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    5 Inconvenient Truths About IoT

    Sometimes it's okay to poke the bear, with the metaphorical bear in this case being the Internet of Things (IoT). Industry analyst Bola Rotibi shares her take based on recent findings. 07/23/2018

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    OutSystems Launches Low-Code App Intelligence Tool

    OutSystems announced it's testing a low-code app intelligence tool designed to help organizations monitor performance and other metrics for mobile and other apps and quickly implement needed updates. 07/18/2018

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    AWS SageMaker Upgrades Again

    Amazon Web Services yesterday rolled out yet another new set of capabilities for its SageMaker end-to-end machine learning development and deployment service, including new streaming algorithms and batch job improvements. 07/18/2018

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    Hasura GraphQL Service Targets Existing Postgres Apps

    GraphQL-as-a-Service provider Hasura unveiled its new open source GraphQL Engine, which reportedly sports the unique capability of working on existing apps based on the popular Postgres database. 07/16/2018

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    Most Kotlin Devs Are Java Jocks, Survey Finds

    Pusher, a UK-based maker of communication and collaboration APIs, has released the results of a new developer survey, which found that most Kotlin developers come from a Java background and/or also work with Java. 07/11/2018

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    Google Simplifies Java Containerization with New Tool

    The new tool, called Jib, is a fast and simple container image builder that consolidates all the steps involved in packaging an app into a container image, and allows developers to build containers using familiar Java tools. 07/11/2018

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    IBM Doubles Down on Enterprise Java with WebSphere Liberty

    With the release last week of WebSphere Liberty, the latest version if its Java application server, IBM became the first commercial vender to provide a certified Java EE 8 runtime. 07/10/2018

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    Airbnb, Udacity Abandon React Native

    Within the space of two weeks, two major enterprise dev teams announced they have abandoned React Native, the Facebook-originated technology unveiled five years ago as a new way to code native mobile apps using JavaScript. 07/10/2018

  • The Agile Architect

    Safety and The Agile Retrospective

    Safety is an important ingredient in any agile retrospective. If team members don't feel safe, they may not be candid and honest with their input, negating the effectiveness of the retro. Our Agile Architect shares some of his techniques for measuring and maintaining safety. 07/03/2018

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    Android P APIs Finalized as Release Candidate Nears

    The next big Android mobile OS update is entering the home stretch, as developer APIs have been finalized and the dev team has issued an early release candidate build. 07/03/2018

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    MongoDB Goes Mobile, Supports Kubernetes, Adds Serverless Platform

    MongoDB Inc. announced a host of new offerings and improvements to its commercial offerings based on the open source MongoDB project, including a mobile database, new support for Kubernetes container orchestration and a new serverless platform. 06/29/2018

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    Kubernetes Update: Open Source Developers Improve Networking, Storage and More

    The open source Kubernetes container orchestration project this week shipped its second release of the year, with hundreds of community contributors improving networking, storage and more. 06/28/2018

  • Milinkovich on Eclipse's New Quarterly Release Train, the LSP and Progress on Jakarta

    "Everything is going extremely well in that we're having some tough conversations about difficult subjects, and everyone is being constructive and friendly. Things always take longer than you expect, but I'm optimistic that the process will continue and we'll get there soon." 06/27/2018

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    Eclipse Photon Release Train Marks the End of an Era

    It includes support for building, debugging, running and packaging Rust applications; C# editing and debug capabilities; support for building Java 10- and Java EE 8-based applications out of the box; and some new dark theme improvements. 06/27/2018

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    Oracle Announces Java SE Subscription Service

    The service "removes enterprise boardroom concerns around mission critical, timely, software performance, stability and security updates," the company said. 06/27/2018

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    MapR Update Reflects Big Data's Shift to AI

    The latest update from MapR, which now describes itself as offering "the industry's leading data platform for AI and analytics," reflects a broader Big Data industry shift from Hadoop, Spark and so on to machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies. 06/27/2018

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    Open Source TypeScript Cracks Top 100 in TIOBE Programming Language Popularity Report

    The five-year-old TypeScript programming language developed and open sourced by Microsoft debuts in the top 100 at No. 93. 06/26/2018

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    Jobs Report: Demand for Open Source Skills Climbs, Topped by Linux

    The demand for open source skills is so high that nearly half of hiring manages responding to the survey said their organization are supporting open source projects solely for the purpose of recruiting hard-to-find talent. 06/25/2018

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    Android Studio Updated to Handle New Dev Tools, OS Features

    The Android team released Android Studio 3.2 (beta) to accommodate several new dev tools and OS features announced at the recent Google I/O conference. 06/22/2018

  • Diving into DevOps

    DevOps Intelligence Gathering: What Are We Measuring Here?

    Tim Buntel, DevOps Advocate at XebiaLabs, advises companies to focus on a combination of global measurements (traditional metrics from across the organization) and outcomes (delivery of software with speed and stability). 06/21/2018

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