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  • Data Governance Implementation Survey 2018

    Learn how 500+ SQL Server professionals handle the Data Governance’s technical and business challenges, and the effects of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read Redgate’s Data Governance Implementation Report 2018.

  • 2018 State of Database DevOps

    Are you among the 82% of organizations already on their DevOps journey? Compliance emerges as a new key driver for extending DevOps to databases. Read Redgate’s 2018 State of Database DevOps Report to learn more. Learn more.

  • Data Matching & Record Linkage Engine

    Confidence in business decisions shouldn’t be based on alternative facts. In this informative paper, discover the matching systems and algorithms we employ through versatile API, CRM, and ETL deployments to keep records error and duplicate-free. Learn more.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Monitoring

    Download this eBook to learn how to maintain peak performance of systems connected to SharePoint and see the benefits of putting AppDynamics and SharePoint to work for your enterprise. Read on.

  • What .NET Developers Need to Know About Azure

    Download this eBook and find out if Microsoft Azure is the right choice for your cloud initiatives by downloading the eBook now. Read on.

  • Ensuring Visibility into Microservices and Containers

    Download this ebook and learn more about the benefits and use cases of Microservices, Containers, and APM. Read on.

  • Performance Testing and APM in the AWS Cloud

    Download this white paper now to see how the complementary capabilities between APM and AWS let you test your applications with precision and confidence. Read on.

  • Guide to Modernizing Traditional Security: The Advantages of Moving a Legacy Application to Containers

    In this white paper, you’ll see the benefits one customer achieved from taking initial steps into containers via a “Lift and Shift”, in which they move their existing apps into containers. Read on.

  • IDC: Critical Application and Business KPIs for Successful Cloud Migration

    Download this ebook and See how 600 global enterprises are planning and measuring cloud migration success. Read on.

  • Strategies for Securing Highly Scalable Containerized Environments

    Containers enable organizations to build tremendously scalable environments. This is because containers make it easy to copy instances of an application quickly, and to move instances between different environments easily. However, containers are not the only part of the software stack that needs to scale. Your organization’s tools can also scale. Read on.

  • Guide to PCI Compliance for Containers

    With the prevalence of electronic payments many organizations are impacted by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) requirements. However, there’s little guidance on how to run containers in a manner that’s compliant. The Twistlock Guide to PCI Compliance for Containers provides clear instructions on how to design and operate a containerized environment in a compliant manner. Read on.

  • Guide to HIPAA Compliance for Containers

    Twistlock’s Guide to HIPAA Compliance for Containers helps ensure that anyone who creates, receives, maintains, or transmits electronic personal health information (ePHI) is in compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule for containerized workloads. Twistlock’s Guide to HIPAA Compliance for Containers outlines clear steps to design and operate a fully-compliant containerized environment. Read on.