Microsoft Teams to See Copilot Enhancements

Microsoft is enhancing user interaction with Copilot in Microsoft Teams, introducing several new features optimized based on user feedback.

The enhancements are scheduled for release in the coming months. The first update will enhance Copilot during meetings to display insights such as highlighted action items and timelines within the same pane as the transcript and meeting summary.

The firm's Intelligence call recap, currently available for Teams video meetings, will also be available for VoIP and PSTN calls for Teams Premium users starting in June. This addition aims to extend Copilot's insights, summaries, and suggested action items to a broader range of call types.

In April, Microsoft Teams messages will be upgraded with tools that assist in rephrasing and tailoring chat messages with diverse tones and styles. Microsoft noted, "Copilot will soon be able to reshape your message, for instance, adding a call to action or even altering the tone to mimic a pirate's speech. Shortly, users will be able to compose a new message with a simple prompt in Teams chat."

The company is also refining Teams to better voice and video meetings. The IntelliFrame feature, which uses Cloud AI to sharpen video feeds of participants, will become the default setting for video calls.
Teams Rooms' audio quality will be improved with the introduction of a speaker recognition tool this April, aiming to enhance meeting transcripts and provide deeper insights.

Later this week, Microsoft will preview new Windows Autopilot capabilities that expedite the setup of Teams Rooms and automate the application of the latest Microsoft Teams updates upon device setup.

Microsoft's vision for Copilot is to democratize access to generative AI to cut out time-wasting facets of the day-to-day workload. "Our vision with Copilot is to bring the power of generative AI to everyone," said Microsoft. "We are committed to continue to improve the Copilot experience in Teams to help everyone be more creative and productive."

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Chris Paoli (@ChrisPaoli5) is the associate editor for Converge360.