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    The Facial Rec Tech Wreck

    These are tough times for the facial recognition technology industry, as new understanding of its potential for racial and gender bias cause some big US vendors to take a step back. But this worldwide technology continues to improve, evolve, and expand at an explosive rate.

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    Hazelcast Simplifies Application Modernization with Event Driven Architectures

    The latest release of Hazelcast's Jet event stream processing engine adds new features designed to simplify the integration of an event-driven architecture into brownfield deployments to gain new functionality around real-time and in-memory processing.

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    Micronaut 2.0 Full-Stack Java Framework Released

    Micronaut is a JVM-based, full-stack Java framework developed by the creators of the Grails framework, and designed to provide developers with a polyglot tool for building modular, easily testable JVM applications with the Java, Kotlin, and Groovy languages.

  • JetBrains Kicks Off Product Release Binge with New IntelliJ IDEA IDE

    The Prague-based software development toolmaker unveils a flurry of product updates, starting with the latest release of its code-centric Java IDE.

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    Microsoft Intros Azure Well-Architected Framework Best Practices

    Microsoft introduces a set of Azure-architecture best practices aimed at the growing complexity and increasing overhead associated with deploying business-critical applications.

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    Top Tech Firms Form Open Source Security Foundation

    A group of leading tech industry heavy weights that includes Microsoft, IBM, and Google, announced the formation of a new software foundation to consolidates industry efforts to improve the security of open-source software.

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    Ivanti and Intel Partner on Device-as-a-Service Offering

    Automated IT and security solutions provider Ivanti is partnering with Intel to provide Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) with Intel's Endpoint Management Assistant

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    New Relic Shifts Gears to Focus on Observability Platform and New Pricing Strategy

    Software analytics company New Relic announced a major strategy shift and unveiled a "reimagined" release of its New Relic One observability platform.

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    New Open Source PASETO Library Offers JWT Alternative

    New Java developer library streamlines use of Platform Agnostic Security Tokens (PASETOs) and provides an alternative to JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to authenticate end users.

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    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 Beta Released

    Red Hat announces the beta availability of the latest minor release of the RHEL 8 platform.

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    GitHub Unveils Public Roadmap

    GitHub today launched a new publicly accessible repository designed to allow anyone to look into all of the platform’s upcoming releases.

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    Google Cloud's Confidential Computing Breakthrough Encrypts Data In-Use

    Google Cloud's Confidential Virtual Machines enable users to encrypt their data for the first time in-use--in other words, while it's being processed, in-memory, not just when it's at rest in storage or in-transit.

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    Red Hat and GraalVM Community Create "Mandrel" GraalVM Distro

    Java community leader Red Hat launches new GraalVM distro.

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    Apache Cassandra 4.0 Now in Beta

    Calling it "the most stable Apache Cassandra in history," the community behind the popular open-source distributed database announced the 4.0 beta release this week.

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    Docker Collaborates with AWS To Streamline Container Workflow

    Docker and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have collaborated to build a simplified workflow that allows developers to quickly and easily switch from running containers in a local Docker Desktop environment to Amazon's Elastic Container Service (ECS).

  • Oracle's March Madness-Style Java Bracket

    Oracle's Java Platform Group created a March Madness-style bracket to mark Java's 25th anniversary, substituting JEPs for the college basketball teams and using Twitter polls to determine the winners of the matchups.

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    Google Cloud's BigQuery Omni Connects Users to AWS and Azure

    Google Cloud introduced a new multicloud analytics solution this week that allows the BigQuery petabyte-scale data warehouse service to connect directly to data stored in other clouds.

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    VS Code Gets New JavaScript Debugger

    Microsoft's monthly update to its wildly popular open source, cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor has a new JavaScript debugger.


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