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  • Advantages of multi-disciplinary product development

    This market perspective "Multi-Disciplinary Product Development" delves into current product lifecycle practices, trends reshaping the consumer goods industry, development challenges faced by organizations, and digital solutions reshaping the entire product development lifecycle and underlying processes.

  • Using a laboratory information management system to close the CPG quality loop

    How can a CPG company innovate without jeopardizing product quality? The key is to close the quality loop from idea to shelf with an integrated R&D and laboratory solution, which includes a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

  • The State of Payment Operations 2022

    This report outlines the current state of payment operations: the challenges leaders face in implementing efficient, scalable, and secure payment operations processes, and the upsides they anticipate from a solution engineered for sustainability and growth. Included data were collected by The Harris Poll on behalf of Modern Treasury—find full details on our process in the Methodology section.

  • Accounting for Developers

    Accounting for Developers breaks down fundamental accounting principles through a developer-focused lens. In addition to accounting basics, we'll also walk through how to build a Venmo-clone and a consumer lending app.

  • CFO’s Guide to Risk Management

    CFOs have always worked to make their companies more fiscally resilient and agile. This guide covers how to proactively prepare for a wider range of risks, from rate hikes to continued supply chain constraints to cyberattacks.

  • CFO Guide: 4 Inflation Metrics to Watch Now

    US inflation is now at a four-decade high. For CFOs, tracking external inflation indicators is of highest priority. This guide breaks down the four main inflation measures provided by the Federal Government, as well as supplemental indicators that could prove critical in predicting trends and guiding decisions.

  • 7 Steps to Recession Proof Your Business

    Positioning for upside during a slow down! Will there or won’t there be one? When it comes to a downturn, our crystal ball is broken. In this business guide, you get a working plan to make your business more resilient and ready for whatever comes next.

  • Modern Treasury: How to build a digital wallet in a day

    Building fintech products can be complex, but this ebook walks through step by step how to build 3 fintech products from scratch: a digital wallet, an escrow product, and an invoice factoring service.

  • Migrate to Astra DB for a cloud-agnostic, developer-friendly DBaaS and get more capabilities at a lower TCO

    DataStax’s Astra DB is the serverless, fully managed, cloud-native and cloud-agnostic DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra™ that provides developer freedom through APIs, unparalleled price, and scalable performance.

  • How Fast-Growing Companies Can Compete and Win with All Their Data

    Most business leaders recognize that data is a key asset with enormous potential for accelerating growth. Yet many still struggle with data silos that hamper their ability to develop high-growth applications to drive their business forward.

  • The CIO’s Guide to Shattering Data Silos

    As enterprises look to win new customers and accelerate growth, they need a technology stack that scales with no limits. Read this eBook to discover how standardizing on an open stack can help.

  • Busting 3 Cassandra Myths

    Read about the recent innovations DataStax has launched to make Cassandra super friendly to developers, your budget, and the cloud.