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    Are You Building a Data Lake or Falling into a Data Swamp?

    A data lake can be an asset to business intelligence systems. But in developing a data lake it's important to avoid pitfalls that can end up creating a data swamp. 09/12/2019

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    DataOps Plus AI and ML Power New Hitachi IoT Manufacturing Suite

    Integrating DataOps, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Hitachi Vantara is touting Big Data technology in announcing its Lumada Manufacturing Insights, a suite of Industrial Internet-of-Things products. 09/11/2019

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    Spring Boot 2.2.M6 Released

    Spring Boot is a rapid application development framework designed to simplify the development of stand-alone, production-grade, Spring-framework-based apps that run with little Spring configuration. 09/10/2019

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    Eclipse Foundation Releases Jakarta EE 8 Spec

    The Eclipse Foundation today announced the released the Eclipse Jakarta EE 8 specification during a live-streamed online event. This is the first enterprise Java spec released by the foundation since it took over the stewardship of the platform two years ago. 09/10/2019

  • Q&A: Eclipse Foundation's Milinkovich on the Road to Jakarta EE 8

    The Eclipse Foundation today announced the released the first Jakarta EE specification, almost exactly two years after Oracle declared its intention to transfer the responsibility for enterprise Java to that open source standards organization. John K. Waters talks with the Eclipse Foundation's Milinkovich about the road to the Eclipse Jakarta EE 8 release. 09/10/2019

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    Flutter Boosts Web Support, Defaults to Swift, Kotlin for Native Mobile

    Google's open source, cross-platform Flutter UI toolkit, which started with a mobile focus, boosted its Web development tooling and has embraced Swift for native iOS projects and Kotlin for Android. 09/10/2019

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    Temboo Partners with Espressif to Integrate No-Code IoT Platform with ESP32 Devices

    The Temboo no-code Kosmos Internet of Things (IoT) platform will integrate with Espressif's ESP32 series of chips, modules and development boards with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, under a partnership the two companies announced this week. 09/06/2019

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    Global Spending on AI Systems to Hit $98 Billion by 2023 – IDC

    Spending on artificial intelligence hardware and software is predicted to expand two-and-a-half times from current expenditure of $37.5 billion to $97.9 billion, according to a new report by IDC. 09/04/2019

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    Microsoft/Qualcomm Vision AI Developer Kit for IoT Development Goes GA

    Microsoft on Tuesday announced the general availability of the Vision AI Developer Kit, including a camera, which uses Qualcomm's Vision Intelligence 300 Platform, and the software needed to develop intelligent edge solutions using Azure IoT Edge and Azure Machine Learning. 09/04/2019

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    Google Ships Android 10, Donates Source Code, Posts Developer Tips

    Google, announcing that Android 10 is shipping and its source being given to the Android Open Source Project, has published advice for developers to get their apps ready for the latest version of the mobile OS. 09/03/2019

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    With iOS 13 Coming Soon, Apple Tells Developers: 'Get Ready for Dark Mode'

    Apple's iOS 13 is coming soon with all kinds of new features and functionality, but the company today reminded mobile developers to get ready for one thing in particular: Dark Mode. 08/29/2019

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    Mobile App Marketing Platform Gets In-App Messaging

    Kumulos, known for its mobile app management platform, has added in-app messaging to its marketing automation solution, joining the existing push notifications functionality as another means of communication. 08/29/2019

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    GraalVM v.19.2 Released with Preview of Java Flight Recorder Support

    The GraalVM 19.2 feature release, announced last week, comes with a number of significant enhancements, including improved profile-guided optimizations, an LLVM toolchain, and preview of new Java Flight Recorder support. 08/28/2019

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    Kotlin 1.4 Coming with NPE Optimization

    The Kotlin community released the 1.3.5 update of the language earlier this month, and along with it, plans for the upcoming 1.4 release and an explanation of a potential impact on Java developers. 08/28/2019

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    Enterprise Mobility Firm Offers 'Zero Management' Device Security

    Enterprise mobility specialist Appdome is out with a new service that secures devices in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) shops without the need to install a management profile. 08/28/2019

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    Android Studio 3.5 Goes Stable, Culminating 'Project Marble' Quality Improvement Program

    Google's months-long Project Marble aiming to improve the quality of its flagship IDE is culminating with the recent release of Android Studio 3.5 into the stable channel. 08/27/2019

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    Automated Browser Tester Adds Mobile Functionality

    LambdaTest has added mobile functionality to its cloud-based cross-browser testing platform, which provides real-world access to more than 2,000 browser/OS combinations. 08/27/2019

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    Lead by Coding: A Hands-on Approach to Managing Development Teams

    Managers and even senior vice presidents need to be able to pull up a notebook and dig into the code to help solve a problem their team is working on if they want respect among their developers. 08/26/2019


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