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    Apache Spark 2.1 Improves Structured Streaming

    Better streaming analytics, a hot topic in Big Data development right now, is the highlight of more than 1,200 improvements and bug fixes in the new Apache Spark 2.1. 01/11/2017

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    What's Slowing Down Your Mobile Web Site?

    With many online businesses literally living or dying with the whims of Google search -- and with mobile browsing having recently surpassed desktop browsing for the first time -- it's now more important than ever for webmasters to optimize their sites for mobile. 01/11/2017

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    Apteligent Open Sources Xamarin Component

    Mobile app intelligence company Apteligent has open sourced its Xamarin component, which helps cross-platform developers monitor app performance and other metrics. 01/10/2017

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    iOS Devs See 40 Percent 2016 Revenue Jump As Store Wars Continue

    10 years after the debut of the iconic iPhone, Apple Inc. announced record revenue for its App Store and for iOS developers who created its 2.2 million app inventory as it battles Google Inc. for mobile supremacy. 01/10/2017

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    Reports Indicate Big Data Poised to Pay Off in 2017

    Reports from a Big Data vendor and a data-driven management consultancy both indicate large-scale analytics is finally poised to pay off on its promise in the new year, hindered mainly by that pesky skills shortage. 01/09/2017

  • Diving into DevOps

    Compuware's 'Mainframe Renaissance' Continues with Topaz Release and MVS Acquisition

    Firm steps up its DevOps-on-the-mainframe campaign with new COBOL testing tool and batch automation acquisition. 01/06/2017

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    Hackers Pile On As MongoDB Databases Are Hijacked for Ransom

    Thousands of open MongoDB databases have been attacked by hackers who hijack the stored data and demand ransom to return the contents, with more bad actors piling on by the day. 01/06/2017

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    Are Mobile Designer Salaries Catching Up to Developers?

    According to salary guides from career firms Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group, mobile designers rank near the top of tech professions expected to see significant salary increases in 2017. 01/06/2017

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    'Best Job in America' Is Mobile App Developer

    Taking into account quality-of-life factors, CNNMoney ranks mobile devs above professions with 3x higher salaries. 01/06/2017

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    New in Open Source: Python-to-Go, Atom in Orbit, DeepMind Lab, More

    As everybody settles back into the grind after the holidays, here's a list of notable new open source projects that might have been missed amid all the reveling. 01/05/2017

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    IBM Goes Mobile with Watson

    For two years, IBM has provided the cognitive computing capabilities of its Watson Analytics service via a Web interface, and now it's gone mobile. 01/04/2017

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    Appdome Mobile Integration Tool Adds App Management

    Appdome, which provides no-code automatic integration services for security and other functionality, is expanding into the Mobile Application Management arena through a partnership with Appaloosa. 01/04/2017

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    Twitter's Fabric Shines in iOS Mobile SDK Report

    The Fabric mobile dev suite from Twitter Inc. fares well in a new report on iOS mobile app SDK usage, beating industry heavyweights such as Google and Adobe in several categories. 01/04/2017

  • Gartner App Platform Report Calls Java EE Obsolete

    Researchers at Gartner dropped something of a bomb on the enterprise Java community just before the holidays in the form of a new report in which analysts claim, among other things, that Java EE is fading from relevance and those responsible for modernizing enterprise application infrastructure should "develop a strategy to deal with the obsolescence of Java EE and other three-tier application frameworks." 01/03/2017

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    Oracle Publishes Java EE 8 Community Survey Results

    Oracle has published the results of its Java EE Community Survey, in which nearly 1,700 Java users worldwide ranked the importance of 21 component technologies in the company's revised Java EE Roadmap. 12/27/2016

  • Diving into DevOps

    Continuous Delivery Enables DevOps Reality

    According to the self-described "Code Curmudgeon," leveraging the advantages of DevOps will require organizations to shift from test automation to continuous testing -- which are very different things. 12/26/2016

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    MicroProfile Now an Eclipse Project

    MicroProfile.io, the independent initiative launched a few months ago to create a baseline platform definition that optimizes enterprise Java for microservices architecture, is now an Eclipse project. 12/23/2016

  • Diving into DevOps

    Swimming in DevOps

    In which we assess the state of DevOps one survey at a time. 12/23/2016

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    Netflix Hollow: Java Tools for Managing In-Memory Datasets

    Netflix has announced a new Java library and toolkit for managing small- to medium-sized in-memory datasets that are disseminated from a single organization to multiple users for read-only access. 12/13/2016

  • The Agile Architect

    Improving Agile With Self Organization

    Agile proponents promote self-organization. But what does this really look like? It turns out that achieving real self-organization takes...organization. 12/12/2016

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