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    Software Developer Named Best Job for 2018

    U.S. News & World Report has named software developer the best job for 2018, marking the first time since 2015 that the mainstream news publication's ranking wasn't topped by a healthcare-related position. 01/19/2018

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    Angular 2, React Native Top List of In-Demand Freelance Dev Skills

    Those two development technologies experienced by far the most year-over-year growth in 2017, more than double the rate of No. 3 Docker. 01/18/2018

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    Is 2018 the Year IoT Gets Down to Business?

    Much of the hype around the Internet of Things is about household gadgets like the smart toothbrush, but IoT applications are increasingly being deployed from factory floors to hospital wards. 01/17/2018

  • Java in 2018: Eclipse Rises, Containers Converge, Kotlin Heats Up, More

    Our Java bloggist has never seen so many predictions about Java offered for a new year. Here, he shares some thoughts from John Duimovich, Java CTO and Distinguished Engineer at IBM, who has been working with Java for all of its 20 years. 01/16/2018

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    Oracle Responds to Guardians Open Letter on Java EE Rebranding

    An Oracle representative responded to the Java EE Guardians' recently posted "Joint Community Open Letter on Java EE Naming and Packaging," stating unequivocally that it will not be allowing the use of its trademarked "Java EE" and "javax" to be used in naming the Java EE 8-based technologies contributed to the Eclipse Foundation late last year. 01/16/2018

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    Guardians Publish Open Letter on Java EE Rebranding

    "The clearest evidence that the current direction to rename and repackage Java EE is wrong-headed is community opinion," says the letter about the question of what to call Java EE when its migration to the Eclipse Foundation is complete. 01/16/2018

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    Visual Studio Code Editor Gets New Extensions for Java Programming

    The Visual Studio Code team continues to add Java functionality to Microsoft's open source, cross-platform code editor via extensions, just launching a new batch for working with Maven, Tomcat and Checkstyle. 01/16/2018

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    Bonitasoft Offers Open Source, Low-Code Platform on AWS Cloud

    Bonitasoft announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services to let organizations operate the Bonita open source, low-code development platform with AWS cloud technology. 01/16/2018

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    Microsft Smooths iOS Development with Xamarin in New Visual Studio Preview

    The latest effort to ease iOS development with Xamarin -- which still requires hooking up to a Mac machine -- automates the provisioning process. 01/12/2018

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    Report: Mobile App Growth Slows, Phablet Form Factor Rises

    "2017 was the year that mobile app innovation and growth was disrupted," said mobile analytics company Flurry in its year-end report, which also noted the rise of the phablet form factor at the expense of medium-sized phones. 01/10/2018

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    As Go 2.0 Nears, AWS Launches Developer Preview of Go SDK 2.0

    There's now a developer preview of an updated SDK for the Go programming language available on the Amazon Web Services cloud. 01/09/2018

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    AWS Publishes Quick Start for Using Couchbase NoSQL Database in the Cloud

    Amazon Web Services published a new Quick Start for using Couchbase, the popular document-oriented NoSQL database, on its cloud computing platform. 01/09/2018

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    Apple Waives $99 Developer Program Fee for Some Organizations

    One of the differences between developing for the Android mobile platform or Apple's iOS is the $99 Apple Developer Program membership fee for the latter, a distinction that's being loosened somewhat. 01/08/2018

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    Developing an IoT Nightmare: My Smart Fork Ate My Data

    Dr. Ben Zorn, co-manager of Microsoft's Research in Software Engineering group, wonders if the smart fork you are using to eat your spaghetti could be hacked. 01/05/2018

  • The Agile Architect

    Agile Through the Eyes of a Scientist

    Agile is not a hard science like physics or chemistry. There is no fundamental theorem of agility. But practices in agile act along empirical scientific principles in that experimentation can lead to measurable results, reproducible across teams in similar conditions. So why does each agile team feel compelled to rediscover this again and again? 01/03/2018

  • Diving into DevOps

    DevOps 2018: What to Expect in the Coming Year

    Our DevOps specialist dives into predictions for the coming year concerning DevSecOps, serverless architecture, "after agile" and more. 01/03/2018

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    Fastest-Growing SDKs Predict 2018 Trends in Android Development

    Because one of the best ways to see where something is going is to track where it's coming from, Android developers interested in what 2018 has in store can consult a new report on the fastest-growing SDKs of 2017. 01/02/2018

  • Diving into DevOps

    Need for DevOps Talent Prompts New Specialty at Toptal

    For anyone out there still harboring doubts about enterprise interest in DevOps, consider Toptal's recent launch of a new on-demand talent specialization focused on "meeting the rising need for skilled DevOps engineers." 01/02/2018

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    IBM Unveils Bot Exchange, Code Patterns for AI, Blockchain, More

    IBM this week unveiled sweeping new development initiatives designed to help open source coders tackle some of the industry's most challenging technologies, including bots programming, artificial intelligence, blockchains, data, cloud and more. 12/14/2017

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