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    Express Web Server Advances in Node.js Ecosystem

    The Node.js Foundation, formed last June to advance development of the popular server-side JavaScript platform, is officially absorbing the widely used Express Web server framework into its ecosystem. 02/11/2016

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    IDE Updates: Xcode Gets Playgrounds, Android Studio Improves Faster Emulator

    Apple and Google are out with new beta updates to their mobile dev IDEs, with interactive playgrounds for iOS development in Xcode and improvements to the new, faster emulator for Android Studio. 02/10/2016

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    Spark Joins Storm in StreamAnalytix Big Data Tool

    Impetus Technologies today said it added Apache Spark support to its StreamAnalytix tool to complement existing functionality provided by the Apache Storm project for distributed, real-time streaming analytics. 02/09/2016

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    Adwind RAT Is Back, Used To Attack 400K Systems

    An infamous Remote Access Trojan, a piece of Java-based malware that gives attackers a backdoor into Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android devices, has re-emerged -- after apparently being shut down last year -- now as a commercial "malware-as-a-service" platform. 02/09/2016

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    Amazon Cloud Gets into Professional Game Development

    Amazon Web Services Inc. today announced two new services to help professional game developers create cross-platform games connected in the cloud. 02/09/2016

  • Left in a Lurch, Mobile Devs Scramble for Parse Replacements

    Parse developer advocate Fosco Marotto shares with ADTmag his vision of the new Parse Server open source project, one of many potential options for developers needing to revamp their apps that use the mobile back-end being shut down by Facebook. 02/08/2016

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    Oracle Issues Out-of-Cycle Security Patch for Java on Windows

    Oracle has issued an out-of-cycle security patch to fix a vulnerability that can be exploited when installing Java on Windows. The vulnerability, which earned a CVSS Base Score score of 7.6, affects Java SE 6, 7 and 8. 02/08/2016

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    Big Data Product Watch 2/5/16: App Monitoring, Data Preparation, IoT Hub, More

    Here's recent news from OpsClarity, Microsoft, Trillium and others, featuring data-driven app monitoring, data preparation/data quality, a Big Data appliance, an Internet of Things hub and more. 02/05/2016

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    Couchbase Mobile Targets Enterprise

    Today's release of Couchbase Mobile -- the NoSQL database turned into a mobile dev solution -- targets the enterprise with administration, security and performance enhancements. 02/04/2016

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    After Spark-Based Revamp, IBM Launches New Data Services

    IBM last summer made big news by going all in on Apache Spark for Big Data analytics, with a massive developer investment that resulted in redesigned data products and today's launch of a bevy of new services running on its cloud. 02/04/2016

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    Mozilla Kills Firefox OS for Smartphones, Eyes Connected IoT Devices

    Mozilla has given up on Firefox OS -- its ill-fated challenge to Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile platforms -- to instead focus on connected devices "bringing the power of the Web to IoT." 02/04/2016

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    Syncfusion Puts Windows Big Data Platform into Production

    Syncfusion moved its Windows-based Big Data platform out of preview and into production with new support for Apache Spark, Apache HBase and Scientific Python. The enterprise software development company claims it's the singular Apache Hadoop-based distribution designed for Windows. 02/03/2016

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    App Monitoring Tool Claims First PHP 7 Support

    Just a couple months after the release of PHP 7, AppNeta claimed to be the only company in its Application Performance Management space to support the newest version of the ubiquitous Web scripting language, which boasts speedier performance and a spaceship operator. 02/02/2016

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    Spark Features Added to Redis NoSQL Database

    Redis Labs today announced the integration of its namesake NoSQL database with Spark SQL, along with a new Spark-Redis connector said to speed up certain Big Data analytics tasks by 100 times or more. 02/02/2016

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    Visual Studio Code Gets Cordova Tooling for Cross-Platform Mobile

    Microsoft updated its lightweight, open source code editor with a new tooling extension that provides support for building hybrid cross-platform mobile apps with Apache Cordova. 02/01/2016

  • Oracle To Deprecate the Java Plug-in in Java 9

    News that Oracle plans to deprecate the Java browser plug-in in JDK 9 came as no surprise, as a growing number of browser vendors have either stopped supporting the plug-in or announced plans to do so. (Flash and Silverlight, too.) 02/01/2016

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    Facebook Shutting Down Parse Back-end Service for Mobile Development

    Facebook is closing down the Parse Mobile Back-end-as-a-Service platform it acquired in April 2013, a move that will force many developers to switch their apps to an alternative backing service. 01/29/2016

  • 2016 Dev Predictions, Part 2: Cognitive Computing, IoT, Cloud, More

    John talks to more analysts in his exploration of trends such as mobile, cloud, DevOps, IoT, microservices, the API economy, cognitive computing, virtual reality and more that are all reshaping organizations in fundamental ways, with developers leading the way. 01/29/2016

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    Q&A: On Hadoop's 10th Birthday, 10 Questions for One Who Was There

    10 years ago today the first Hadoop cluster was put into production at Yahoo. We asked Raymie Stata, who actually hired Hadoop co-creator Doug Cutting into Yahoo, to look back at the history of the game-changing Big Data technology, forecast where it's going and provide advice for developers looking to master it. 01/28/2016

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    Big Data Product Watch 1/28/16: Top Hadoop Distros, Free Training, Cloud Deployment and More

    Here's a roundup of recent news from Cloudera, MapR, VoltDB and others, including an analyst's rankings of the top Hadoop distributions, expanded free Hadoop training, new products and more. 01/28/2016

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