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  • Navigating Cloud Risks in the Transformation of Financial Institutions

    This eBook delves into the transformative impact of cloud technologies and how financial institutions can confidently navigate the complexities of cloud risk management, ensuring security, compliance, and operational efficiency in their cloud environments.

  • Digital Recipe Transformation Infographic

    Transform your consumer products and goods industry with Siemens management solutions, efficiently streamlining the journey from conceptualization to the store shelf with.

  • Software Security Training Buyer's Guide

    Are you looking to uplevel your software security? Software development has rapidly evolved in the wake of third-party components, cloud computing, agile methodologies and the rise of DevOps. Software security stakeholders now include Architects, Engineers, DevOps, Analysts and more. Staying ahead of vulnerabilities requires a skilled team, across the development lifecycle.

  • Operational Resiliency: Strategies for Efficient Operations in the Manufacturing Industry

    Discover how organizations can enhance operational resilience in the face of disruptions through efficient operations. Explore key findings, recommendations, and practical steps, emphasizing the importance of technology deployment and a broader perspective on operations.

  • Realizing sustainable manufacturing in Consumer Packaged Goods

    This white paper investigates manufacturing sustainability and proposes that manufacturing initiatives based on digital manufacturing solutions, with a focus on formulated product design (FPD), improve a CPG company's positive contributions to people, planet, and profit all at the same time.

  • Cloud-Native Applications

    Companies need a fast, flexible way to deliver applications—and traditional app dev approaches just can’t keep up. To gain insight into the cloud-native strategies transforming modern business, ESG surveyed 387 IT professionals responsible for evaluating, purchasing, managing, and building application infrastructure.

  • Building Cloud-Native Apps with Kubernetes and Cassandra

    Kubernetes is the definitive choice for container orchestration. Cassandra is the gold standard for open source NoSQL. Put them together and you’ve got the cloud-native app dev stack that dreams are made of—as long as you can keep complexity from creeping in. That’s where tools like K8ssandra, Cass Operator, and Stargate come in. Read this ebook to discover the flexibility of Kubernetes for multi-cloud deployments and more.

  • How Data API Gateways Power Real-Time Apps

    A web API can connect cloud apps with databases with less friction than native drivers—but which one? To deliver the right balance of productivity and performance for each app, developers need the flexibility to use any HTTP API they choose. That’s where an API gateway comes in. Read this ebook to learn how an API gateway allows you to use any native driver or open source API you choose—from CQL API and REST API to gRPC API.

  • Scaling GitOps for the Enterprise

    GitOps is quickly becoming an essential part of DevOps, and for good reason: as the single source of truth for container-based continuous integration and continuous delivery, GitOps helps developers increase velocity and improve system reliability. However, many engineering teams hit roadblocks when they need to scale GitOps.

  • 5 Ways to Optimize App Dev Efficiency

    As the global economy fluctuates, engineering budgets are getting squeezed. While you might think you need to cut tools and headcounts, you can actually manage costs by improving engineering efficiency with the right technology. Learn how you can strike the right balance between budget pressures and the need to innovate quickly. Read this checklist detailing five ways you can optimize application development efficiency, so you can do more — without spending resources on unnecessary tools, hiring more people, or exceeding your budget.

  • 8 Deployment Pattern Structures to Transform your CI/CD

    Good deployment patterns mean fast and repeatable pipelines. Great deployment patterns mean fast, repeatable and safe pipelines.

  • Creating an Exceptional Developer Experience

    To say that good developers are in demand is an understatement, so naturally, making sure that your developers have the best possible experience working with your technology is a top priority. However, delivering that experience is easier said than done.