• Analysts Keep Saying Big Data Is So Over

    The term is meaningless today, many agree, so some research firms are coming up with their own alternatives to the Big Data approach. 07/01/2015

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    EclipseCon Mars Released

    The Eclipse Foundation hit its annual release train deadline of June 24 for the 10th year in a row, with a record synchronized launch of 79 open source projects. 06/30/2015

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    Kyvos Emerges from Stealth with OLAP on Hadoop

    Silicon Valley startup Kyvos Insights today emerged from stealth mode, trumpeting a new way for ordinary business users to conduct Big Data analytics. 06/30/2015

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    Keynote Adds Appium Scripting to Mobile Testing Platform

    Keynote today announced its mobile app testing solution has been integrated with the open source Appium test automation framework. 06/29/2015

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    Platfora Enhances Big Data Visualization Engine

    A new data visualization engine highlights improvements to Platfora Inc.'s updated Big Data analytics platform. 06/29/2015

  • GitHub Announces Atom 1.0

    It took 18 months, 155 releases, and the efforts of hundreds of contributors to get here, but version 1.0 of GitHub's Atom text editor is now available. 06/26/2015

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    mPulse Performance Analytics Tool Tackles Single-Page Applications

    Performance analytics company SOASTA Inc. has updated its mPulse 55 real user monitoring (RUM) solution, providing what the company claims is the unique ability to accurately measure single-page application (SPA) interactions that basically equate to traditional page views. 06/26/2015

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    Couchbase Mobile at Vanguard of Shift in App Development

    Updated NoSQL approach helps developers fully realize the potential of modern mobility, such as online/offline functionality and efficient data transfer. 06/25/2015

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    RhoMobile App Development Suite Embraces IoT

    With a recent survey indicating half of developers aren't ready to build successful Internet of Things projects, the RhoMobile mobile app development platform has been updated with specific IoT functionality built in. 06/25/2015

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    App Demand Forces Firms to Outside Devs

    The demand for enterprise mobile apps is too much for in-house developers to handle, forcing companies to look for outside help, according to two new surveys. 06/24/2015

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    New Java Developer Capabilities in the Oracle Cloud Platform

    Among more than 24 new cloud-based services unveiled by Oracle are some new capabilities for Java developers, as well as new support for related languages and frameworks. 06/24/2015

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    Oracle 'Completes' Its Cloud Platform

    All applications offered by Oracle are heading for the cloud -- if they're not there already. 06/23/2015

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    Oracle Considers G1 Garbage Collector for Java 9

    Oracle Corp. has proposed making the Garbage-First (G1) Collector the default HotSpot garbage collector (GC) in JDK 9 on 32- and 64-bit server configurations, sparking some debate in the Java community on the pros and cons of G1 versus another supported GC: the Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) Collector. 06/22/2015

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    Red Hat Takes Over Stewardship of OpenJDK 7

    The open source solutions provider and longtime Java community leader is stepping in after Oracle Corp. issued its last public security update for Java 7 in April. 06/22/2015

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    Investor Advises Freemium Model for App Analytics Developers

    Mobile investment capital firm Emergence Capital weighs in with advice for mobile developers in an increasingly competitive market. 06/19/2015

  • The Agile Architect

    Getting Things Done the Agile Way

    Our Agile Architect talks about how to get things "done done." 06/18/2015

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    Study Says Half of Developers Not Ready for Internet of Things

    With the Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly gaining prominence as a key factor in Big Data analytics, a new survey shows that 50 percent of developers don't believe they have the skills or resident technology to deliver on expectations of IoT projects. 06/18/2015

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    Facebook Project's Cross-Platform Tool of Choice: C++

    Never mind Sencha, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium and dozens of other wannabe cross-platform mobile development tools -- a recent Facebook project resorted to a crusty old standby programming language to target iOS and Android platforms in a recent project: C++. 06/17/2015

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    AWS Cloud Adds Java for Event-Driven Lambda Functions

    Amazon Web Services announced that cloud developers can now use Java for writing Lambda functions, which provide event-driven functionality while taking care of needed compute resources. 06/16/2015

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    IBM, MapR Spur Spark Big Data Development

    The amazingly active open source Apache Spark project used for Big Data analytics shows no signs of slowing down, as IBM has gone all in on the technology today by promising tons of development support and MapR Technologies Inc. announced tailored Quick Start Solutions to help get started with it. 06/15/2015

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