New RSAC Marketplace 'Expands RSA Conference' for Cybersecurity Pros

Cybersecurity pros have a new online resource, the RSAC Marketplace, which its creators describe as "the equivalent of a year-round RSA expo."

The RSAC Marketplace was developed to provide a single source for cybersecurity professionals to search for products, solutions, and services. It was inspired by feedback from attendees of the annual RSA Conference, currently underway online, said Linda Gray Martin, VP of RSA Conference, in a statement.

"Your feedback inspired us to think differently about how we can be a continued resource for our community," Martin said in a blog post. "So, we took the concept of the Expo at RSA Conference and expanded it to be a year-round, digital composite of the resources you need to protect your organization."

The RSA Conference is one of the world's leading information security conferences and expositions. Among other things, the new online resource provides a place for the cybersecurity professionals who flock to that event to connect with hundreds of vendors, associations, and service providers around the world. It offers detailed filtering features and an intuitive interface, allowing users to search by organization, product type, and solution area. The interface was designed to bring hundreds of tools from vendors into a single, comprehensive, centralized.

"As RSAC Marketplace evolves, you’ll be able to use a risk assessment tool to help you uncover gaps in your security posture," Martin said. "You’ll then be able to easily navigate not only to suggested products and solutions but also to educational content and certification learning that will help you and your team close those gaps."

The RSAC Marketplace launched at the RSA Conference this week, but some details—do you have to be a conference attendee to get access, for example—were not available at press time. They will be added here when they become available.

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