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    Android Jetpack Gets New Libraries, Debuts Kotlin-Based Reactive Programming Model

    Among new products and features announced at Google's recent I/O conference was an enhanced Jetpack, a collection of software components designed to help Android developers deal with common and difficult problems when creating mobile apps. 05/13/2019

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    What's New in the Firebase Mobile Dev Platform

    Google announced several updates to its Firebase mobile development platform, which provides back-end functionality such as Crashlytics crash reporting, app analytics, machine learning capabilities, performance monitoring and more. 05/09/2019

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    Android Studio 3.5 Beta Released

    Google has shipped Android Studio 3.5 Beta, continuing the company's Project Marble to improve the IDE's quality and stability in reaction to developer complaints about bugs and other problems. 05/08/2019

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    Flutter UI Toolkit Aims Beyond Mobile, Starting with Web

    Google has followed through on plans to broaden the scope of its Flutter UI framework for mobile apps, announcing a technical preview of Flutter for the Web. 05/08/2019

  • Apache NetBeans Is Now a Top-Level Project

    It took two and a half years, but the NetBeans Java-based IDE has finally graduated to Top-Level Project (TLP) status at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The popular open source development environment, tooling platform and application framework now comprises the largest codebases at the ASF. (It's 20 years old, after all.) 05/08/2019

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    Oracle Releases GraalVM Enterprise

    GraalVM Enterprise is the commercial version of the open source, polyglot JVM designed to provide better isolation and greater agility for enterprises in cloud and hybrid environments. 05/08/2019

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    JNBridge Makes the .NET Core-to-Java Connection

    Java/.NET interoperability solutions provider JNBridge has released version 10 of its flagship JNBridgePro tool, the first version to support Java interoperability with both the .NET Framework and the upcoming .NET Core 3.0. It also supports the new Visual Studio 2019, which was released in April. 05/08/2019

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    Google Goes Kotlin-First for Android Mobile Development

    Two years after tapping Kotlin for use in Android mobile development -- long dominated by Java -- Google is making it the No. 1 option. 05/07/2019

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    Visual Studio Code Adds Java 12 Support, Java Code Actions and Features

    An updated extension pack for Microsoft's open source, cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor boosts Java functionality by adding support for the new Java 12 release, along with new Java code actions and language features. 05/03/2019

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    Parasoft Updates Tackle Test Data Management

    Parasoft, an automated software testing specialist, has updated its functional testing tools with what it claims is a radical new approach to address a traditional, time-consuming bottleneck that has complicated and hindered current solutions: test data management. 05/03/2019

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    Microsoft Azure To Offer New AI, Edge, IoT, Blockchain Capabilities for Devs

    On Thursday Microsoft announced a number of improvements to its Azure cloud platform designed to give developers increased capabilities for AI, machine learning, mixed reality, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, via both hybrid cloud and edge architectures. 05/02/2019

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    Red Fog Stage

    Cisco Embraces Wi-Fi 6, Launches New Products and Resource Center for Devs

    802.11ax, expected to launch later this year, should provide greater speeds, improved latency and greatly improved capacity. 04/30/2019

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    Chinese Company Announces New Blockchain-as-a-Service for SMB Developers

    This week Shanghai, China-based VeChain announced ToolChain, a new blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) offering for developers in a small- to medium-sized business environment. 04/30/2019

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    Databricks Open Sources Project Aimed at Data Lake Reliability

    Databricks has announced the release of Delta Lake, an open source solution designed to provide "reliability for both batch and streaming data" for data lakes. 04/24/2019

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    Oracle's Latest CPU Patches 3-Year-Old Deserialization Flaw

    All of the five Java SE vulnerabilities identified in the latest Critical Patch Update are remotely exploitable, and at least one is probably exploitable without the need for authentication. 04/24/2019

  • Red Hat Steps in to Steward OpenJDK 8 and 11

    Red Hat will "work with the community to enable continued innovation in Java," the company said about assuming stewardship of OpenJDK projects no longer supported, long-term, by Oracle. 04/24/2019

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    Akka Nearing 10 Years Hits 200K Dev Milestone

    Lightbend, the company behind the Scala JVM language and developer of the Reactive Platform, announced a 200,000-user milestone for its Akka platform, just a few months short of the platform's 10-year anniversary. 04/24/2019

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    JavaScript Breaks from Browser to Become Mobile Force, Report Says

    JavaScript traditionally has been all about Web development, but a new survey indicates it's breaking out of that bailiwick to become a force in mobile app development -- and even desktop. 04/23/2019

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    Google Enhances ML Kit, for Mobile Machine Learning

    Google's updated ML Kit, which packages up the company's machine learning expertise and technology for mobile developers creating Android or iOS apps, has been beefed up with Natural Language Processing functionality and more. 04/22/2019

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    Open Source PWABuilder for Progressive Web Apps Gets Version 2.0 Update

    Microsoft announced an update to its open source PWABuilder tool to convert existing Web apps/sites to Progressive Web Apps, which act more like native desktop/mobile apps with the help of several technologies. 04/22/2019


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