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  • Is Your Business Ready for Faster Payments?

    From automations and enablement to maintenance and security, faster payments like RTP and FedNow require solid preparation from the start. This eBook digs into how faster payments work, who they benefit, how companies can get ready, and what effective fraud prevention requires.

  • Taking a multi-disciplinary approach to product development

    Discover how CPG brands can overcome traditional product development barriers by creating digital prototypes that can be tested using multiple simulations.

  • Advantages of multi-disciplinary product development

    This market perspective "Multi-Disciplinary Product Development" delves into current product lifecycle practices, trends reshaping the consumer goods industry, development challenges faced by organizations, and digital solutions reshaping the entire product development lifecycle and underlying processes.

  • Using a laboratory information management system to close the CPG quality loop

    How can a CPG company innovate without jeopardizing product quality? The key is to close the quality loop from idea to shelf with an integrated R&D and laboratory solution, which includes a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

  • Accounting for Developers

    Accounting for Developers breaks down fundamental accounting principles through a developer-focused lens. In addition to accounting basics, we'll also walk through how to build a Venmo-clone and a consumer lending app.

  • Siemens Mendix: Creating Efficient, Resilient Value Chains

    Low-code development and integration tools are transforming how businesses connect data and processes across their platforms while continuing to meet growing and everchanging end user challenges.

  • Creating a Digital Thread Using Low-Code to Enable Digital Twins

    Integrate and improve the ROI of IT investments and evolve to next-generation business-specific solutions with digital threads and comprehensive digital twins.

  • Low-Code Platforms Accelerate Business Value

    Empower developers of any skill level to create personalized solutions in a fraction of the time and learn the key benefits of low-code development.

  • Advance your business with AI and ML

    This e-book shows how enterprises across industries are using Red Hat OpenShift to build AI/ML solutions that deliver real business outcomes.

  • The Speed of Change: How Fast Are You?

    How fast is your IT? You need speed and adaptability to adjust as big changes in the global economy and our daily lives keep coming. Disruption is the status quo, and the “new normal” is not yet defined. Are you prepared for what’s next? What are IT organizations saying about it all?

  • Account Fraud Takeover - How to Protect Your Customers and Business

    Account takeover fraud results in more than financial losses. A successful attack is stressful and frustrating for the customer – a negative experience that can put customer loyalty at risk. Fraudsters’ weapons and methods are evolving. Download this guide to learn how to block account takeover by enhancing your current fraud solutions with technologies such as risk analytics with machine learning.

  • Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Watson Assistant

    IBM recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study that evaluated the financial impact of IBM Watson Assistant on organizations. Learn how IBM Watson Assistant can cut costs, drive revenue, and free precious resources for higher value work – all while improving customer NPS.