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  • Open APIs in Financial Services for Dummies

    Download this e-book "for dummies" to find out more about open APIs and implementing open APIs strategically in financial services organizations.

  • Service mesh or API management

    This e-book provides essential knowledge and expert guidance for building an effective service management architecture that encompasses both API management and service mesh solutions.

  • Top considerations for building a production-ready AI/ML environment

    This e-book reviews key technologies and best practices for building a production-ready architecture for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) workloads. Learn how to deploy an effective AI/ML environment to support your business goals in this e-book from Red Hat.

  • Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes ... what's the difference?

    Learn how Red Hat OpenShift helps organizations transition to containers and Kubernetes and realize the full potential of a hybrid cloud strategy.

  • Top considerations for cloud-native databases and data analytics

    Databases and data analytics can help you deliver differentiated cloud-native applications and gain a competitive advantage. Containers and Kubernetes can speed development of key components of these applications. Red Hat® OpenShift® gives you a consistent Kubernetes-based foundation for implementing data-driven cloud-native application development and deployment to support your business goals. Read this e-book to discover the benefits of containerized databases and data analytics workloads.

  • Red Hat cloud-native development outlook

    As organizations seek to develop high-quality applications faster and more securely, developers naturally look for ways to build these applications.

  • Application development security

    See how Red Hat solutions can enhance your enterprise's security initiatives.

  • Advance your business with AI and ML

    This e-book shows how enterprises across industries are using Red Hat OpenShift to build AI/ML solutions that deliver real business outcomes.

  • Native Mobile vs. Progressive Web App: Developer Evaluation Guide

    With just over half of all internet traffic serving mobile devices, your users expect a smartphone-friendly experience. But does that mean you have to invest in the creation and maintenance of native mobile apps?

  • The Speed of Change: How Fast Are You?

    How fast is your IT? You need speed and adaptability to adjust as big changes in the global economy and our daily lives keep coming. Disruption is the status quo, and the “new normal” is not yet defined. Are you prepared for what’s next? What are IT organizations saying about it all?

  • Account Fraud Takeover - How to Protect Your Customers and Business

    Account takeover fraud results in more than financial losses. A successful attack is stressful and frustrating for the customer – a negative experience that can put customer loyalty at risk. Fraudsters’ weapons and methods are evolving. Download this guide to learn how to block account takeover by enhancing your current fraud solutions with technologies such as risk analytics with machine learning.

  • Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Watson Assistant

    IBM recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study that evaluated the financial impact of IBM Watson Assistant on organizations. Learn how IBM Watson Assistant can cut costs, drive revenue, and free precious resources for higher value work – all while improving customer NPS.