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  • RedHat

    Microservices Architectures

    Microservices architecture, a new design method for creating loosely coupled but autonomous services, lets enterprises use emerging technologies to create and manage modular systems on a scale that exceeds earlier approaches like service-oriented architecture (SOA). Learn more.

  • RedHat

    Teaching Elephants to Dance

    This e-book examines the stages of “digital Darwinism” and helps you determine how your organization should evolve to effectively control your digital transformation—taking your technology “elephant” and teaching it to be agile, process-driven, and adaptive. Learn more.

  • RedHat

    Executive Cloud-Native Platform Checklist

    This checklist will help organizations choose a cloud-native platform by helping to assess business needs and impacts. It also details the features and benefits of Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform. Learn more.

  • RedHat

    Executive Guide to Selecting a Cloud-Native Development Platform

    This guide covers what executives need to know about cloud-native development, microservices, and application modernization approaches to select a cloud-native development platform. Read the whitepaper to learn more. Learn more.

  • RedHat

    Camel In Action

    Apache Camel has fundamentally changed the way enterprise Java™ developers think about system-to-system integration. Start learning about Camel in this ebook. Learn more.

  • RedHat

    3scale API Owners Manual

    Today's organizations don’t ask whether to engage in application programming interface (API) programs, but how to. This e-book aims to draw on best practices from leading practitioners in 7 areas key to the success of effective API programs. Learn more.

  • Why Runtime Application Self-Protection is Critical For Next Generation App Security

    Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) strengthens mobile app security, neutralizes potential threats and protects sensitive data and high value transactions from hackers. Learn more about strong and seamless mobile application security.

  • Data Matching & Record Linkage Engine

    Confidence in business decisions shouldn’t be based on alternative facts. In this informative paper, discover the matching systems and algorithms we employ through versatile API, CRM, and ETL deployments to keep records error and duplicate-free. Learn more.

  • The Definitive Guide to Hybrid vs Native App Development

    See why popular brands like MarketWatch, Nationwide, and Sworkit are choosing hybrid over native. This guidebook explains the essential elements of hybrid development, and what it could mean for your next project. Learn more.

  • Claims Tracking Made Easy: Insurance Portal Built Fast With Low-Code

    Concerned that brokers would move their business elsewhere, AXA, the #1 global insurance company, needed to build an innovative broker portal, fast. Using OutSystems low-code platform, AXA was able to build 'eServe' - a portal that provides immediate, 24/7 online access to customer claims data from any device - in just 3 months. Learn more.

  • NHS PHP Builds Mobile App and Online Patient Booking System in Less Than 7 Weeks

    The NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) needed an automated online patient booking system to deliver a fast, easy and confidential care service to doctors and trainees across England. In less than just 7 weeks, using OutSystems low-code development platform, they developed a new mobile app and a fully automated General Practitioner (GP) care system. Learn more.

  • Why IT Struggles with Digital Transformation

    Massive backlogs, legacy debt, and scarce resources can hinder digital transformation efforts. So, how you can overcome these challenges? Download this action plan for digital transformation success. Learn more.