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  • KuppingerCole Report: Cloud-based MFA Leadership Compass

    This report provides an overview of the market for cloud-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions. It profiles 12 leading vendors and ranks them on criteria such as market leadership, functionality, and innovation.

  • Why Migrate When You Can Modernize

    Business users want new applications now. Market and regulatory pressures require faster application updates and delivery into production. Your IBM i developers may be approaching retirement, and you see no sure way to fill their positions with experienced developers. In addition, you may be caught between maintaining your existing applications and the uncertainty of moving to something new. In this white paper, you’ll learn how to think of these issues as opportunities rather than problems. We’ll explore motivations to migrate or modernize, their risks and considerations you should be aware of before embarking on a (migration or modernization) project.

  • The Power of Coding in a Low-Code Solution

    In this whitepaper, we will discuss the benefits of low-code’s quick application creation process along with the benefits of traditional programming’s ability to solve complex integrations and problems means developers can be more effective and efficient.

  • Progressive Web Apps: Create a Universal Experience Across All Devices

    The web has changed tremendously since its static beginnings. As the face of an online business, a website is built to invite new and internal customers into the world of an organization. However, as time went on, the web lacked the functionality, design, and native features that organizations desired the most, phones became ubiquitous, and mobile applications became a game-changer.

  • Serverless NoSQL Database

    In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss the need for a modern NoSQL database solution like Apache Cassandra, and how DataStax Astra DB can streamline database deployment and management on Google Cloud Platform. We’ll also cover why serverless Cassandra is a game-changer because of the many benefits it provides to organizations.

  • Busting 3 Cassandra Myths

    Powerhouse database is developer-friendly, cost-effective, and Kubernetes ready. The truth is, Cassandra today is far more accessible, cost and effort-wise; and is far better suited for powering fast data apps1 than many enterprise IT leaders realize. Here we bust the three myths of running a Cassandra database and explain why working with Cassandra today is easier, more intuitive, and more capable of creating value for your business than ever before.

  • The State of the Data Race 2021

    Read “The State of the Data Race 2021” report to learn what leading organizations do to improve the customer experience and boost revenue with data. You will also learn the important role that open source technologies play in advancing organizations’ success with data and key steps that organizations take to move toward the level of the highly successful data strategies used by leaders.

  • Building Security into Your DevOps Pipeline With Intelligent Orchestration

    DevOps, the practice of bringing together an organization’s development and operations teams, is rapidly evolving as organizations discover the importance of integrating security into the DevOps pipeline—a practice known as DevSecOps. This was the subject of a recent conversation between John K. Waters, Editor-in-Chief of Application Development Trends at Converge360, and Meera Rao, Senior Director of Product Management at Synopsys.

  • Set Your Data in Motion with Confluent and Apache Kafka®

    This ebook details how you can shape your business to be totally connected and fueled at all times by a ubiquitous supply of real-time event streams and continuous real-time processing.

  • Advance your business with AI and ML

    This e-book shows how enterprises across industries are using Red Hat OpenShift to build AI/ML solutions that deliver real business outcomes.

  • The Speed of Change: How Fast Are You?

    How fast is your IT? You need speed and adaptability to adjust as big changes in the global economy and our daily lives keep coming. Disruption is the status quo, and the “new normal” is not yet defined. Are you prepared for what’s next? What are IT organizations saying about it all?

  • Account Fraud Takeover - How to Protect Your Customers and Business

    Account takeover fraud results in more than financial losses. A successful attack is stressful and frustrating for the customer – a negative experience that can put customer loyalty at risk. Fraudsters’ weapons and methods are evolving. Download this guide to learn how to block account takeover by enhancing your current fraud solutions with technologies such as risk analytics with machine learning.