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  • Accelerate AI With Annotated Data

    Discover how 9 industry leading companies are employing data annotation solutions to accelerate their machine learning projects and deliver the true promise of AI.

  • Reduce Risk & Improve Analytics with Solutions to Real-time KYC Compliance

    Leverage our digital identity cloud API Personator to protect against fraud, verify customer data and ensure compliance at point-of-entry. Cross verify all contact information – address, name, email and phone – and SSN and ID documentation with Personator. Try it Free!

  • 2019 Sales Tax Changes - Mid-Year Update

    Learn what made the first half of 2019 exhilarating with respect to sales tax. Could this feverish pace of change continue? While we’re unlikely to see many more states enact economic nexus, a plethora of new laws will take effect in the coming months.

  • Digital transformation and tax compliance for Microsoft Dynamics users

    This report includes analyst insights on why your digital transformation strategy should include tax automation, provides a comparison of cloud vs on-premises solutions, and examines case studies and customer insights on Avalara from Microsoft Dynamics users.

  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Sales Tax and VAT Automation Applications 2019 Vendor Assessment

    Financial applications are evolving rapidly as vendors invest in bolstering, augmenting, and redesigning their sale tax automation applications. It’s important for end users to understand how vendors and solutions are positioned now and in the future.

  • RedHat

    The Value of business automation in microservices world

    This report investigates the prevailing trend toward the use of microservices by IT departments within large, technologically complex organizations. Today, IT is being asked to generate disruptive thinking within their owner department, maintain applications, and develop custom applications for business users who want to use data in new ways. These efforts are supported by a new class of business automation solutions to help bridge gap between IT capacity and business needs. Read the report to learn more.

  • RedHat

    Application Development in the Age of Business Automation: Fast, Flexible and Flowing

    Today's digital economy requires businesses develop fast, responsive technology that will support their efforts. That's why application development has evolved into a collaborative, ongoing process that involves constant interaction between technology and business teams. See six suggestions for flexible business automation.

  • RedHat

    Red Hat Process Automation Manager Technical Overview

    Red Hat® Process Automation is a curated collection of software products from the Red Hat Middleware portfolio that together provide a comprehensive platform for developing cloud-native applications that automate business processes and decisions. The products included are: Red Hat Decision Manager, Red Hat Process Automation Manager, and Red Hat Application Runtimes. The solution includes supports for business process management (BPM), business rules management (BRM), business resource optimization, and complex event processing (CEP).

  • RavenDB vs. MongoDB

    Must you pay the most to get the best? Is the best NoSQL Document Database on the market MongoDB or RavenDB? This report compares each database to determine which one gives you the best ROI.

  • IBM’s “Explainable” AI –Building Transparency and Trust into Artificial Intelligence

    IBM is creating solutions designed to make AI processes and results more explainable, understandable and trustworthy to help tackle the problem of "black box" AI

  • AI you can trust

    New trust and transparency capabilities from IBM represent the cornerstone of how we’re helping businesses build, run and manage AI models and applications across their organizations.

  • IBM Watson OpenScale solution brief: Learn how to manage trusted AI and measure business outcomes, at scale

    Be confident in your AI. IBM Watson OpenScale helps solve AI’s black box problem by providing insights into AI health, recommending next steps to improve outcomes, and orchestrating tasks to remediate issues around performance, accuracy, and fairness. You've introduced AI into your enterprise. Now take your AI to the next level with Watson OpenScale.