• Full Stack Developer Beats Data Scientist in Best Jobs Report

    If you've been upskilling, retraining and chasing the dream of becoming a highly paid, extremely sought after and well respected data scientist, you might want to rethink that. 03/24/2017

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    AWS Lambda Nods to Node.js Devs with Version Upgrade

    Amazon Web Services, with a formidable head start in the serverless computing arena among major cloud providers, is continuing to court coders, most recently with a Node.js update to its AWS Lambda service. 03/23/2017

  • Eclipse Converge 2017: Milinkovich on Eclipse

    Mike Milinkovich, the executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, kicked off Eclipse Converge 2017 this week with an update for attendees on doings at the 13-year-old organization. John talked with him after his keynote. 03/22/2017

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    JavaScript Dominates 2017 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

    JavaScript is again the No. 1 programming language in use and also figures prominently in many other categories. 03/22/2017

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    Java 9's Bug Fix Priorities, Goals Updated

    The JDK 9 rampdown process is entering Phase Two, and Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of Oracle's Java Platform Group, has proposed some goals for this phase that keep the process focused on priority bug fixes. 03/22/2017

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    JetBrains Adds Jigsaw Support

    Software development toolmaker JetBrains has added support for Jigsaw in the latest release of its popular IntelliJ IDEA IDE. 03/22/2017

  • Stack Overflow: Cross-Platform Mobile Tech 'Most Dreaded'

    New survey says Cordova and Xamarin head the list of "most dreaded" frameworks, libraries and other technologies. 03/22/2017

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    First Developer Preview of Android O Now Available

    With the 7-month-old Android N now installed on less than 3 percent of devices, the first developer preview of Android O has landed, with new functionality for saving battery life, getting a better handle on notifications and much more. 03/22/2017

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    2 Reports Investigate Growing Demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps

    Two new research reports from different companies with different goals speak to one main conclusion: enterprises are demanding more mobile apps -- though who develops them, how they're created and what they're used for vary greatly. 03/21/2017

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    Cloudera Web Tool Does Self-Service Data Science

    Cloudera Web-based tool for enterprise self-service data science seeks to solve technical and organizational problems that can stifle machine learning and advanced analytics projects. 03/21/2017

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    Tech Recruiter Sees Big Surge in Demand for Mobile Dev Skills

    Randstad Technologies cited a 104 percent 2014-2016 year-over-year increase in demand for skills in technologies such as iOS, Android, HTML5, Angular, Java and JavaScript. 03/20/2017

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    Redmonk: JavaScript Remains No. 1 Programming Language

    With a focus on providing insights into future adoption trends, the Redmonk report weighs rankings from the GitHub code repository to gauge traction in code usage, while also collecting data from the Stack Overflow programming forum site to glean discussion-based metrics. 03/20/2017

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    New IBM Bluemix Developer Console Goes Cloud Native

    IBM introduced the new Bluemix Developer Console, which extends its existing Bluemix Mobile Dashboard by adding cloud native app development functionality. 03/17/2017

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    Fauna Takes 'First Serverless Database' to the Cloud

    Fully onboard with what it calls the serverless revolution, San Francisco start-up Fauna Inc. launched FaunaDB Serverless Cloud, described as the "first serverless database." 03/16/2017

  • Diving into DevOps

    DevOps Adoption Barriers Persist, Survey Finds

    Enterprises seeking competitive differentiation battle ongoing organizational and technical challenges. 03/16/2017

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    Amazon Entices Alexa Voice Skills Developers with AWS Usage Credits

    Developers who publish Alexa "skills" providing natural language commands to voice-controlled home computing devices such as Echo can get rewarded with $100 monthly credits if usage exceeds the limits of the AWS free tier. 03/15/2017

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    Android Turns Its Back on Jack Compiler Toolchain

    Google is deprecating the Jack compiler toolchain it introduced in 2014 to incorporate Java 8 features, which will be be natively supported going forward. 03/15/2017

  • The Agile Architect

    Inhibiting Agility with Code Branching

    We have the best software development tools in history. Why are our developers so afraid to refactor? Our Agile Architect explores how powerful code management tools can lead to powerful problems that inhibit agility -- and what you can do about them. 03/14/2017

  • IoT Think Tank

    There Is No Such Thing As an IoT Platform

    Creative Intellect Analyst Clive Howard says that if IoT is to move beyond the hype and to deliver the significant benefits that are possible, then we need to move beyond talking about IoT platforms. 03/14/2017

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    MapR Takes Big Data Analytics to the IoT Edge

    MapR Technologies today announced a small-footprint edition of its data platform designed to take Big Data analytics closer to the source -- in this case the edge of the rapidly growing Internet of Things. 03/14/2017

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