• Report: 1 in 16 Java Components Have Security Defects

    Easily the most disturbing revelation in this report is that defective components in the software supply chain are routinely making their way into applications. 07/13/2016

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    HDInsight Tool in Azure Toolkit for Eclipse Goes GA

    Microsoft added to its growing list of Eclipse-based product offerings with the general availability release of the HDInsight Tool for Eclipse. 07/13/2016

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    44K Users Petition for Pokémon Go on Windows 10

    Windows 10 Mobile may not be so irrelevant after all, judging from an online petition signed by more than 44,000 users who want a mobile game called Pokémon Go (you may have heard of it) developed for Windows 10 and its mobile variant. 07/12/2016

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    Qubole Launches Cloud Migration for Cloudera Big Data

    Qubole, known for its Big Data-as-a-Service wares, is offering to help enterprises migrate their on-premises Cloudera-based Big Data implementations to the cloud. 07/12/2016

  • Pokémon Go: When Imagination Trumps Performance

    In a development world where software engineers spend hours tweaking bits and bytes to eke out every last microsecond of performance in a function call or ensure rock-solid stability, Pokémon Go seems to break the mold. 07/11/2016

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    Assembly Language Gains in Popularity

    Programming in assembly language -- getting down to the direct manipulation of bytes and even bits -- is gaining in popularity, according the latest ranking by TIOBE, apparently spurred by the Internet of Things. 07/11/2016

  • Oracle Says It's 'Committed' to Java EE 8

    Oracle has finally responded to my -- and I'm sure many others' -- requests for comment on the future of Java EE, on which the formation of the Java EE Guardians threw a spotlight a few months ago. 07/08/2016

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    LinkedIn Open Sources Tech for Mobile, Big Data and Java

    With open source sensibilities aligned with its new owner, Microsoft, the business-oriented social media site this week contributed technology for building iOS view layouts, analyzing Big Data and detecting URLs with a Java library. 07/01/2016

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    Google Increases Android Guidance Beyond Coding

    Google has been bolstering its non-coding guidance for Android developers who are trying to get their wares noticed on the increasingly crowded Google Play app store. 06/29/2016

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    mLab Woos Parse Mobile Developers with MongoDB-as-a-Service

    Already benefitting from mobile developers switching to its MongoDB-as-a-Service offering in the wake of the Parse back-end being shut down, mLab is out with a new guide to smooth the transition. 06/29/2016

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    Open Source .NET Core 1.0 Released by Microsoft

    Describing the move as "the biggest transformation of .NET since its inception," Microsoft this week announced the open source release of .NET Core 1.0, along with ASP.NET Core 1.0 and Entity Framework Core 1.0. 06/29/2016

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    Hortonworks Starts Hadoop Summit with Data Platform Update

    With the Hadoop Summit kicking off today in San Jose, Calif., host Hortonworks Inc. announced several updates to its Big Data platform, including improved security, easier Spark analytics and developer productivity advancements. 06/28/2016

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    Microsoft Plugs Away at Mobile, Offers App Scaling Guidance

    Microsoft is still plugging away in the mobile app development space, now banking on the Universal Windows Platform to stay relevant and providing a steady stream of related guidance to help developers follow on. 06/28/2016

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    In Turbulent Times, Google Offers Free Android Courses

    Amid turbulent times for the Android ecosystem, Google is enticing new developers into its mobile OS fold through free beginner training courses presented via Udacity. 06/28/2016

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    GitHub Visualizes the Impact of Open Source

    Code repository GitHub published data visualizations that show the impact of open source development on hosted projects, along with the "shape" of project activity such as collaboration and communication. 06/27/2016

  • On JavaScript Performance Wars

    The interminable JavaScript engine performance wars are continuing, with Microsoft landing the latest blow. 06/24/2016

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    Despite Mobile App Demand, Enterprise Spending Lags, Research Indicates

    Despite the much-publicized demand for mobile app development in the enterprise, spending for such initiatives remains low, according to a new report from research firm Gartner that parallels the findings of many other studies. 06/23/2016

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    IBM Revamps MobileFirst Development Platform for the Cloud

    IBM further strengthened the ties between its enterprise mobile app development platform and the cloud with today's announcement of MobileFirst Foundation 8.0. 06/23/2016

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    11th Annual Eclipse Release Train Launches

    "Neon" includes a broad range of open source projects, from an improved Eclipse JDT to new Docker Tooling to the first prime release of the Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle (and much more). 06/22/2016

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    Couchbase Aims To Smooth RDBMS-to-NoSQL Database Transition

    Couchbase today announced an upgrade of its flagship NoSQL database system designed to help enterprises with extensive SQL experience and talent move to the NoSQL world. 06/22/2016

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