Centralize Your Monitoring with a Time Series Database

Metrics as a Service combines centralization resource efficiency and maximum value extraction from data, but also and most importantly, it lowers the barrier to start using time series data to drive more accurate planning and decision making. Learn more.

Date: 03/12/2020

Time: 11:00am PT

Breaking Through the Testing and Monitoring Bottleneck

As a small startup team of developers, release engineering and quality assurance was inherently problematic. Learn more.

Date: 02/27/2020

Time: 11:00am PT

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The Complete Guide to Observability

Learn how observability helps developers understand multi-layered architectures: what’s slow, what’s broken, and what needs to be done to improve performance. Learn more.

Why You Should NOT Be Using a Relational DB for Time-Stamped Data

We are always looking for ways to make our solutions work better and smarter. We accomplish this by tracking the performance of each of the components underlying our solution. Learn more.

How Data Insights Can Transform Your Business

Big Data projects and extensive data collection build the foundation to make businesses more efficient and effective. Join us for data insights that can transform your business and to learn how to acquire, process, distribute, analyze and visualize their automation data. Learn more.

How to Support a Hassle-Free Registration and Web Browsing Experience

Join us at this webcast as we explore the challenges faced when building a hassle-free registration and browsing experience for the largest gathering of CIOs, IT leadership teams and advanced IT professionals from across the world. It's no easy feat! Learn more.

It's MSIX Time - the Latest from Microsoft and InstallShield

InstallShield 2019 for Dev; Create Windows App Packages

Still Using a Relational DB for Time-Stamped Data? Stop! Find Out Why

We are always looking for ways to make our solutions work better and smarter. We accomplish this by tracking the performance of each of the components underlying our solution. Learn more.

How AI can help ensure a successful, secure, and cost-efficient citizen experience

75% of government entities are distrusted by citizens, consistently performing below other industries. With conversational AI, institutions now have an easy and cost-efficient solution to improve the citizen experience. IBM Watson Assistant's advanced AI capabilities allow institutions to securely create messaging platforms on digital and voice channels to automate tasks and transactions, augment the expertise of government employees, and build trust.

Reduce costs with AI for customer service in Banking, while meeting security and privacy regulations

Did you know 44% of customers specifically seek assistance from a chatbot when making routine transfers? In response, banks are rapidly adopting AI, but there are privacy and security issues to be aware of. Watch now to gain insight on how Watson Assistant on IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a safe, secure AI solution.

Three Ways AI for Customer Support Can Increase Revenue in Telecommunications

50% of customers are not receiving the experience they desire and 75% of employees’ days are spent on manual research. In response, call centers worldwide are rapidly adopting AI. Watch to learn how Watson Assistant on IBM Cloud Pak for Data is an effective, secure AI solution.

Monitoring Containerized Application Environments with Time Series Data

Monitoring solutions often operate in silos, following the traditional IT organizational structure: infrastructure, network and applications teams. Further, such solutions sometimes operate without the necessary granular visibility into modern containerized environments. Learn more.

Why You Should NOT Be Using a Relational DB For Time-Stamped Data

In this webinar, Daniella Pontes of InfluxData, will review why you should use a Time Series Database (TSDB) for your important Times Series Data and not one of the traditional datastore you may have used in the past. Learn more!

Duration: 1hr

How to Retain Employees with a Growth-Focused Organization

15Five's Co-founder, Shane Metcalf, will show you how to create a growth-focused organization where the natural byproduct of working there is that every individual is continually developing and becoming the best version of themselves. Learn more.

5 Steps to Taking DevOps Monitoring to the Next Level

Companies are committed to delivering on higher levels of customer satisfaction for their online services. Unfortunately, many organizations trying to support these initiatives take an interrupt driven approach where they monitor everything with every tool available. Learn more.

Monitoring your Network with Time Series: How Open Source Can Help

Learn how to use open source solutions for your network monitoring to gain the necessary visibility in the status, performance and responsiveness of your enterprise, cloud or hybrid application environments. Learn more.

Five Best Practices that Speed AI Value at Your Organization

IBM experts offer advice on how to get past top blockers and pitfalls when taking AI from pilot to production. Learn more!

Duration: 1 hr


Exploring Database Replication for High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Global Deployments

Join this webinar to learn why data replication is the key to enhanced performance, high availability, and fault tolerance for on-premises, public, private, and hybrid-cloud deployment models. Learn more.

Using Time Series for Full Observability of a SaaS Platform

Aleksandr Tavgen from Playtech, the world’s largest online gambling software supplier, will share how they are using InfluxDB 2.0, Flux, and the OpenTracingAPI to gain full observability of their platform. Learn more.

Escaping OpenStack: 3 Secrets to Delivering the Private Cloud Developers Want

OpenStack was supposed to deliver tremendous value to both developers and IT teams. But in reality, the OpenStack dream ended up as a nightmare to many companies, failing to deliver the values and creating significant operational challenges. Learn more.

Visualizing Time Series Data with Java

In this presentation, Daniella Pontes will talk about an application monitoring solution that has been built on top of InfluxDB in order to monitor some user events, selected application events, and error notifications. Learn more.

Using the Open Source OPC-UA Client and Server for Your IIoT Solutions

In this webinar, Jeroen Coussement of Factry.IO will focus on the use of OPC-UA and InfluxDB in industrial settings. Learn more!

Duration: 1 hour

Logo: IBM

Predict and Optimize Your Business Outcomes

In this session, you will learn about the customer successes and best practices of leveraging IBM's powerful machine learning (ML) and decision optimization (DO) technologies together. Learn more!

Duration: 1 hr

Cut Energy Waste and Gain Visibility with Time Series Data

In this webinar, you will hear from Aquicore’s VP of Product, Mike Donovan, on how they use InfluxDB Cloud to collect and store the metric and event data from utility meters, submeters, building equipment, and other environmental conditions of the buildings to help their SaaS solution deliver real-time and actionable insights. Learn more!

Duration: 1 hour

Gaining Observability to Monitor Microservice Applications

Microservices are beneficial for scalability, but they’re difficult to manage. Their constant change blocks conventional APM tools from the necessary visibility to fix problems. In this brave new world, observability is critical to properly managing performance. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

Why Use Open Source to Gain More Visibility into Network Monitoring

Learn how to use open source solutions for your network monitoring to gain the necessary visibility in the status, performance and responsiveness of your enterprise, cloud or hybrid application environments. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop Identity Attacks in Their Tracks

In today's world of frequent account takeovers, credential compromises, and automated attacks, it's more important than ever to protect your customers. Learn more.

To PostgreSQL & Beyond: Mitigating Operational Challenges

With the ongoing shift towards open-source database solutions, it’s no surprise that PostgreSQL is the fastest growing database. This webinar offers a practical discussion of how to simplify PostgreSQL operations (i.e. set-up, management and scaling) in various operating environments. Learn more.


Surpassing Relational – Switch to NoSQL for Performance and Scalability

Modern apps have to meet constantly changing requirements in order to deliver the personalized and responsive experiences users expect. This requires flexibility and high performance at any scale, along with the ability to support a range of deployment options. Read on.

Logo: IBM

Change Your AI Game: AI-Powered Customer Experience (CX) on Watson Studio

AI has the potential to become a game changer for customer experience (CX). This Webinar provides key use cases for AI-powered customer growth, why they are important and how to put them into production to drive value fast. Learn more!

Duration: 1 hr

Logo: IBM

Change Your AI Game: AI-Powered Customer Experience (CX) on Watson Studio

AI has the potential to become a game changer for customer experience (CX). This Webinar provides key use cases for AI-powered customer growth, why they are important and how to put them into production to drive value fast. Learn more!

Duration: 1 hr

Getting It Right: Building a Biometrics-First Authentication Experience

In this webinar, attendees will hear findings from recent Javelin research, exploring consumer perceptions and expectations around biometrics, the types of capabilities an organization should look for in a mobile biometric platform, and the optimal approach to authenticating consumers in the age of biometrics. Learn more!

Duration: 1 hr

Security in the API Economy

Technology has revolutionized how we interact with the world around us. The critical systems we rely on are pervasive in every imaginable format and on every connected device. Unfortunately, our security practices haven’t kept pace with this evolution and every day people and companies fall victim to identity theft, data breaches and irate customers and employees. Learn more.

Duration: 50 minutes

Logo: IBM

AI & The Future of Work Virtual Summit

Join WIRED editor-in-chief Nick Thompson to learn how the future of work is already taking shape, and how you can harness AI to help your teams recognize opportunities you may not even know to look for!


Progressive Web Applications - Are They Ready for the Enterprise?

In this session, we looked at PWA features in-depth and evaluate their readiness for the enterprise. We also built a PWA using the latest in JavaScript tooling to show how easy it is using enterprise JavaScript frameworks as well as framework independent web components. View today!

AI and Its Impact on Development in 2019

This webinar discussed how AI will impact the traditional methods of software development, including automatic code generation, low- and no-code approaches, and intelligent defect identification and analysis. It looked at existing technologies and project how they will evolve to change the practice of software development in 2019. View now!

Logo: IBM

Watson Masterclass: Customer service & AI - Episode 1: Why conversational AI

Before making the decision to begin the Conversational AI journey, you must understand the drivers and approaches for building a conversational solution. This will help you to define your strategy. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

DevOps Automation in OutSystems With Jenkins Pipelines

Adopting new kinds of technology platforms, such as low-code, isn’t always easy if you’re using established DevOps toolchains for legacy systems. In the case of Jenkins, to explore new development tools, you must first ensure the existing automation structure is not impacted negatively. In this webinar, Kurt Madel, Director of Worldwide Solution Architects at CloudBees, will explore the advantages of Jenkins Pipelines job types and illustrate how this works with low-code. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

Testing or Treats - Testing is no Longer Tricky with Continuous Testing

What happens when you don’t have the necessary data to treat your tests with? How do you create test environments that effectively disguise themselves as constrained dependencies? Don’t let missing components, poorly designed requirements or missing test data scare you away from testing early and often. Use continuous testing to free your testers to roam their neighborhood in search for other better treats. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour


How Comcast Creates a Single View of Customers with NoSQL

A key part of Comcast’s business model is to provide a customer experience that is always improving. Achieving that goal is complicated because customers interact with Comcast in many different ways. In this webinar, Comcast’s Director of Software Development, Scott Carney, will share why Comcast chose the Couchbase Data Platform’s powerful yet flexible technology. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour


Future Proof your Databases: Integrate Database Operations into your DevOps Infrastructure

From performance monitoring to root-cause diagnostics, problem resolution, CI/CD and data replication, we will show a typical agile database change management workflow which will enable organizations to deploy changes to production safely and fast, when end users are jumping down the DBAs throat and money is on the line. Learn more.

The Rise of Low-Code for Software Development

Join OutSystems’ Mike Hughes and Peter Varhol with Technology Strategy Research as they describe and discuss low-code techniques and how they are being utilized by enterprises to modernize and extend legacy applications, build applications for immediate mission-critical needs, and help the organization step into future business opportunities. Read on.

How to Deliver Faster, More Reliable Prediction Engines with Less Custom Development

Join us to learn how Redis provides a framework for developers to build predictive engines with familiar, off-the-shelf components. Developers can take advantage of all the features of Redis to deliver faster and more reliable prediction engines with less custom development. Learn more.

Top 7 Benefits of Low Code for Enterprise Applications

In this webcast, experts in the field discuss specific advantages of low-code in the enterprise, and examine how companies are leveraging this approach to add speed and agility to their traditional software development practices. Read on.


Enabling Database Development Agility with DevOps

This session will highlight the advantages of bringing database development into the DevOps pipeline. You’ll learn how this prevents bottlenecks from occurring when application releases require database changes. You’ll also get to see how new tooling helps integrate Oracle database development processes to accelerate DevOps momentum.

Duration: 1 Hour

Polyglot Microservices Architectures: No App Is an Island

This ADT editorial webcast looks at the advantages and pitfalls of writing microservices in different languages. Learn more.

Error Monitoring 101: How to Avoid Costly Bugs and Project Delays

It’s no wonder that companies are putting more emphasis on error monitoring and crash reporting. It’s a fact of life that bugs get released into production, and undetected crashes are a recipe for customer churn, missed SLAs, and reputation damage. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour


Fighting Back Against Siloed, Out-Of-Date, and Duplicated Customer Data

Hear how solution provider Xiatech is using the Couchbase Data Platform to power its Single Data View ecosystem for enterprise clients like FitFlop. You’ll learn how Xiatech clients are able to create consistent and personalized customer experiences while achieving a real-time, integrated single view of their business. Learn more.

Securing Containers in the Enterprise

This ADTmag.com editorial webcast looks at how cutting-edge companies are building cloud-native operations, running and managing containers at scale, and addressing the potential security risks of this new model. Learn more.


A NoSQL Option for Storing Data in Your Mobile Apps

Building a mobile app with local data storage capabilities can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. In this webinar, we’ll examine the main challenges and requirements of an offline or offline-first storage solution and discuss how you can overcome some of the toughest obstacles using NoSQL with JSON documents.


Application Performance Management (APM) Trends for 2018

This ADTmag.com editorial webcast looks at the trends driving the explosive growth of the APM market, and offers insight on the growing need to monitor the performance of applications in complex environments.

Logo: IBM

Why the Future of App Dev Is AI and Machine Learning

In this Webinar, hear from experts on what’s coming down the pipeline and the skills you’ll need to succeed.

Logo: Flexera Software

What’s New in InstallShield 2016

InstallShield 2016 eases the transition to Universal Windows Platform by empowering developers to create MSI and EXE installers, and UWP app packages from one build.