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    Building the Best Data Science Toolkit: Programming Languages

    We interviewed data scientists and scoured the Web to round up the most popular options for building a data science toolkit in 2018, starting with a look at programming languages. 02/22/2018

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    AWS Named Most 'Developer Friendly' Platform in Accenture Survey

    Accenture is out with a new developer ecosystem study investigating what's important to developers and how they access resources, finding -- among many other things -- that Amazon Web Services ranks highly when it comes to friendliness. 02/20/2018

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    Oracle Extends Public Updates for Java SE 8

    Oracle has updated its Java SE Support Roadmap to include, among other things, extended support for Java SE 8, with updates available until at least January 2019. 02/14/2018

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    Still Time to Vote on New Eclipse Java EE Name

    The rebranding of enterprise Java continues, with "Jakarta" and "Enterprise Profile" emerging as the final two options offered by the Eclipse Foundation to the community in the second phase of the process, and the Foundation is accepting votes until Feb. 23. 02/14/2018

  • Java in 2018: The Year of Eclipse, Containers and Serverlessness

    John Duimovich, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Java CTO, who has been watching the evolving Java ecosystem for more than 20 years, shares his expectations about the future of Java. 02/14/2018

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    Eggplant AI 2.0 Bringing Machine Learning to Software Testing

    New offering from Testplant aims to disrupt software testing by bringing artificial intelligence to the thankless task of comprehensively checking the infinite number of ways a user can navigate through any application. 02/14/2018

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    AWS Boosts Encryption for Amazon DynamoDB, its NoSQL Database Service

    Amazon Web Services added encryption-at-rest to Amazon DynamoDB, increasing security options for its NoSQL cloud database service in the wake of publicized wide-open data stores found on the cloud platform. 02/13/2018

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    AWS IoT Core Provides Solution to Keep Devices from Hitting Firewalls

    Internet of Things device-makers utilizing AWS IoT Core, Amazon's managed platform for IoT, have a new option to help avoid having communications blocked by corporate firewalls or home routers. 02/09/2018

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    After a Big Data Scaling 'Crisis,' LinkedIn Open Sources Scale Testing Tool

    LinkedIn engineers have open sourced a homegrown Big Data scale testing tool following a "crisis" they experienced after adding 500 machines to a Hadoop Distributed File System cluster, resulting in disastrous slowdowns. 02/09/2018

  • Diving into DevOps

    Database DevOps Adoption Accelerates, Lags in Some Industries

    While more enterprise developers and their teams are adopting DevOps practices across both applications and databases, a Redgate Software survey suggests some industry verticals are "turning their backs on DevOps." 02/07/2018

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    Google's Cloud AutoML Mainstreams Machine Learning

    The suite of machine learning tools aims to relieve the growing pressure on enterprise developers to infuse artificial intelligence capabilities into their organizations' software. 02/07/2018

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    New 'Virtual Patch' Targets Java, .NET Vulnerabilities

    Waratek announced a new security tool for Java and .NET applications that uses virtualization to quickly apply patches for long-term and newly discovered vulnerabilities. 02/07/2018

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    Android KTX Provides Kotlin Extensions for Easier Mobile Development

    "Kotlin on Android is here to stay, and we have big plans for it," said Florina Muntenescu, an Android developer advocate at Google, in announcing the preview of new extensions designed to ease the Kotlin coding experience for creating Android mobile apps. 02/06/2018

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    Rust Never Sleeps: Community Grows, Eclipse-Based IDE Planned

    Rust is on the rise, with the "most loved" open source programming language's community growing and a new Eclipse-based IDE in the works. 02/01/2018

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    For Business Applications, Artificial Intelligence Needs Intelligent People

    Popular consumer products that rely on artificial intelligence, such as the Roomba vacuum cleaner, work with the touch of a button, but business applications of AI are not plug and play, says Pedram Abrari, CTO of Pramata Corp. 01/31/2018

  • News

    Low-Code Dev Firm Mendix Inks IBM Cloud Pact

    Mendix, a vendor of low-code development tools for creating mobile and Web apps, has entered a partnership in which IBM will support and resell the Mendix platform on the IBM Cloud. 01/31/2018

  • News

    Dev Firm Provides Guidance on Cost, Time Frames for Creating Mobile Apps

    A mobile app development company has published guidance on the cost and time frames involved with building different kinds of mobile apps. 01/31/2018

  • Open Source Initiative Turns 20

    The OSI will celebrate its 20th anniversary on Friday, Feb. 2, and the global non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and adoption of open source software is gonna par-tay. By which I mean, the OSI has scheduled activities around the world this year to commemorate the event. (I'm hoping there will be snacks.) 01/30/2018

  • Azul Steers Clear of 'Support Cliffs' Caused by Faster Java Releases

    Azul Systems unveiled a new support roadmap for users of Zulu Enterprise -- the commercially supported edition of its flagship Java runtime -- laying out the company's plan to cope with what it calls "support cliffs" that will be created in the ramp up to Oracle's new faster release cadence for the Java SE Platform and OpenJDK. 01/30/2018

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