Microservices & APIs Seminar: Implementing Microservices in Your Enterprise

Date: May 21, 2020 at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT

Microservices are growing in popularity because the modular approach to building apps is better suited to today’s dynamic business needs than older programming methodologies with zillions of lines of code.

In this free half-day seminar, brought to you by the editors of ADTmag.com, you'll learn how microservices can speed application development and save time and money in today’s challenging business environment.

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Microservices 101: Everything You Wanted To Know About Microservices & APIs But Were Afraid to Ask!

Traditional monolithic applications consist of large executable programs that are complex and can be difficult to deploy and update. Find out how microservice applications, composed of many small independent services, enable organizations to deploy and update granular microservices individually via APIs without impacting the entire application.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • What’s so important about APIs
  • How microservices transform application development
  • Skills developers need to succeed as business requirements change

Microservices 102: Top Use Cases for Microservices in the Enterprise

This seminar offers real world examples of how microservices makes it possible for companies to build mission critical applications with separate service units and then connect them to speed development and boost stability for service delivery. You’ll see how DevOps teams that have moved from the traditional waterfall approach to microservices architecture have cut development time for new functions by as much as 75 percent.

In this session you’ll find out:

  • How mundane applications become more dynamic
  • What your competitors may already be doing to get an edge
  • Where microservices make sense for your business

Sponsor Session: Security Patterns for Microservice Architectures

Are you securing your microservice architectures by hiding them behind a firewall? That works, but there are better ways to do it. In this talk Matt Raible, Developer Advocacy Director at Okta, examines well-known and often-used security patterns in the world of microservices.

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About the presenter:

Peter Varhol , Technical Evangelist, Technology Strategy Research

Peter Varhol is a technologist with extensive experience in software development, testing, cloud, and DevOps. He has several Amazon certifications, and has given talks on topics such as multi-cloud strategies, containerization and orchestration, serverless computing, and disaster planning. He’s authored dozens of articles and spoken at a number of industry conferences and webcasts. He has advanced degrees in computer science, applied mathematics, and psychology. Currently he has his own consulting company, Technology Strategy Research, which advises clients on software processes, cloud strategies, and DevOps.

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