Software Development Product Reviews

Review: <oXygen />

A capable XML editor that goes beyond the basics, &lt;oXygen /&gt; is java-based for cross-platform usability.

Product Review: WinDriver

WinDriver offers relatively painless device driver development across a variety of platforms. If you can't afford a full-time device engineer, this package may be the next best thing.

Review: Crystal Reports

Crystal adds J2EE features and additional data connections in its continued quest for enterprise reporting dominance. Business Objects, the new owner, is sending a strong signal about its long-term viability.

Book Review: Web & Software Development: A Legal Guide

Developers need lawyers. But to make good use of a lawyer, it helps to do your homework. This book is a great start.

Review: NewsGator 2.0

The new release of this Outlook-integrated news reader adds compliance with the latest standards and an array of online services and alternative delivery methods.

Review: XtraVerticalGrid

An innovative control that acts like a regular grid stoon on edge, the XtraVerticalGrid can be used in a wide variety of user interfaces.

Review: Dotfuscator

.NET code is easy to compile. Dotfuscator helps protect your code from prying eyes.

Review: XMLFox

XMLFox offers an affordable way to create XML schema files, though you do have to watch out for a few rough edges.

Review: SOAPscope 3.0

SOAPscope continues to be the best diagnostic tool for Web services developers. Visual Studio .NET integration just makes it even sweeter.

Review: mssqlXpress

This third-party tool brings value to the SQL Server management table that the native Microsoft tools miss, including solid source code control and many shortcuts for DBAs and developers.

Review: VisualScript

VisualScript provides an innovative and extensible environment for creating XML. Its drag-and-drop visual metaphor will make XML creation easy for power users and pros alike.

Review: OpenMake

If you've outgrown your build system because your software is too complex, take a look at OpenMake. It takes the pain out of builds with a knowledge base of software types.

Review: Codify

With code generation on a micro scale for users of Visual Studio .NET, Codify offers a way to integrate code generation into every day development.

A review of Teamplate 4.0, PrimalCode 3.0 and Microsoft Virtual PC 2004

Mike Gunderloy reviews Teamplate 4.0, PrimalCode 3.0 and Microsoft Virtual PC 2004.

FrontPage, front and center

Serious corporate developers and weekend homepage builders alike will find a lot to appreciate in Microsoft FrontPage 2003.

Review: SnapBridge

This enterprise-level system lets you use dynamic XML to share all manner of information, whether it started in XML or not.

Review: SmartDraw

SmartDraw provides an easy-to-use drawing package with a wide variety of symbols at a cost-effective price.

Review: AccuRev

AccuRev is an innovative source code control system that features truly atomic transactions, perfectly permanent history, and a nifty graphical client.

Review: SQL Comparison & Synchronization Toolkit

From the makers of SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare, this library exposes an API that you can call from your .NET applications to work with multiple SQL Server databases.

Review: Teamplate

Teamplate is a serious workflow framework that integrates with a host of Microsoft products. It's easy to use, both for the developer and the ultimate customer, and offers impressive flexibility.

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