Getting Started with NoSQL for Developers

In this webinar you will learn how to build applications easier and faster by leveraging the power of SQL with the flexibility of JSON. Learn how to iterate faster using a flexible data model and a powerful query language to write less code and avoid database changes with NoSQL. Read on.

Date: 02/11/2016

Time: 11:00 am PT

On Demand

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Develop in the Cloud, Deploy Anywhere: Strategies for Write-Once, Use-Many Coding and Ops Solutions for Agile Enterprises

Enterprise applications are becoming increasingly complex, leveraging components across multiple platforms, including cloud. Learn how you can leverage IBM DevOps Services for Bluemix to provide full multi-stage release and deployment management to facilitate development.

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Accelerate Mobile App development with a Cloud Based Mobile Application Services Platform

Enterprises adopt mobile application platforms to help develop and deliver a portfolio of mobile applications systematically. Today’s new crop of easily consumable cloud based mobile services is also changing the way in which apps are developed and maintained.

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Does your app hit the mark with users? Use cloud-based services to find out for sure!

Like it or not, you will hear from your vocal users. It’s not unusual to see ratings from 1 to 5 stars for the same app. How do you track and compare actual and perceived quality? How can you get actionable insight from user feedback to develop mobile apps that engage users?

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Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Enterprise and UC Deploy

See how Jenkins passes builds to IBM UrbanCode™ Deploy to automate the deployment of applications, middleware configurations and database changes into development, test and production environments—delivering higher-quality software, continuously.

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Bluemix to Mainframe: DevOps and Deployment Automation for bi-modal IT

Hybrid solutions complicate DevOps adoption, with application delivery pipelines that span across complex hybrid cloud and non-cloud environments. Watch this webcast to learn about application delivery automation across hybrid environments and how you can also provision multiple cloud environments.

How to Protect Your AWS Applications from Attackers

Join Sumo Logic and Peter Varhol in a free webinar on how to protect your AWS applications from attackers. You will learn how to monitor your applications in the cloud, what data is important, and how to respond to a potential attack. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

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How Secure Are Your Mobile Apps?

View this recorded webcast to learn: how advanced user authentication can safeguard your protected resources from intruders; about groundbreaking malware detection capabilities; how to use app scanning to identify mobile application source code vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle.

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Measuring Software Productivity

In this on-demand presentation, award winning author Steve McConnell summarizes the results of more than 20 years of research, discussion, and application in this critical-yet-obstacle-filled area -- and he presents surprising conclusions that are more effective and more readily available than you might think. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

Using Machine Data to Enhance IT Operations Visibility

Join Sumo Logic and industry expert Peter Varhol for a free webinar on how to effectively use machine data to improve the responsiveness and performance of your IT Operations and DevOps teams. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

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The Role of the Test Professional in Today’s DevOps World

Enterprises adopt mobile application platforms to help develop and deliver a portfolio of mobile applications systematically. Today’s new crop of easily consumable cloud based mobile services is also changing the way in which apps are developed and maintained.

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Big Data Security = Big Opportunities

Join this webcast - and our guest speaker John Kindervag from Forrester Research - to learn more about the opportunities and risks of big data...and how you can safeguard the sensitive big (and regular) data that will fuel the future of your organizations!

Turn Your Business into Code with CodeFluent Entities

Watch this webcast to explore CodeFluent Entities, a product that allows you to create your application foundations, and learn how it can help you. Read on.

Duration: 1 hour

Cognitive APIs - The Building Blocks for Smarter Apps

Join us for this special webinar to discuss the new era of computing and learn about cognitive APIs and how you can build smarter apps with them. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour


Building Your BI Toolkit with NoSQL Using Tableau, Informatica and Excel

Join us as Tim Wong takes you through the technical journey through setting up the driver and connecting a NoSQL database to a variety of tools like Microsoft Excel, Tableau and Informatica among others.

How to Choose an Agile Scaling Framework

This webinar provides an overview of the three popular scaling frameworks -- SAFe, LeSS, and DAD -- including pros and cons for each. It covers the tools in each framework and identifies when they work best. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

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5 tips from Intuit for implementing static code analysis

Poor software quality has become one of the most expensive topics in human history with costs exceeding $500 billion per year worldwide. However, 97% of software defects can be removed through code review, static analysis and unit testing. Learn how the implementation of static analysis at Intuit led to reduced technical, improved code quality and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Duration: 1 Hour

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Case Study: Migrate to Oracle 12c Easily and Safely

Downtime is for vacationers ― not vacation websites. So when online travel giant Hotwire needed to upgrade to Oracle 12c, they used a time-tested data replication technique for a stress-free migration. In this educational webcast, you’ll learn how they did it, and how you can use the same strategy to perform ongoing database migrations, patches and upgrades, without interrupting business. Register now!

Duration: 1 Hour

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MobileFirst - Enterprise Grade End-to-End Security for Mobile Apps in a Nutshell

MobileFirst brings best of breed end-to-end enterprise grade security for mobile apps. Through a hands-on walk-through we will explore how to secure your app , featuring an iOS app. Crucial steps, including app store considerations, leveraging an enterprise app store, through building in-app authorization, scanning for app security issues, providing the access to the cloud and enterprise services and data as well as app management and access control will be covered through a series of rapid demonstrations.

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Best Practices for Building Exceptional Mobile Apps!

Building mobile apps doesn't have to be hard. With proper architecture, planning, and adhering to best practices, you can build pretty much anything that your mind can dream up. Through extensive demonstrations, we will explore best practices for building real-world mobile applications leveraging the latest in mobile platform technology from IBM.

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Shift Left Testing Webcast

With the right practices and automation tools in place, you'll be able to refresh test environments quicker, reproduce defects more easily, and find critical problems earlier.


Breakthroughs in JavaScript Code Analysis

Come learn about a leap forward in JavaScript code analysis. You'll see real live source code and bugs in popular open source packages.


A True Story of Why QA Loves DevOps

Hear how Prolifics helped an organization and QA team by setting up a mature and complete DevOps capability from scratch. Hear about the pains they were experiencing, the bottlenecks that were discovered, and exactly what DevOps practices and tools were introduced to allow them to unblock the free-flow of IT innovation.

Security Starts with Authentication

Authentication technologies are evolving rapidly to meet the security and usability needs of both consumers and enterprises. In this webinar we give an overview of modern identity requirements for B2B and B2C applications and discuss trends in identity technologies.

The Agile Database: Best Practices

Join us as we explore what Agile means for database development, common challenges faced by DBA teams in the move towards Agile, and best practices DBAs can employ now to support Agile workflows and increased velocity. Learn more.

Pillars of Cloudiness: What Trends in Cloud Architecture Mean

Delivering cloud architectures can be very complex. There are a few trends emerging in the way clouds are built and delivered. In this Webcast, two experts will discuss those trends and talk about what they mean to IT professionals and users alike. Learn more.

Best Practices: Global Data Backup in Distributed Enterprises

In this best practices webinar, we show you how practical steps and solutions can help you achieve a higher level of business continuity and storage replication. This includes the implementation of a real-time, synchronized and secure back-up system that automates processes and gives you peace of mind to focus on the day-to-day tasks at hand.

Duration: 1 Hour

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IT Operations Analytics: The Magic Inside

Watch Glenn O' Donnell from Forrester talking to IBM General Manager Deepak Advani about the new era of Analytics emerging in the IT space to help IT Predict outages before they occur, find resolution to problems faster and optimize for performance.

Duration: 1 Hour

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Continuous Testing Applications Deployed on IBM WebSphere Software

This short video demonstrates how teams can use IBM's test automation and service virtualization capabilities to test applications deployed on IBM WebSphere software earlier and continuously which in turn decreases the cost of testing, identifies defects earlier - when they are cheaper to fix, and reduces project risk.