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    Oracle Proposes NetBeans IDE as Apache Incubator Project

    Oracle has proposed contributing the NetBeans IDE to the Apache Software Foundation via the Apache Incubator Project. 09/13/2016

  • Coders Just Want To Rant and Confess

    Coding Confessional is a place where software developers can anonymously share their thoughts, opinions and secrets -- and be condemned or absolved by fellow coders. 09/13/2016

  • JavaOne 2016 NetBeans Day Is Gonna Rock

    John previews the annual JavaOne conference, kicking off Sunday with chock-a-block sessions, workshops and keynotes, including NetBeans Community Day, which focuses on what continues to be one of the industry's favorite open source IDEs. 09/13/2016

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    Box Platform Gets New Dev Tools

    Among a slew of announcements made by Box at its conference last week were new tools to help developers work with its enterprise content platform. 09/12/2016

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    Survey Reveals Challenges of Wearables Development

    Along with the obvious complexity of developing for yet another form factor, the lack of a clear vision from enterprise stakeholders in wearable initiatives and poor communication among vested parties provide even more challenges. 09/12/2016

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    'Developer-Ready' Aruba Mobile Platform Improves Network Programmability

    Taking a page from the software-defined networking (SDN) playbook, Aruba today introduced a new 'developer-ready' mobile platform that provides more network programmability via northbound APIs. 09/12/2016

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    Open Source InfluxDB 1.0 Time-Series Database Released

    InfluxData Inc. said its new open source InfluxDB time-series database -- just moved to version 1.0 -- was almost three years in the making. 09/09/2016

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    New Report Examines Chatbot Development

    Visionmobile has published a new report examining chatbot development, one of the hottest new-age topics in the industry. 09/09/2016

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    Google Highlights Android Nougat Security

    Google this week blogged about security enhancements in Android 7.0 Nougat on the same day the first security bulletin was issued for the brand-new mobile OS. 09/09/2016

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    AWS SDK for C++ Ready for Production Use

    It's been a long wait for C++ coders wanting to leverage the Amazon Web Services cloud for their development, but version 1.0 of the AWS SDK for C++ is finally ready for production use. 09/08/2016

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    Jobs Site: Top Mobile Freelancers Earn up to $70/Hour

    Freelance development firm Upwork has showcased "the world's top mobile app development freelancers" on its site, revealing hourly rates ranging from $14 to $70 for coders working in countries around the globe, from Belarus to Sweden to the U.S. 09/08/2016

  • The Agile Architect

    The Agile 5 Minute Daily Standup

    A standup meeting is supposed to be an effective way to have a quick, meaningful team meeting. Yet it is routinely despised as being too long and a waste of time. Our Agile Architect investigates ways to turn that around. 09/07/2016

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    Numbers Say Web Devs May Want To Target Mobile

    Web developers looking where to concentrate their efforts might be interested in new research that indicates Americans now mostly use smartphones for their online lives. 09/07/2016

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    Academicians Seek Better Cloud-Based Mobile App Storage

    Researchers at Binghamton University, State University of New York are trying to improve how mobile devices save data to the cloud. 09/07/2016

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    Android In-App Search Enhanced

    Mobile developers can now apply for early access to new in-app search functionality for their Android apps. 09/07/2016

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    Apple Starts App Store Cleanup, Removing Dregs

    Today Apple is tending to some housekeeping chores in its App Store, cleaning out non-quality apps and providing mobile developers with guidance to keep their wares functional and engaging. 09/07/2016

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    BigQuery Tackles 1 Billion GitHub Files To Reveal Spaces vs. Tabs Developer Preference

    Google developer advocate Felipe Hoffa showed off the capabilities of the company's cloud-based BigQuery data warehouse by analyzing some 1 billion files across 400,000 GitHub repositories to see if developers prefer tabs or spaces to indent their code. 09/06/2016

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    Facing Low Developer Investment, Apache OpenOffice Project Considers Retirement

    Citing security concerns and a lack of vested volunteer developers to advance its mission, an exec with the open source Apache OpenOffice project has floated discussion about retiring the popular software. 09/06/2016

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    TypeScript 2.0 Nears Final Release

    Microsoft doesn't expect to be adding any major new features to its upcoming open source TypeScript 2.0 programming language, which was recently made available in a Release Candidate version. 09/06/2016

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    Google Opens Up Early Access Program for Mobile App Testing

    Google is inviting more mobile app developers to use its Early Access program, in which open betas are made available to the public to give users a first look at new creations while providing developers with valuable pre-release feedback. 09/06/2016

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