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    Salesforce Mobile Dev Tooling, Component Store Now Available

    Salesforce today announced tools designed to help anyone -- not just developers -- create mobile apps for its CRM-based platform by using pre-built components assembled with a visual, drag-and-drop approach, along with a new exchange where enterprises can shop for such apps. 07/28/2015

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    Mobile, Web Devs Getting More Database-as-a-Service Options

    As nearly all developer products are seemingly getting turned into "X-as-a-Service" offerings, Web and mobile coders are enjoying a growing universe of options from vendors large and small for easily hooking up their apps with back-end databases. 07/28/2015

  • The Agile Architect

    To Think Agile, What's the Real Question?

    Our Agile Architect analyzes a letter from a reader and answers the question that wasn't asked. 07/28/2015

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    New Target for Mobile App Devs: Plasma Mobile on Linux

    KDE community hopes open source mobility platform will join the ranks of iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 07/27/2015

  • Open Container Initiative Moving Fast

    "Every organization on the planet is starting to build distributed applications," says a member of the organization that saw membership nearly double in 30 days. 07/24/2015

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    Hortonworks Improves Hadoop Developer Experience

    Hortonworks Inc. highlighted an improved experience for Big Data developers in its new open enterprise Apache Hadoop solution, just released to general availability. 07/24/2015

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    Kony Updates Mobile Dev Back-End Platform

    New API management, Mobile App Management, analytics and app performance services highlight Kony Inc.'s MobileFabric 6.5 update announced this week. 07/24/2015

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    New Foundation for Container Interoperability

    The Linux Foundation has formed a new organization to advance the state of the art for building cloud native applications and services. 07/24/2015

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    Logi Analytics Updates Self-Service BI Tool

    Logi Analytics Inc. updated its self-service business intelligence (BI) analytics offering for the enterprise rank and file, adding new tools and updating existing components. 07/22/2015

  • Pivotal and Cloud Native Java

    On new-wave Java: microservices architecture, container technologies and new ways of writing apps. 07/22/2015

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    WebSphere Liberty Now Java EE 7 Compatible

    IBM's WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Liberty profile, v8.5, is now Java EE 7 certified, the company announced this week. 07/21/2015

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    Oracle Issues Quarterly CPU, Fixes Zero Day

    Oracle's latest quarterly Critical Patch Update (CPU) comprises 193 fixes for vulnerabilities in Oracle products, including 25 that address Java SE issues. 07/21/2015

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    R Rises in IEEE Ranking of Top Programming Languages

    IEEE Spectrum has followed up last year's report on the top programming languages with a new study that sees R making a big jump in the popularity rankings, presumably coinciding with its status as a Big Data mainstay particularly adept at handling statistics. 07/21/2015

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    Visual Studio 2015 Arrives with Embrace of Android

    Microsoft yesterday made the huge new release of Visual Studio 2015 available for download, with an embrace of cross-platform mobile development for Android -- and even iOS -- apps. 07/21/2015

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    Data Intensity Offers One-Stop Shop for Cloud-Based Analytics

    Data Intensity LLC today announced cloud-based software designed to serve as a one-stop shop for data analytics and business intelligence. 07/20/2015

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    Cloudera Tool Provides End-to-End Python for Big Data

    Major Hadoop distributor Cloudera Inc. today unveiled a new tool to provide a 100 percent, end-to-end Python stack for advanced Big Data analytics. 07/20/2015

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    Syncfusion Invites JavaScript Developers to Play

    Syncfusion added a JavaScript Playground to its suite of development offerings, reflecting the company's embrace of new technologies beyond its Windows-centric roots. 07/20/2015

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    DataSift Democratizes Social Machine Learning

    DataSift, a "human data intelligence" company, yesterday launched a tool that lets developers provide simplified, social-focused machine learning to users throughout an organization. 07/17/2015

  • Dumbing Down Development

    As low-code/no-code, drag-and-drop solutions abound to democratize (or dumb down) development, new niche coding tools are emerging that target ever-more-specific functionality. 07/17/2015

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    Report Details Most Lucrative Data Skills

    Packt Publishing has come out with a new survey detailing the money-making skills that pay off the most in the data science and business intelligence industries. Short answer: R and Python -- and get ready to deal with the Internet of Things. 07/16/2015

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