used the tool to discover more than 10,000 bugs in various open source projects, including well-known offerings such as the Firefox Web browser and the Linux kernel. 08/18/2016

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    Box Courts Citizen Developers

    Box is making more moves to entice "citizen developers" to use its content platform for creating Box-based apps or integrations. 08/18/2016

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    Dev Survey: Mobile Developers Are Inexperienced, JavaScript Rules

    Web and mobile development company Netguru has published the results of an ongoing Web survey it's conducting, revealing that, on the mobile side of things, "the vast majority of coders are quite inexperienced." 08/18/2016

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    HPE Expands Mobile App Testing Suite

    The reach of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise mobile app testing suite has been expanded by hooking into the device testing farm housed on the Amazon cloud. 08/18/2016

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    Microsoft Helps Developers Learn Visual Studio Code Visually

    Microsoft has published introductory videos to help programmers learn about Visual Studio Code, its free, open source code editor for development on Windows, Linux and OS X machines. 08/17/2016

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    Google Updates Tango Tool for Mobile Augmented Reality

    Google has boosted the augmented reality functionality of its Tango mobile vision technology platform, capitalizing on the increased popularity of the cutting-edge technology stemming from its use in Pokémon Go. 08/17/2016

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