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    IBM Says Automated Testing Tool Completes Mainframe CI/CD Pipeline

    IBM continues to modernize development on its z/OS mainframe operating system, announcing an automated unit testing tool that builds on previously introduced Git functionality. 02/21/2019

  • Q&A with JCache Spec Lead Greg Luck

    Greg Luck is co-spec lead on JSR 107 and the CTO of Hazelcast, which develops, distributes and supports a leading open source in-memory data grid (IMDG), also called Hazelcast. 02/13/2019

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    Google's Java Containerization Tool 'Jib' Goes GA

    Jib is a fast and simple container image builder that consolidates all the steps involved in packaging an app into a container image, and allows developers to build containers using familiar Java tools. 02/13/2019

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    Hadoop Heads List of Fastest-Growing Freelancer Skills

    Amid growing enterprise initiatives in cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain and others, it's old-fashioned Hadoop that was identified as the fastest-growing freelancer skill in a new report. 02/13/2019

  • Apache NetBeans 10.0 Release Adds Support for JDK 11, JUnit 5 and PHP

    The Apache Software Foundation's release of NetBeans 10.0 (incubating) at the end of December launched the venerable Java (now polyglot) IDE into 2019 with a slew of enhancements, including support for JDK 11, the addition of a JUnit 5 library and new PHP features. 02/12/2019

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    What's New in Programming Language Popularity

    February 2019 reports on programming language popularity from TIOBE and PYPL are out, with the former tracking the rise of Groovy and the latter contrasting the trends of Python (up) with PHP (down). 02/12/2019

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    Mendix Boosts Low-Code Dev Platform with IBM Cloud and Watson AI

    Mendix, one of the leading vendors in the enterprise low-code development space, has boosted its dev platform with new integration tapping into IBM Cloud services, including Watson AI cognitive services. 02/11/2019

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    Python Survey: Data Analysis Overtakes Web Development as No. 1 Use Case

    A new developer survey about Python reveals the programming language is now used primarily for data analysis, supplanting the previous No. 1 use case, Web development. 02/07/2019

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    MapR Open Source Analytics Pack Boosts Kafka and Kubernetes, Adds C#, Go

    The new MapR Ecosystem Pack 6.1 is a new release for the program that provides for independent updates of modular, open source data projects included in the firm's data analytics platform. 02/07/2019

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    Red Hat Unveils IDE for Kubernetes Development

    Open source champion Red Hat today unveiled what it calls the industry's first integrated development environment for creating apps to work with Kubernetes, the wildly popular container orchestration system. 02/05/2019

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    Tech Salary Report Says Golang Pays the Best: $132,827

    Dice's annual tech salary study shows low unemployment and stagnant salaries with Go programmers leading the pack along with Kafka and Amazon cloud skills, though job satisfaction also counts for developers and other pros who seem increasingly willing to move on. 02/01/2019

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    Google Launches Cloud Firestore, a Serverless NoSQL Database

    Google today announced the general availability of its Cloud Firestore NoSQL document database for the growing serverless computing space in the cloud where there's no need to manage infrastructure. 01/31/2019

  • Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 Released

    GlassFish 5.1 comprises the full migration of GlassFish and associated Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) code to Eclipse Foundation stewardship. 01/30/2019

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    Skills Survey: Developers Want to Learn Go, Kotlin and Python in 2019

    Annual developer skills report shows JavaScript overtaking Java, top developer pet peeves, biggest employer turn-offs, importance of work-life balance and much more. 01/29/2019

  • Google Asks Supreme Court to Overrule API Copyright Ruling

    Alphabet's Google subsidiary has petitioned the Supreme Court to review its long-running copyright dispute with Oracle over the use of software interfaces. 01/29/2019

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    Salesforce Unveils Low-Code Mobile Development Platform

    Salesforce extended its Lightning development initiative with a mobile focus, the latest effort to address the perfect storm of a mobile development talent shortage amid exploding demand for enterprise mobile apps. 01/25/2019

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    Careers Site Names 'Data Scientist' Best Job in America for 2019

    Taking into account earnings potential, job satisfaction and number of openings, careers site Glassdoor has named data scientist the best job in America for 2019 -- for the fourth time running. 01/24/2019

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    Red Hat Releases JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.2

    Red Hat announced the general availability of the 7.2 release of its JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, which comes with greater compliance with Java Enterprise Edition 8, JDK 11, Java SE 11 and additional support for Microsoft Windows and enterprise Java microservices. 01/23/2019

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    Research Firm: Number of Enterprises Using AI Triples in 1 Year

    Research firm Gartner published a new report indicating the number of enterprises implementing artificial intelligence in some form has tripled in the past year, despite an AI talent shortage. 01/22/2019

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