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  • Modernize Application Delivery with Container Platforms

    Businesses are increasingly interested in the value of container adoption. In the next two years, over 90% of organizations will make new investments in containers and other emerging technologies that facilitate DevOps. Seventy-one percent of organizations anticipate using containers for cloud applications or are already using them. Learn more.

  • A Structured Design Approach to Business Automation

    In many leading companies, IT must provide tools to help the business respond to competition, comply with industry regulations, and engage customers. IT is expected to provide solutions that are high quality, flexible enough for rapid, frequent change, and available at predictable preferably low cost. Learn more.

  • How to Securely Configure a Linux Host to Run Containers

    This guide, as part of the Twistlock Container Security How-To Guides series, describes the concrete steps that you can follow to configure a Linux host to run Docker containers securely. Learn more.

  • Guide to PCI Compliance for Containers

    With the prevalence of electronic payments, nearly every organization is impacted by Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) requirements. However, there’s very little guidance on how to run containers in a manner that’s compliant with these requirements. The Twistlock Guide to PCI Compliance for Containers breaks down the PCI DSS requirements section by section and provides clear instructions on how to design and operate a containerized environment in a compliant manner. Learn more.

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    NoSQL Database Evaluation Guide

    This paper delves deeply into each core requirement and provides a comparison of leading NoSQL databases against the eight core requirements.

  • Supercharge E-Commerce with In-Memory Computing

    One way to evolve eCommerce technology to make it as fast, available, and scalable as possible is to move to an in-memory computing platform designed to address all the issues that eCommerce developers face. Read more.

  • Introducing Apache Ignite

    This white paper discusses architecture and key capabilities of the Apache Ignite project. It covers the key features of Apache Ignite and integrations with Apache Spark and Apache Cassandra. Read more!

  • High Performance Data Architectures for the Internet of Things

    We’ll discuss use cases for and components of IoT, and data architecture challenges. Learn how the GridGain in-memory computing platform can simplify this architecture and reduce your team’s learning curve. Read now!

  • High Performance In-Memory Data Grids for Speed and Scale

    This white paper from GridGain Systems discusses the uses of in-memory data grids and the benefits of the GridGain in-memory computing platform. Read now!

  • Enterprise Java Community Reacts When Gartner App Platform Report Calls Java EE Obsolete

    When Gartner analysts issued a report saying Java EE is fading from relevance and on the verge of obsolescence, the Java EE community struck back. John Waters, editor-at-Large for Application Development Trends, captured the strong rebuttal to Gartner for his readers.

  • Fünf Schritte zur Vorbereitung auf Sicherheitslücken

    Dieses Dokument dient als Leitfaden zur Vorbereitung auf heikle Sicherheitslücken und unterstützt Risikomanagement- und Sicherheitsteams, damit sie mit der entsprechenden Dringlichkeit an die Sache herangehen können.

  • Wodurch entstehen Software-Sicherheitslücken?

    Unternehmen werden anfälliger für eine besonders häufige Art von Cyberangriffen – nämlich Angriffe auf Anwendungsebene.