MuleSoft Updates Anypoint DataGraph

2021 0602 NWS ADT MuleSoft Updates Anypoint DataGraph

Integration and API platform provider MuleSoft has unveiled the next major release of its flagship solution, the Anypoint Platform with DataGraph. With this release, developers will be able to use the Anypoint DataGraph to discover, access, and serve data from multiple existing APIs with a single query, without writing any additional code.

The new Anypoint DataGraph was designed to allow users in a range of industries to create composable business capabilities and deliver seamless digital experiences faster.

Virtually every organization has had to digitize quickly in recent years to meet rising customer expectations and scale growth. In a blog post, Kevin Balaji, MuleSoft senior product marketing manager, points to a McKinsey survey found that the share of digital or digitally-enabled products in companies’ portfolios has accelerated by seven years due to COVID-19. But a recent Connectivity Benchmark Report found that integration challenges are holding almost 9 in 10 companies back from delivering on digital transformation.

The same study argues that companies have the opportunity to turn to composable building blocks, such as APIs, to innovate and scale faster. Currently, 96% of companies are using APIs, but only 42% of APIs are made available for reuse, the report claims. A "composable business" uses standardized, reusable building blocks of packaged capabilities to gain speed, agility, and efficiency, instead of coding from scratch each time.

By turning every process, asset and piece of data in their organization into a reusable building block, MuleSoft's chief product officers, Meir Amiel says, companies can deliver digital business initiatives faster with each project.

"Every industry is under pressure to deliver digital innovation faster to meet rising customer expectations and adapt to changing market dynamics," Amiel said in a statement. "Any digital project requires integration, data, security, governance and APIs. With MuleSoft, companies are rethinking their approach to integration and APIs based on secure, reusable building blocks to solve their most immediate need and lay the foundation for ongoing innovation."

MuleSoft Anypoint DataGraph was designed to enable developers to replace custom code for many API requests with a managed service. It comes with dozens of new connectors for automating business processes, including Automation Anywhere, Google Sheets, JIRA, NetSuite, and Stripe. This release also comes with new MuleSoft Accelerators for SAP, financial services, and retail.

The Anypoint DataGraph became generally available in May. The Connectors and Accelerators are also generally available.

San Francisco-based MuleSoft was founded in 2006 as MuleSource. The company’s core technology, Mule, was developed by company founder, Ross Mason, in 2003. Mule is based on messaging platforms that can be used as an ESB; developers use it to integrate their applications by leveraging the ESBs broad support for protocol transports and application connectors, including HTTP, JMS, Web Services, JDBC, File/FTP, SAP, and, among others. Its name comes from Mason’s frustration over integration "donkey work."

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