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  • The Case for Application Security Monitoring

    See how attacks can be monitored just like performance & stability. Learn how security monitoring can improve application performance and resilience. Learn more.

  • Active-Active Replication: Considerations for High Availability

    In this educational paper, you’ll gain step-by-step guidance to easily achieve high availability using active-active replication, also known as peer-to-peer, master-to-master, active-active, or multi-active server replication. Read on.

  • Zero Impact Database Migration

    Migrating data from one platform to another requires a lot of planning. Some traditional migration methods are easy to use, but they only work for migrations on the same platform. Quest® SharePlex® can replicate data across platforms, from Oracle to SQL Server, with next to no downtime, offering a flexible, low-cost alternative. Read on.

  • Simplify Your Database Migrations and Upgrades

    You can say “migrations and upgrades” to a database administrator (DBA) or systems administrator, but what they usually hear is “risk and downtime".This e-book shows you how to simplify the migration and upgrade process so you can avoid the risk, downtime and long hours normally associated with database migrations and upgrades. Read on.

  • Massively Scaling Mobile Apps

    With the increasing pressure to go digital, experts are turning their attention to low-code platforms to accelerate application development and innovate at the pace the market demands. But how much can a solution built in low-code actually handle? In this white paper you’ll find everything from choosing the scenario and setting up the infrastructure to the final verdict. Read on.

  • State of Application Development 2017 Research Report

    3,200 IT professionals from over 40 countries share their insights in one of the most comprehensive research reports on the current state of application development. Based on input from IT managers, architects, and developers in 28 industries, this 20-page research report goes deep on the top challenges for IT teams, the growing demand for enterprise application development, the ever-expanding developer skills gap, and the rise of citizen developers. Read on.

  • REPORT: State of the Developer Nation Q1 2017

    This report covers multiple hot topics for today’s application developers, such as cloud, mobile, IoT, desktop, web, virtual reality, and machine learning. We hope you find the insights from this report useful as you plan your projects and staff your teams. Learn more.

  • Don’t Confuse Low-Code with No-Code

    In this brief, Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx (and a regular contributor to Forbes) tackles the confusion, asserting that the difference between the two segments is not “code,” but rather who the user is and how the approach is being used. He describes no-code and low-code in depth, points out the pitfalls and clearly delineates the difference between the two. And, for those who are trying to find out which approach works for the enterprise, he has the answer. Learn more.

  • Low-Code Platforms

    In this brief, you’ll discover how easy it is to create beautiful apps with engaging experiences that delight all kinds of users. And, you’ll also learn which low-code platforms fully support the digital transformation journey that many organizations must take to remain competitive. Learn more.

  • 10 Rules for Creating a Mobile Look and Feel

    Developers need to understand how to meet the lofty expectations of a world where something like 60 frames per second can be the difference between a huge success or a major disaster. So, how can you go about creating apps that meet those higher-than-ever expectations? Read on and find out!

  • Red Hat Consulting Solution: API-Centric Integration

    As organizations shift from an IT-centric integration approach to a distributed approach, self-service becomes a key priority. Learn how Red Hat® Consulting can help you efficiently and effectively manage, connect, and scale your business initiatives to get you off to a good, quick start. Learn more.

  • Modernizing Application Delivery With Container

    Improved approaches, collaboration, and technology have led to faster software life cycles. Linux® containers and container application platforms, a new category of enterprise software, can help businesses benefit from these advances. An effective adoption program—using best practices based on experience—can guide organizations to successful container-based software delivery infrastructure. Learn more about adopting a container application platform in this whitepaper. Learn more.