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  • 6 Fixable Deployment Inefficiencies

    Deployments are a make-or-break activity today. If a release fails for any reason, it has to be rolled back, resulting in time consuming rework, slow releases, and diminished return on your CI/CD investment.

  • How to adapt to customer needs through flexible manufacturing

    This eBook explains how you can modernize and streamline your manufacturing process to remain competitive in 2023.

  • Learn how to make flexible manufacturing work for you

    Adopt and implement manufacturing-specific tools to improve production. In a survey of 275 manufacturers, 87% said that improving their manufacturing process was a top priority for the company. This is because products are becoming increasingly complex, and so are manufacturing production processes. The result is a rising tide of challenges for organizations

  • How a small factory can be a smart factory

    The path to converting your manufacturing facility to a smart factory is daunting. We break it down, step by step, in this white paper. If you've ever considered what it would take to convert your current manufacturing facility into a smart facility, this white paper will help solidify the process. This free download is available to you through our website.

  • Driving Personalization at Scale with a Modern Marketing Data Stack

    Interested in optimizing marketing efficiency? Consider leveraging first-party customer data to create personalized and engaging marketing campaigns. Improve the customer experience and build loyalty while maximizing the return on each dollar invested in your marketing efforts.

  • The Composable Customer Data Platform: What It Is and Why You Need One

    In today's modern digital world, leveraging first party customer data is no longer a nice to have but a must have. Learn how to build a Composable CDP that leverages first-party data to enable the personalized experiences that customers expect with every interaction.

  • Elevating Product Development

    Consumer goods are complex to produce, with consumers demanding quick delivery and high-quality products. To meet these demands, CP&R companies must consider using modeling and simulation to speed up the product development process and stay ahead of competition.

  • Managing Workload Efficiency with Quest® Foglight® for MySQL Performance Investigator Edition

    This technical brief reveals how to easily manage the health and performance of your MySQL infrastructure while realizing cost savings. Proactively diagnose and solve workload issues with lock and wait analysis and multidimensional workload analysis.

  • An Expert Guide to SQL Server Performance Tuning

    Unlock secrets of SQL Server performance tuning with tips from Pinal Dave, Janis Griffin, and Brent Ozar. Learn areas to check, metrics to focus on, and how to read an execution plan for optimal results.

  • The Fundamental Guide to SQL Query Optimization

    Learn to optimize SQL query performance with real-world examples and clear instructions in this essential e-book for all skill levels. Monitor wait times, read execution plans, and identify problem tables for improved query optimization.

  • Migration Guide: ASP.NET Web Forms to Modern ASP.NET

    Planning to modernize your ASP.NET Web Forms app? Get our must-read guide.

  • Oracle Data Migration to Azure: A ConversationalGeek Book

    Learn about the benefits of moving Oracle databases to Azure in this concise guide by ConversationalGeek. Discover practical steps for a successful migration to take advantage of Azure's scalability and processing power.