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  • 15 Reasons to useRedis as an Application Cache

    In order to keep up with modern computing environments, today’s tech companies must constantly reevaluate their data storage methods.

  • Redis Enterprise For Financial Services

    Data is the foundation of all digital transformation initiatives in the finance industry. Redis Enterprise is the high-performance database of choice across the finance industry including leading credit card companies, multinational banks, consumer and corporate leading firms, boutique financial services, hedge funds and FinTech startups.

  • Redis Enterprise Database for Gaming

    Companies looking to gain a competitive advantage in the digital world must create unique and dynamic experiences in order to drive both customer acquisition and continued retention.

  • Why Use Open Source for IIoT

    In this technical paper, we will examine what existing solutions lack and review a few open source projects that should be considered for future success for operators.

  • Business leaders using AI for customer service share results

    Listen to Rob High, esteemed AI expert and IBM Fellow, and business leaders from a global automation company, one of Scotland’s largest banks and a US based hospital share details on how they are using conversational AI to transform customer service.

  • Why Open Source Works for the Renewable Energy Sector

    This technical paper will describe the challenges that developers and engineers in the renewable energy and manufacturing sector are faced with and how they can use open source technologies to collect data to drive insights which leads to better plant production, better operator performance and higher work satisfaction.

  • Fighting Cancer: A Compelling Case for Artificial Intelligence in Genomics

    Read this paper to learn how oncologists using IBM® Watson® for Genomics can quickly view insights from genomic data analysis which can be used to help them create personalized treatment plans for patients.

  • Mayo Clinic’s clinical trial matching project sees higher enrollment in breast cancer trials through use of IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching

    Mayo Clinic started working with IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching in 2014. Over time, a team of Mayo experts determined optimal workflows and enhanced patient awareness about clinical trials. The system was implemented with a team of clinical research coordinators in the ambulatory practice for breast cancer. Read this article to learn how Watson for Clinical Trial Matching has enabled Mayo to improve both enrollment metrics for breast cancer clinical trials as well as operational efficiency in its practice.

  • Matchmaking for Clinical Trials: The Achilles’ Heel of Cancer Research

    While cancer research is crucial to help the growing number of patients suffering from the disease, it is difficult to find enough patients that meet the criteria of clinical trials. Using spreadsheets to determine who would benefit from a new treatment can be slow and error prone.
 Read this paper to find out how IBM Watson for Clinical Trials Matching is making a major difference.

  • Set Yourself Apart

    In the competitive world of healthcare, how can your organization strengthen its position in the market? One potential way is through the use of smart imaging technology.

  • Watson Health Imaging Vision and Portfolio

    On so many fronts and in so many ways, healthcare organizations are at a crossroads — making critical decisions now that will have lasting consequences.

  • 5 Ways to Optimize Your EHR

    The ability to access patient data electronically has been a boon for physicians, but one glaring omission stands out. Despite their critical role in painting an accurate picture of the patient, medical images are largely absent from the EHR. As a result, organizations aiming to maximize their EHR investments must look outside the box for solutions that bring imaging into play.