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  • Native Mobile vs. Progressive Web App: Developer Evaluation Guide

    With just over half of all internet traffic serving mobile devices, your users expect a smartphone-friendly experience. But does that mean you have to invest in the creation and maintenance of native mobile apps?

  • Human-Centric Integration: Integration in the Low-Code, Cloud-Native World

    Integration has been the bane of IT ever since the rise of networks enabled applications to talk directly to each other. While there have been many hard-coded integration approaches created over the years, they have typically led to complexity and technical debt.

  • Are Microservices the Right Architecture For Your Next Software Project?

    Microservices are a type of software architecture where the functionality of the application is broken up into smaller fragments to make it more resilient and scalable. We call these fragments “services”.

  • Making the Case for Automated Mobile Software Testing

    Automated testing can catch errors earlier in the development process than manual testing can, leading to faster releases and lower costs. In this TechTalk sponsored by Kobiton, you'll learn how to take full advantage of automated testing -- both scripted and scriptless -- to increase your testing coverage and scale your automation even further.

  • The App Architect’s 11-Step Strategic Guide to Digital Transformation

    As companies grapple with modernizing legacy applications in an effort to speed digital transformation efforts, the burden often falls on architects to project manage the strategic initiative.

  • Using Low-code Solutions to Make the Most of Industrial IoT

    Learn how your organization can create custom applications for IoT use cases and simplify deployment into cloud-native environments in a way that conventional approaches to development simply cannot match.

  • Beyond “Lift and Shift”: Real-Life Examples and Best Practices to Get the Most Out of the Cloud

    Datavail led an executive panel discussion whose members shared their real-life experiences migrating to the cloud – from the strategies they used – to why they chose them. In this white paper, we’ll sum up the advice they have for those just starting, or in the midst of, their own journey to the cloud.

  • Advance your business with AI and ML

    This e-book shows how enterprises across industries are using Red Hat OpenShift to build AI/ML solutions that deliver real business outcomes.

  • The Speed of Change: How Fast Are You?

    How fast is your IT? You need speed and adaptability to adjust as big changes in the global economy and our daily lives keep coming. Disruption is the status quo, and the “new normal” is not yet defined. Are you prepared for what’s next? What are IT organizations saying about it all?

  • Account Fraud Takeover - How to Protect Your Customers and Business

    Account takeover fraud results in more than financial losses. A successful attack is stressful and frustrating for the customer – a negative experience that can put customer loyalty at risk. Fraudsters’ weapons and methods are evolving. Download this guide to learn how to block account takeover by enhancing your current fraud solutions with technologies such as risk analytics with machine learning.

  • Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Watson Assistant

    IBM recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study that evaluated the financial impact of IBM Watson Assistant on organizations. Learn how IBM Watson Assistant can cut costs, drive revenue, and free precious resources for higher value work – all while improving customer NPS.

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines

    Watson Discovery, IBM's AI powered search capability, doesn't just extract information; it crawls complex business documents and serves up answers with context, both on-demand and proactively via a simple natural language search, giving businesses insights impossible to derive otherwise. Clients across a variety of industries have seen positive results leveraging Watson Discovery; Australian energy company, Woodside, has experienced a 75% decrease in time employees spend searching for expert knowledge.