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    Box Courts Citizen Developers

    Box is making more moves to entice "citizen developers" to use its content platform for creating Box-based apps or integrations. 08/18/2016

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    Dev Survey: Mobile Developers Are Inexperienced, JavaScript Rules

    Web and mobile development company Netguru has published the results of an ongoing Web survey it's conducting, revealing that, on the mobile side of things, "the vast majority of coders are quite inexperienced." 08/18/2016

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    HPE Expands Mobile App Testing Suite

    The reach of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise mobile app testing suite has been expanded by hooking into the device testing farm housed on the Amazon cloud. 08/18/2016

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    Microsoft Helps Developers Learn Visual Studio Code Visually

    Microsoft has published introductory videos to help programmers learn about Visual Studio Code, its free, open source code editor for development on Windows, Linux and OS X machines. 08/17/2016

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    Google Updates Tango Tool for Mobile Augmented Reality

    Google has boosted the augmented reality functionality of its Tango mobile vision technology platform, capitalizing on the increased popularity of the cutting-edge technology stemming from its use in Pokémon Go. 08/17/2016

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    Titanium Goes To All-JavaScript APIs

    Titanium, the cross-platform mobile development framework from Appcelerator, has gone to all-JavaScript APIs, so coders no longer need to write OS-specific modules in Java or Objective-C to fill in the native-only gaps. 08/16/2016

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    Twitter Brings Android SDKs Up To Par with iOS

    Twitter Inc. announced updated developer tools for Android, some five months after first introducing them for iOS. 08/16/2016

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    Go 1.7 Features Compiler Speedups

    Google yesterday announced Go 1.7, the latest edition of its open source programming language, with compiler improvements among a host of new features. 08/16/2016

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    NoSQL Toolbox Helps Pick the Right Database

    A start-up founded by academic researchers has created the NoSQL Toolbox, a method for choosing the best database for a given job. 08/16/2016

  • So Just How Popular Is the C Programming Language?

    Programming language popularity index No. 1 reads: "C is No. 1," while programming language popularity index No. 2 proclaims: "C at an all time low." So which is it? Both. Which speaks to the problem with programming language popularity indices. 08/15/2016

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    Android Devs Get Better Handle on App Reviews

    Google has increased the functionality of its Google Play Developer Console app to give Android developers a better handle on user reviews of their creations and to work with the results of experiments such as A/B tests. 08/15/2016

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    Talend Says Data Integration Research Signals Open Source Milestone

    Companies often take to the newswires to trumpet being featured in Gartner "Magic Quadrant" research, but Talend just did it with a twist, claiming its inclusion in a new data integration report marks a milestone for the open source movement. 08/15/2016

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    Fixing 'Tedious and Error-Prone' Computer Programming

    You've now been exposed to augmented reality in computer programming (thanks, Pokémon Go), now say hello to computer augmented program engineering, "in which a programmer and an automated program-synthesis tool collaborate to generate software that meets its specification." 08/12/2016

  • Q&A: Martijn Verburg on the New MicroProfile.io Project

    John conducts a Q&A with a leader of a new independent effort to support Enterprise Java, the MicroProfile.io project, which aims to create a baseline platform definition that optimizes Java EE for microservices architecture. 08/12/2016

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    New Amazon Service Uses SQL To Query Streaming Big Data

    The Big Data space has evolved since its inception along several threads that have converged to result in services such as Amazon Kinesis Analytics, which leverages standard SQL for the real-time querying of streaming data. 08/12/2016

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    Start-Up Empowers 'Citizen Data Scientists'

    Taking a cue from the growing citizen developer movement, a Big Data start-up is courting "citizen data scientists" with a new product for self-service analytics. 08/11/2016

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    Xcode 8, iOS 10 Betas Released to Apple Developers

    Apple this week released new betas to developers, including downloads of the Xcode 8 IDE and iOS 10 mobile operating system. 08/11/2016

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    Hortonworks DataFlow Taps More Apache Tech for Streaming Analytics

    Hortonworks today announced its Big Data streaming analytics tool, DataFlow, is now at version 2.0, sporting the integration of several more technology projects under the Apache Software Foundation umbrella. 08/10/2016

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    React Native Comes to Ubuntu Developers

    Canonical Ltd. announced that its Ubuntu Linux distribution now supports React Native, the new-age, open source, JavaScript-based technology used to create native iOS and Android mobile apps. 08/10/2016

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    Zulu Embedded Adds Support for 32- and 64-bit Processors

    Azul Systems is expanding the range of microprocessors supported by Zulu Embedded -- its open source build of the OpenJDK aimed at Java developers in the embedded systems and Internet of Things space -- to include multiple 32- and 64-bit embedded processors. 08/10/2016

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