• Android Devs Cry for Java Replacement

    During a recent Reddit "Ask Me Anything" event with the Android Engineering Team, many developers asked about how (and whether) the Android team will support other languages in the future, 07/26/2016

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    Kony MobileFabric Adds Object Services for Model-Driven Development

    Leveraging concepts from the object-oriented programming world, Kony Inc. has updated its tooling for the rapid development of mobile applications. 07/26/2016

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    Apache Advances Kudu Columnar Storage Engine for Big Data

    The open source project for the Apache Hadoop ecosystem reportedly fills in an architectural gap left open by other storage options, providing a missing piece to fill out the columnar storage puzzle. 07/25/2016

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    WSO2 Updates Microservices Framework for Java

    Integration middleware maker WSO2 released a new version of MSF4J, a lightweight, open source framework for building microservices in Java that supports container-based deployments via a fast runtime and an annotation-based programming model. 07/25/2016

  • Malformed Stack Overflow Post Chokes Regex, Crashes Site

    A few lessons to be learned here: Watch your backtracking regular expressions; always be ready for the most bizarre edge cases; and, for goodness' sake, don't post questions that contain 20,000 whitespaces. 07/22/2016

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    Oracle's Quarterly CPU Fixes Record Number of Vulnerabilities

    Oracle's latest Critical Patch Update, issued this week, fixed a record 276 vulnerabilities in a range of the company's products, including 13 in Java SE, some of which received high-severity scores. 07/21/2016

  • Report: Bash Skills Pay Off the Most (Wait, Bash?)

    A new skills survey rounds up the usual list of suspects for the most popular programming language -- JavaScript, Python, Java, et al. -- but lists Bash scripting skills as the surprising leader in reported median salaries. 07/21/2016

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    Cloudera Adds SQL Workload Optimizer to Enterprise Big Data Offering

    The latest update to Cloudera's enterprise Big Data solution includes a new tool, Cloudera Navigator Optimizer, which helps offload SQL workloads to Hadoop for more efficient analytics processing. 07/21/2016

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    Stack Overflow Tackles Code Documentation, Not Just Q&A

    Stack Overflow, the immensely popular coding Q&A forum that has become the go-to resource for developers seeking help with specific problems, is now supplying more general documentation with today's beta launch of an ambitious new site. 07/21/2016

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    Syncfusion Enhances Cross-Platform Xamarin Functionality

    Enhanced cross-platform development functionality with Xamarin and JavaScript highlights today's update of Syncfusion's enterprise development suite. 07/20/2016

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    Google Releases Final Android Nougat Preview, Answers User Questions

    Google has released the final developer preview of its next mobile OS, Android 7.0 Nougat, in preparation of the final product scheduled to launch "later this summer." The Android engineering team also answered readers' questions in a Reddit "ask me anything" event today. 07/19/2016

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    Apteligent Offers Free Mobile App Metrics SDK

    Apteligent has launched an enhanced version of its Standard Edition SDK for tracking mobile app metrics, helping developers troubleshoot, prioritize and resolve issues that degrade UX. 07/19/2016

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    Python Shows Strong in New Skills Survey

    The Python programming language makes a surprisingly strong showing in a new skills survey of more than 11,000 developers conducted by Packt Publishing. 07/19/2016

  • The Agile Architect

    How To Win With Agile By Cheating (a.k.a., Rules Are For Other People)

    Agile rules can sometimes become a barrier to progress and even be perceived as impenetrable. Our Agile Architect spins a story about recognizing these artificial barriers and how to break through them. 07/18/2016

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    WaveMaker Boosts Security in RAD Platform

    WaveMaker added a security feature to its rapid application development platform designed for quickly creating and deploying hybrid cross-platform mobile and responsive Web apps. 07/18/2016

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    Splice Machine Open Sources Dual-Engine Big Data Technology

    Splice Machine today announced the open sourcing of its Big Data database technology that seeks to leverage the best of the SQL/RDBMS and NoSQL/Hadoop worlds. 07/18/2016

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    Free SQL-on-Hadoop Videos Highlight Academic Big Data Analytics Project

    Through its developerWorks site, IBM is helping spread the word about an academic-based project that provides free videos on numerous data analytics concepts, such as the recently published "Introducing SQL on Hadoop" presentation. 07/15/2016

  • Apple Wants You: For a Reality Show

    Taking reality TV into the world of app programming, Apple is looking for 100 of the world's most talented App Store developers to be featured in a new series called Planet of the Apps. 07/14/2016

  • Report: 1 in 16 Java Components Have Security Defects

    Easily the most disturbing revelation in this report is that defective components in the software supply chain are routinely making their way into applications. 07/13/2016

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