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    Windows 10 Mobile Support Ending Dec. 10

    A Microsoft support document indicates the Windows 10 Mobile initiative is ending Dec. 10 of this year, after which any remaining users -- who were told in 2017 that no new features would be introduced -- will no longer get security updates, patches, free support and so on. 01/18/2019

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    Bugfest Prompts Quality Overhaul of Android Studio

    Google has heard enough negative developer feedback about its Android Studio IDE to prompt a new quality and stability initiative. 01/17/2019

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    Oracle Boosts IoT Support in Java Card 3.1

    Oracle has added some serious Internet of Things muscle to today's release of Java Card 3.1, with new features to address use cases across markets ranging from telecom and payments to cars and wearables. 01/16/2019

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    Navigation Editor Highlights Android Studio 3.3 Update

    Google announced Android Studio 3.3 with a focus on "refinement and quality" over new features, though a host of those have been introduced also. 01/15/2019

  • Q&A: Mike Milinkovich on Java in 2018 and 2019

    John talks to Mike Milinkovich, executive director of Eclipse Foundation, about the stewardship transition of enterprise Java to the foundation in 2018 and other Java-related challenges and what he sees coming for the Java community in 2019. 01/14/2019

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    New Tool for Mobile App Development in 2019: Blockchain

    "Any organization or business that requires recording and/or sharing of digital data through their app can benefit from implementing blockchain in their mobile apps," says one firm. 01/14/2019

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    New AWS DocumentDB Service Stirs Open Source Controversy

    Simmering tension between the open source community and increasingly dominant cloud platforms came to light with the introduction of the new DocumentDB managed service by Amazon Web Services, which uses open source MongoDB code. 01/10/2019

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    Software Developer Repeats as 'Best Job' for 2019

    Software developer again topped the list of the 100 best jobs to have in the new year as compiled by U.S. News & World Report, based on salary, job openings, work-life balance and more. 01/10/2019

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    Researchers Warn of Insecure Online Coding Advice

    Several studies have linked the use of open source software and tutorials with the introduction of security vulnerabilities in production code, but a new one finds the same problem with online coding advice. 01/09/2019

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    Blockchain Developer Tops Emerging Jobs Report

    LinkedIn's annual Emerging Jobs report says blockchain developer is the top sought-after position among all occupations, with machine learning skills also in high demand. 01/09/2019

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    Most Public Cloud Apps Are Mobile, Says Study

    New cloud development survey finds different workloads targeting private, hybrid and public cloud platforms, with the latter dominated by mobile apps. 01/09/2019

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    Mobile Developers Champion Flutter for Xamarin

    Flutter, Google's new mobile UI framework for creating native mobile apps, is already being targeted for Xamarin development in an open source project on GitHub championed by a handful of developers. 01/08/2019

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    Popularity Index: Python Is 2018 'Language of the Year'

    Python continued its rise in the TIOBE index of programming language popularity, clocking in at No. 3 in the January 2019 report and being named programming language of the year for 2018. 01/08/2019

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    Colorful Highway Graphhic

    Coinbase, Bitfly Say Reorganizations Detected on Ethereum Classic's Blockchain; ETC Devs Deny Claim

    On Jan. 5 Coinbase detected a deep chain reorganization on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain, including a double spend. 01/07/2019

  • The JCP's VanCura on Java in 2019

    Look for increased community collaboration, growth in polyglot environments, more iterative development styles and more. 01/07/2019

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    GitHub Unifies Enterprise Offering, Unveils Unlimited Free Private Repos

    The huge open source-centric software development platform and source code repository has unveiled new goodies for the new year: a unified enterprise offering and unlimited private repositories. 01/07/2019

  • Java in 2019: A Look Ahead

    In the time-honored tradition of tech journalists everywhere, John reaches out to industry experts to see what's in store for his favorite programming language in the new year. 01/03/2019

  • Diving into DevOps

    Compuware Adds DevOps Pipeline Integration, Other Features, to Topaz

    Compuware kicked off the new year by unveiling a new set of enhancement for its Topaz mainframe DevOps solution, including new functionality in Topaz Team Profiles that facilitates knowledge-sharing between experienced mainframe developers and newer generations. 01/03/2019

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    JavaScript Dominated Open Source in 2018

    GitHub has sliced and diced the data from its annual Octoverse report on open source activity in a variety of ways, and no matter how you cut it, one overwhelming theme emerges: JavaScript rules. 12/20/2018

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