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  • Red Hat Consulting Solution: API-Centric Integration

    As organizations shift from an IT-centric integration approach to a distributed approach, self-service becomes a key priority. Learn how Red Hat® Consulting can help you efficiently and effectively manage, connect, and scale your business initiatives to get you off to a good, quick start. Learn more.

  • Red Hat Open Innovation Labs E-Book

    Red Hat Open Innovation Labs is an immersive residency for modernizing application development. Developing applications can take years and cost millions, and security, compliance, and privacy requirements stall progress. IT teams are innovating faster and improving quality with DevOps. The approach is to make large-scale changes iteratively, instead of all at once—adjusting direction as you go. Learn how in this e-book about Red Hat Open Innovation Labs. Learn more.

  • Modernizing Application Delivery With Container

    Improved approaches, collaboration, and technology have led to faster software life cycles. Linux® containers and container application platforms, a new category of enterprise software, can help businesses benefit from these advances. An effective adoption program—using best practices based on experience—can guide organizations to successful container-based software delivery infrastructure. Learn more about adopting a container application platform in this whitepaper. Learn more.

  • Ansible Datasheet - Accelerate Automation With Ansible by Red Hat

    Ansible by Red Hat® can help organizations achieve an effective approach to business automation, but the path to DevOps can be long and complex. Outdated habits must be replaced with more efficient practices, but new tools and processes require buy-in from various stakeholders across the organization. Red Hat Consulting helps customers successfully adopt and integrate Ansible to create and sustain standardized, centralized automation practices that add business and market value and build a solid foundation for DevOps. Learn more.

  • Introducing the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform

    GridGain’s in-memory computing platform delivers unprecedented speed and scale to modern data processing. This white paper covers the architecture, key capabilities, and the integrations with Apache® Spark™ and Apache® Cassandra™. Learn more.

  • In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook

    “In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook,” by GridGain Systems, outlines the power of in-memory computing when tackling the challenges of high-frequency trading, fraud prevention, and real-time regulatory compliance. Learn more.

  • Discover The Real ROI of DevOps & Database DevOps

    DevOps is moving into the mainstream and the database is entering the picture. But what ROI can you expect, and what should CEOs, CIOs and IT Managers care about? This pioneering white paper reveals the facts and the figures. Learn more.

  • The Proactive Security Paradigm: How Containers Can Revamp Your Approach to Security

    Ask most DevOps engineers about the benefits of containers and microservices, and their responses will center on the agility, modularity and scalability that microservices-based architectures provide. But there is another crucial and often overlooked advantage of migrating to containers and microservices: Security. Containers offer a number of opportunities for building and deploying more secure applications and environments. Read on.

  • Guide to HIPAA Compliance for Containers

    Twistlock’s Guide to HIPAA Compliance for Containers helps ensure that anyone who creates, receives, maintains, or transmits electronic personal health information (ePHI) is in compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule for containerized workloads. Twistlock’s Guide to HIPAA Compliance for Containers outlines clear steps to design and operate a fully-compliant containerized environment. Read on.

  • Guide to PCI Compliance for Containers

    With the prevalence of electronic payments many organizations are impacted by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) requirements. However, there’s little guidance on how to run containers in a manner that’s compliant. The Twistlock Guide to PCI Compliance for Containers provides clear instructions on how to design and operate a containerized environment in a compliant manner. Read on.

  • Strategies for Securing Highly Scalable Containerized Environments

    Containers enable organizations to build tremendously scalable environments. This is because containers make it easy to copy instances of an application quickly, and to move instances between different environments easily. However, containers are not the only part of the software stack that needs to scale. Your organization’s tools can also scale. Read on.

  • In-Memory Computing: Now and Tomorrow - Learn How In-Memory Computing Is Addressing Emerging Use Cases and Technologies

    In GridGain System’s whitepaper, In-Memory Computing: Now and Tomorrow, learn how in-memory computing platforms address use cases driven by digital transformation, real-time processing, and the challenges of petabyte scale applications. Read now!