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  • Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library Optimizes Big Data Analytics

    Read this Digital Dialogue to learn about big data analytics including problems turning big data into useful information, the single, optimized library solution, and modules that make up Intel DAAL.

  • Faster Insights with IBM Cloudant and Apache Spark

    This free ebook, "Getting Faster Insights from Application Data with IBM Cloudant and Apache Spark," explains how to deploy the open source Spark-Cloudant connector to conduct in-memory analytics of your Cloudant JSON data in a Jupyter Notebook. Read now!

  • A Field Guide to the World of Modern Data Stores

    There are many types of databases and data analysis tools to choose from when building your application. Should you use a relational database? How about a key-value store? Maybe a document database? Is a graph database the right? What about polyglot persistence and the need for advanced analytics? If you feel a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry. This guide lays out the various database options and analytic solutions available to meet your app’s unique needs.

  • Using Business Dashboards to Summarize a Billion Records in Seconds

    The Syncfusion Dashboard Platform is a complete solution for creating and sharing interactive dashboards. The Dashboard Designer can directly connect to the Syncfusion Big Data Platform and interactively transform huge amounts of data into attractive dashboards. Learn more!

  • Store Limitless Amounts of Time Series Data

    In this white paper learn how to store limitless amounts of data using the Syncfusion Big Data Platform and OpenTSDB. Read more.

  • 7 Questions to Select, Deploy, and Maintain Open Source Software

    A question that often comes up in enterprise software organizations is: What happens when open source software (OSS) doesn’t work? Read this paper to find out the answer to that question and more. Read now!

  • Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

    In the latest Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing, Veracode has been positioned as a Leader for the third year in a row based on our completeness of vision and ability to execute in the AST market. Download the report for more on why Veracode's automated cloud-based service is in Gartner's “Leaders” quadrant.

  • DevSecOps: How to Seamlessly Integrate Security Into DevOps

    Recent Gartner research indicates that 38% of enterprises are now using DevOps, and 50% will be actively using it by the end of 2016. It is important integrate security into the process. These best practices allow you to incorporate security into your DevOps program to achieve DevSecOps, maintaining speed of deployment with secure software benefits. Read more!

  • App Security Can’t Happen Without Developers

    To ensure your company does not suffer brand and financial damage due to a data breach, it is important to constantly keep security at the forefront. The most efficient and cost effective way to secure your applications is to have your development team be cognizant of security throughout the application development lifecycle. Read more!

  • Five Principles For Securing DevOps

    DevOps is a new way of organizing development and IT work, and DevOps practices are spreading rapidly. Although firms that install these programs are likely to be more profitable and productive, it’s also important to secure DevOps and understand how it changes the requirements for AppSec solutions. This eBook outlines the evolution of DevOps and the five principles that must be addressed to properly integrate DevOps and application security. Download the eBook now.

  • State of Database DevOps

    As software teams face pressure to speed up delivery, DevOps is gaining momentum. But how many are extending DevOps principles to database development? Download the report.

  • A Field Guide to the World of Modern Data Stores

    Read this field guide to prepare yourself to navigate the world of NoSQL. Learn about the various database options and analytic solutions available, and how data can move across databases and development languages. Learn more.