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  • Serverless NoSQL Database

    In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss the need for a modern NoSQL database solution like Apache Cassandra, and how DataStax Astra DB can streamline database deployment and management on Google Cloud Platform. We’ll also cover why serverless Cassandra is a game-changer because of the many benefits it provides to organizations.

  • Busting 3 Cassandra Myths

    Powerhouse database is developer-friendly, cost-effective, and Kubernetes ready. The truth is, Cassandra today is far more accessible, cost and effort-wise; and is far better suited for powering fast data apps1 than many enterprise IT leaders realize. Here we bust the three myths of running a Cassandra database and explain why working with Cassandra today is easier, more intuitive, and more capable of creating value for your business than ever before.

  • The State of the Data Race 2021

    Read “The State of the Data Race 2021” report to learn what leading organizations do to improve the customer experience and boost revenue with data. You will also learn the important role that open source technologies play in advancing organizations’ success with data and key steps that organizations take to move toward the level of the highly successful data strategies used by leaders.

  • Building Security into Your DevOps Pipeline With Intelligent Orchestration

    DevOps, the practice of bringing together an organization’s development and operations teams, is rapidly evolving as organizations discover the importance of integrating security into the DevOps pipeline—a practice known as DevSecOps. This was the subject of a recent conversation between John K. Waters, Editor-in-Chief of Application Development Trends at Converge360, and Meera Rao, Senior Director of Product Management at Synopsys.

  • The Event Mesh: A Primer

    Read this analyst material to learn about event mesh features and how they can help application developers.

  • Agile for everyone: How to improve everyday work processes

    The agile movement started because people wanted to try new things and experiment with new ways of working. Agile methodology can apply to policymaking, leadership, workflows, your daily schedule and really any process. This summary provides insight from a diverse group of government professionals who use agile practices to enhance employee training, combat mass shootings, improve the delivery of social services and more.

  • Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka

    Find out how Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka lets you modernize existing systems and deliver real-time experiences. Your download awaits.

  • The business value of Red Hat Runtimes

    Find out the results of IDC's study of Red Hat Runtimes for developing and running applications across hybrid and multicloud environments.

  • Top considerations for building a production-ready AI/ML environment

    Learn about key considerations and technologies for creating an effective AI/ML environment based on Red Hat OpenShift.

  • The cloud-native journey

    Find out why Finextra believes hybrid cloud and open source go hand-in-hand by downloading this report.

  • The business value of Red Hat OpenShift

    According to IDC analysts, organizations see significant value from using Red Hat OpenShift, such as 636% five-year ROI and 29% faster application development life cycles.

  • Kaloom and Red Hat: A unified solution for the distributed edge

    Find out more about Kaloom and Red Hat's unified 5G edge solution for network, compute, and storage. Your download awaits.