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    Salary Report: Mobile, Big Data Devs Lead Pack

    Still enjoying tremendous demand for their skills, mobile coders and Big Data specialists are set to command the highest developer-related salaries next year, according to a new report from careers firm Robert Half Technology. 12/06/2016

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    Android 7.1.1 Nougat Rollout Provides New Dev Toys

    Google is now rolling out Android 7.1.1 Nougat, which provides several new features to developers, including app shortcuts, round icon resources and image keyboard support -- along with new professional emoji featuring women and different skin tones. 12/06/2016

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    Monetization Study: Mobile App Revenue Gaining on Games

    In the consumer mobile space, game publishers have traditionally generated the most revenue, but a new app monetization report indicates non-game app makers are catching up. 12/05/2016

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    Google Launches Open Source Security Tool in Beta

    Google wants to make "fuzz testing" -- providing random data inputs to programs -- a standard part of open source development with a new tool called OSS-Fuzz, now in beta. 12/05/2016

  • The Agile Architect

    Respect and the Agile Workplace (a.k.a. 5 Failings of Your Humble Agile Architect)

    Who needs respect? It's more important to be right! And to be right, you have to be heard. So go ahead and talk over your colleagues. It's for the betterment of the project. Am I right? 12/02/2016

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    Amazon Cloud Courts Mobile Developers at re:Invent 2016

    If you're overwhelmed by the vast amount of application development news emanating from this week's re:Invent conference by Amazon Web Services, here's a roundup of the items especially relevant to coders in the red-hot mobile space. 12/02/2016

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    Analytics Tool IDs New Killer Mobile App: 'Communitainment'

    Consumer-oriented mobile developers wondering where to focus their efforts in the coming year may want to think about targeting the new killer app as identified by Flurry Analytics: "Communitainment." 12/02/2016

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    SurveyMonkey Shuttering App Analytics Service

    Facing low customer interest in its SurveyMonkey Intelligence mobile app analytics service, the online survey specialist is closing it down Jan. 31, 2017. 12/01/2016

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    MapR Boosts Big Data Streaming in Open Source Ecosystem Pack

    New Big Data streaming capabilities were highlighted by MapR Technologies in its new Ecosystem Pack, which helps developers keep current with all of the fast-changing components of the company's Converged Data Platform. 12/01/2016

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    Amazon Simplifies Big Data Queries of Cloud Data with SQL

    The new Amazon Athena tool from Amazon Web Services enables serverless queries of large amounts of data stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service, obviating the need to spin up Hadoop clusters or set up data warehouses. 11/30/2016

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    Google Unveils Low-Code App Maker for Corporate Suite

    Google today entered the low-code dev tool market with App Maker, targeting business users who want to create apps to work with G Suite, the company's counterpart to Microsoft Office. 11/30/2016

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    Amazon Cloud Updates Mobile Hub for Enterprise Apps

    Amazon Web Services updated its tool for creating corporate apps that use existing user directories and hook into other apps and systems such as customer relationship management, sales management, accounting and customer service tools. 11/30/2016

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    Scala Overhauls Compiler, Aligns with Java 8, in Latest Release

    The 2.12 release of Scala, the type-safe programming language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), comes with a completely overhauled compiler, which allows the language to fully leverage the VM features in Java 8, the Scala team at Lightbend announced. 11/30/2016

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    Oracle Withdraws 2 Java EE JSRs, May Transfer MVC Spec

    Oracle Corp. has notified the Java community officially of its intention to withdraw the Java Specification Requests (JSRs) for the Java EE Management API 2.0 (JSR 373) and JMS 2.1 (JSR 368). 11/30/2016

  • Forget Downloads and App Stores: The Future Is Streaming

    Here's an early 2017 prediction for you: the future of mobile app development lies in streaming, not the current, cumbersome system of app stores and downloads. 11/29/2016

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    Splice Machine Touts Hybrid Big Data Workloads in Update

    Splice Machine touted new hybrid workload capabilities in announcing version 2.5 of its Big Data platform, an open source SQL-based relational database solution powered by Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. 11/29/2016

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    Realm Mobile Database Now on Node

    Realm, the provider of a mobile object database for Android and iOS developers, has expanded from the client to the server with what it describes as the first object database for the Node JavaScript ecosystem: Realm Node.js. 11/28/2016

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    Visual Studio Cordova Tools Get Faster Builds, Debugging

    As part of the new Visual Studio 2017 release candidate, Microsoft has beefed up the build and debug functionality of its Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO), which allows mobile developers to create iOS and Android apps using JavaScript. 11/28/2016

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    Amazon Launches Preview of Administrative SDK for WorkDocs

    Amazon Web Services released a public preview of a new Administrative SDK for Amazon WorkDocs that lets developers integrate management functionality into apps that leverage the enterprise storage and file sharing service. 11/18/2016

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    Microsoft Closing Azure DataMarket

    Citing a lack of customer interest, Microsoft said it's closing down its six-year-old Azure DataMarket, a place where developers could access data services to power apps and analytic projects. 11/18/2016

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