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    Apache Advances Open Source Lens Big Data Platform

    The Apache Software Foundation has advanced the open source Lens project for unified Big Data analytics, providing a single view of multiple tiered data sources. 08/27/2015

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    Survey Shows Devs Slow To Go Mobile

    Despite all the hype about smartphone apps and enterprise mobility, the latest survey from Telerik shows a surprisingly slow adoption of mobile development. 08/25/2015

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    Survey: DevOps Is Popular, Whatever the Term Means

    A new study indicates DevOps is gaining in popularity, but interpretations of what the term actually means vary widely. 08/21/2015

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    NetBeans 8.1. Beta Released

    The beta version of NetBeans 8.1 is now available, supporting developers working with Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8 and Java ME Embedded 8, with a number of new tools and enhancements. 08/21/2015

  • Java Interop Tool Now Supports Windows 10, Adds 'Proxy By Name'

    The Java and Microsoft .NET Framework interoperability mavens at JNBridge have upgraded their flagship JNBridgePro tool to support both Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015. 08/21/2015

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    Spring Framework 4.2 Goes GA

    Pivotal Software announced the general availability of version 4.2 of the Spring Framework. The latest feature release of the 4.x line of the open source application framework for enterprise Java is compatible with Java 6, 7 and 8. 08/20/2015

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    Eve Seeks 'Better Programming' for the Masses

    Eve is turning the whole "citizen developer" notion around, approaching programming from a new direction that emphasizes analyzing and communicating information rather than building applications. 08/20/2015

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    GitHub Reveals Most Popular Programming Languages

    Source code repository hoster GitHub has listed the most popular programming languages used on its site, tracking usage trends since it launched in 2008. 08/20/2015

  • IoT Think Tank

    Rise of the IoT Architect

    Many organizations actually involved with the IoT have come to realize there's a need for a new role that brings other specialist roles together. 08/19/2015

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    Altiscale Partners with AtScale for Hadoop BI

    Altiscale Inc., which provides Big Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS), today announced a partnership with AtScale Inc. to bring Hadoop-based online analytics processing (OLAP) to its Big Data cloud. 08/19/2015

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    Mobile Back-End Service Goes API Route

    AnyPresence Inc. today said it's going beyond its Mobile-Back-End-as-a-Service (MBaaS) roots in a new release of its platform that adds an API-driven approach to facilitate Internet of Things (IoT) and other development. 08/18/2015

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    Netflix Releases Open Data-Fetching Developer Preview

    Netflix has released a developer preview of its in-house data-fetching tool used to provide immediate responsiveness in mobile and desktop apps via efficient, JSON Graph-based client-side caching. 08/18/2015

  • Free Tool Offered as Classic Visual Basic Successor

    Israeli firm says new offering "takes up where Visual Basic left off" in response to vocal demand. 08/18/2015

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    LinkedIn Contributes Build Tool for Hadoop

    LinkedIn is joining the parade of major companies donating their homegrown Big Data tools to the open source community, offering up a Hadoop plugin for working with the Gradle build system. 08/17/2015

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    New Android APIs Track Human Faces, Connect Nearby Devices

    Google announced new APIs as part of a Google Play services upgrade that identify and track human faces in photos or video and connect to nearby mobile devices, along with enhancements for Google Cloud Messaging. 08/17/2015

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    Opening Up Linux on Mainframes

    The Linux Foundation and IBM today announced initiatives to advance Linux on mainframe computers, including a new collaborative project from the open source steward and new servers from Big Blue, which is contributing code to the open source community. 08/17/2015

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    IBM Adds Analytics to Cloud Development Tools

    IBM is beefing up its development tools for the Bluemix Platform-as-a-Service with new analytics functionality. 08/14/2015

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    Facebook Open Sourcing Parse Back-End SDKs

    Facebook company Parse is open sourcing its SDKs used to provide back-end services for mobile and other apps. 08/14/2015

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    Google Big Data Beta Services Now Generally Available

    Two major Big Data components of the Google Cloud Platform have graduated from beta to general availability, the company said. 08/13/2015

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    New Open Source SDKs for Native In-App Communications Released

    Digium Inc. has unveiled open source SDKs aimed at helping mobile developers add real-time, in-app communications to their iOS and Android projects. 08/13/2015

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