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    Red Hat Runtimes Gets an Update

    Red Hat this week announced the latest release of its Red Hat Runtimes product suite, which includes updates of Quarkus, Red Hat Data Grid, and the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) expansion pack.

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    Java Devs Using Microsoft VS Code: Upgrade to Java 11 Now

    Microsoft has issued a "Call for Action" to Java developers using its Visual Studio Code (VS Code) source-code editor to make sure their code runs on Java 11 or above, soon.

  • Eclipse Foundation Releases 2020 Jakarta/Java Survey Findings

    Based on the responses of several thousand enterprise developer, the survey provides a fascinating look at the growth of open source enterprise Java, as well as some details on what developer interest in things like microservices and platforms.

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    Eclipse Jakarta EE 9 Reaches Milestone 1

    The Jakarta EE 9 release marks the final transition away from the javax.* namespace (which Oracle refused to give up) to Eclipse's jakarta.*.

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    Microsoft Collaborating with Red Hat on OpenJDK Port for Windows 10 ARM

    As part of the first phase of the in-progress port, Microsoft will push its development work upstream to the OpenJDK project.

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    Python Edges Out Java in Annual Usage Survey

    The Java programming language continued to be the most popular primary programming language among developers during the past 12 months, according to a new survey, but Python topped the list of most used languages overall during that period.

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    BMC Acquires Mainframe Toolmaker Compuware

    BMC's acquisition of Compuware brings together BMC's Automated Mainframe Intelligence offering and Compuware's Topaz suite, ISPW technology, and classic product portfolios to modernize mainframe environments.

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    AWS Boosts Mobile App Development with Amplify Libraries

    Cloud giant Amazon Web Services extended its Amplify family of cloud tools/services for developing mobile apps with new iOS- and Android-specific libraries.

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    JetBrains Plugs IntelliJ IDEA Into Big Data

    Software development toolmaker JetBrains, creator of the Java dev fav IntelliJ IDEA, today unveiled the full public access preview of Big Data Tools, a new plugin designed to allow developers to work with Zeppelin notebooks, Spark applications, and S3 files from within that popular IDE.

  • Java at 25: Pluralsight's Teachers Weigh In

    John shares the answers to three questions the folks at online course provider Pluralsight put to their Java course authors about Java's 25th anniversary.

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    Red Hat Advances Java on Kubernetes with Quarkus

    Red Hat announced that its Quarkus Kubernetes-native Java framework is now fully supported in Red Hat Runtimes. The move advances Java on Kubernetes, the IBM subsidiary said in a statement, “bridging the gap between traditional Java applications and cloud-native environments.”

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    Project Reunion Unifies Win32 and UWP for Developers

    The project aims to make it easier for developers to build Windows applications by providing a unified platform for new and existing Win32 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

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    IBM Watson AIOps Helps CIOs Facing Pandemic Disruptions Automate

    IBM Watson AIOps uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automate how enterprises self-detect, diagnose, and respond to IT anomalies in real time.

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    New No-Cost Tool for Devs To Secure Kubernetes Deployments

    DevSecOps solutions provider Alcide has released a beta version of a new solution designed to provide "end-to-end continuous security guardrails" for Kubernetes deployments.

  • Mike Milinkovich Explains Eclipse Foundation's Move To Belgium

    Milinkovich talks with ADTmag.com's John K. Waters about the reasons behind the jump across the pond for the organization's headquarters.

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    Gradle 6.4 Released with Support for Java Modules

    The latest version of the Gradle open-source build automation tool, just announced, comes with a number of upgrades, bug fixes, and highly anticipated support for building and testing Java modules.

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    3rd Annual 'Call for Code' Yields Promising Front Runners

    2020's Call for Code recently highlighted three promising front runners with a new second track on solutions that have the potential to contribute to the COVID-19 response.

  • Red Hat's OpenShift Update Strategy: If You Want Alpha/Beta Kubernetes Features, You Can Have Them

    Brian Gracely, senior director of product strategy in IBM's Red Hat OpenShift group, is the right guy to help developers understand Red Hat's quirky OpenShift feature release strategy.


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