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    CNCF Survey 'Takes the Pulse' of the Global Cloud Native Community

    The Cloud Native Computing Foundation published the results of its 2020 survey of members of the global cloud native community, "taking the pulse" of that community to provide some clarity on where and how cloud native technologies are begin adopted.

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    Red Hat Extends OpenShift Across Archs, Apps, and Infra with New Capabilities

    Red Hat unveiled a raft of new capabilities for its OpenShift Kubernetes container platform at this week's KubeCon + Cloud Native online event, from updates to OpenShift Serverless to extended support across architectures.

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    Microsoft's KubeCon News Includes AKS Support for Kubernetes 1.19

    Microsoft unveiled several Azure Kubernetes Service product milestones during the KubeCon + Cloud Native online event, including new support for Kubernetes 1.19.

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    Instana Adds Kubernetes Support

    Application performance monitoring (APM) and observability solutions provider Instana today announced that users of its APM solution now have the ability to deploy its on-prem, self-hosted solutions via Kubernetes.

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    Infragistics Updates Ignite UI for React and Web Components

    Cross-platform UI and UX toolmaker Infragistics announced this week the release of new updates to its enterprise-grade UI components for the Web. Ignite UI for React 16.12.4 and Ignite UI for Web Components 1.1.4 include new features for the Ignite UI Data Grid and one new preview component.

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    Accurics Extends Support to CNCF Projects Helm and Kustomize

    Cloud security provider Accurics announced that it is extending support in its Terrascan open-source tool for detecting compliance and security violations across Infrastructure as Code to two Cloud Native Computing Foundation projects: Helm and Kustomize.

  • Java and Python Top List of Languages People Most Want to Teach Themselves

    Specops Software sifted data from Ahrefs.com using its Google and YouTube search analytics tool to surface a list of the programming languages people most want to teach themselves. Python and Java topped that list.

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    New Report Offers Data-backed Benchmarks on Engineering Team Performance

    Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform provider CircleCI today announced the findings of its annual report on the state of software delivery. In this year's report, the CircleCI researchers set the first-ever benchmarks for teams practicing CI/CD.

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    Apple Silicon Gets Native Java Support from Azul

    Azul Systems announces plans to deliver OpenJDK builds for the new Apple Silicon machines, giving developers native Java support for current and popular Java versions.

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    Latest Version of Debugpy Debugger in Python in Visual Studio Code Update

    Version 1.0 of the new debugger for Python in Visual Studio Code (VS Code), called Debugpy, shows up in the latest update of the popular Python tooling for the open source, cross-platform code editor.

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    Java Unit Testing Solution Free for Open Source

    Diffblue makes a free version of its AI-powered Java unit testing solution available for developers on open source software projects.

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    Jonas Bonér and the Reactive Manifesto II

    This week, under the auspices of the Linux Foundation and the newly formed Reactive Foundation, Jonas Bonér and a veritable crowd of collaborators published an updated and expanded version of "The Reactive Manifesto" entitled "The Reactive Principles."

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    'Nature vs. Nurture' in Application Security Testing

    A new report from Veracode analyzes 130,000 applications, and finds that it takes about six months for teams to close half the security flaws they find.

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    OpenSSF Offers Free Training on Developing Secure Software

    The Open Software Security Foundation (OpenSSF) has created three courses on developing secure software, which are being offered for free as part of the Secure Software Development Fundamentals Professional Certificate program, on the nonprofit edX learning platform.

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    Java and C++ Lose Tops Spots in TIOBE Index for the First Time

    For the first time since 2001, Java and C++ are not occupying one of the two top spots in the TIOBE Programming Community Index.

  • CSA Dives Deep Into 'Egregious' Cloud Computing Threats

    The Cloud Security Alliance does a deep-dive analysis of nine of last year's Egregious‌ ‌11:‌ ‌Top‌ ‌Threats‌ ‌to‌ ‌Cloud‌ ‌Computing.

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    Instana's Always-On Continuous Production Profiling for PHP and Python Apps

    Application performance monitoring (APM) solutions provider Instana adds PHP and Python to the list of languages supported by its continuous production profiler.

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    Red Sky Ops ML Engine Tunes Kubernetes HPA

    Carbon Relay announces key enhancements of its flagship artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platform.

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