• JavaScript Style: Semicolons, or No?

    A fledgling effort to promote a new standard for styling JavaScript code is getting hung up on the issue of whether or not to use semicolons. 04/28/2016

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    Survey: Open Source Is 'Today's Preeminent Architecture'

    Ten years on, the Future of Open Source Survey that annually examines trends in community-developed software has deemed it "today's preeminent architecture, the foundation for nearly all applications, operating systems, cloud computing, databases and Big Data." 04/28/2016

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    New Node.js v6 Is Faster, Nearing Full ES6 Support

    The community-led Node.js Foundation is out with a new release of its namesake open source JavaScript developer platform, featuring performance upgrades such as faster module loading and more complete support for the new ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) JavaScript standard. 04/27/2016

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    Codenvy Announces Che-Based IDE for Samsung ARTIK

    Codenvy today announced the beta release of a new IDE for Samsung's ARTIK Internet of Things platform. 04/27/2016

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    Xamarin Connects Visual Studio to Macs To Build Native iOS Apps

    Xamarin Inc., now a Microsoft subsidiary based on open source software, today announced new tools to help developers connect to Macs to create native iOS apps. 04/27/2016

  • Jenkins 2.0 Goes Live

    It's official: Jenkins 2.0 has arrived. Available today, this is the first major release of the open source continuous integration server in 10 years, and the excitement surrounding it is palpable. 04/26/2016

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    Neo4j 3.0 Released

    Neo Technology, the creator and chief commercial supporter of the Neo4j open source NoSQL graph database implemented in Java, today announced the availability of Neo4j 3.0. 04/26/2016

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    Open Source Big Data Tool Kafka Advances in Enterprise

    Big Data is still a hot topic, and industry buzz points to Apache Kafka as one of the hottest projects in that space, a notion supported by a new survey showing its increasing use in enterprise analytics. 04/26/2016

  • Avi Networks: Modernizing Application Services

    John talks to Avi Networks CEO Amit Pandey about his company and its efforts to modernize application services with a new platform fully implemented in software. 04/25/2016

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    Apple, Google Ramp Up Developer Guidance

    In advance of their upcoming developer conferences, Apple and Google have been ramping up their developer guidance and education efforts -- and perhaps portending more changes to come. 04/25/2016

  • Microsoft, Facebook Lead the Way in New-Age Bot Programming

    Taking advantage of advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing, Microsoft and Facebook are leading the way in helping developers create a new generation of computing bots, with an early focus on chatbots. 04/22/2016

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    Facing Deluge of Issues with Atom Code Editor, GitHub Tries New Triage

    After introducing an updated version of the popular Atom code editor -- and facing a deluge of more than 4,000 open issues -- GitHub is changing the way it handles bug reports, feature requests and other feedback. 04/21/2016

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    Node.js Survey: Enterprise Inroads, New Meaning for 'Full Stack' Developers

    A new survey from the Node.js Foundation shows the open source JavaScript platform is making inroads into enterprise dev shops, where the term "full stack developer" has a new meaning, making room for the burgeoning Internet of Things. 04/20/2016

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    Mesosphere Open Sources Software for Containers and Stateful Services

    Mesosphere today unveiled the beta release of its newly open sourced DC/OS software, which helps organizations build and manage modern distributed applications in container-based datacenters. 04/19/2016

  • Here Come the Coding Robots

    Experienced developers can laugh at their infantile efforts now ... until they take your job away. 04/19/2016

  • Easier React Native (Android) Debugging

    What's an Android/Windows developer to do in view of Facebook's iOS-first approach to React Native? Find the right tools to help out with pesky problems like debugging. 04/18/2016

  • The Agile Architect

    The Softer Side of Agile: It's Not Just Coding

    Our Agile Architect, for whom Spock was his primary emotional role model, brings in a ringer to talk about the soft skills required to be successful in the agile world. 04/15/2016

  • 'Why I'm Leaving [Insert Tech of Choice]'

    I'm tired of writing about all the cool new things happening in software development, so I'm switching gears to explore the dark side things for a change. I'll take a look at the reasons people gave up on a technology, as taken from their ever-more-prevalent "Why I'm leaving ... " posts. 04/15/2016

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    Swallowed Twice, Mobile App Firm RoboVM Calls It Quits

    Bought by Xamarin, which was then bought by Microsoft, RoboVM called it quits today. The company let developers build native iOS and Android mobile apps with Java. 04/15/2016

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    Free Visual Studio Code Editor Hits 1.0

    After a one-year preview, the free Visual Studio Code editor has hit version 1.0 with the help of open source community developers, Microsoft announced today. 04/14/2016

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