Software Development Product Reviews

Briefing: Fortify

Fortify's toolset is designed to catch security bugs through static code analysis. With editions covering a wide range of price and functionality, they're accessible to almost any developer.

Briefing: Grand Central

Grand Central offers an easy way for you to get started on a service-oriented architecture without investing a ton of money.

A touch of JClass for charts, reports

Building Java applications that generate customized graphs and charts for plotting business metrics or that dynamically produce printable PDF and RTF documents presents a unique challenge to any software development team. Creating the kinds of complex, interactive charts and reports that Quest Software’s JClass products are capable of —out of the box—would require a downright Herculean effort.

Review: InstallShield 10.5

New features continue to appear in this application, which now supports MySQL and the latest Windows Installer technology.

Review: SmartDraw 7

SmartDraw 7 is a drawing program with an amazing variety of built-in symbols and impressive ease-of-use at an excellent price.

Briefing: ANTs Data Server

ANTs is aiming at the market segment where speed is most important. Their innovative architecture can put other database servers to shame.

Review: Graphics Server .NET

The addition of controllable widgets brings even more flexibility to this affordable graphics package.

Review: Altova Enterprise XML Suite 2005

Altova has revised their XML suite to support the latest standards, including XSLT 2.0, XPath 2.0, and XQuery.

Review: LogMeister

A reasonably-priced package for monitoring event logs and other sources of administrative information, LogMeister makes good use of RSS and a modern interface.

Review: Perforce

Perforce is a superbly flexible source code management system that runs on a wide variety of platforms.

Briefing: InstallShield 10.5

The long-time setup utility starts to integrate with the rest of the MacroVision line in a version that continues to add new features.

Review: ApexSQL Edit

This IDE for SQL Server continues to add new features at a fast pace. Recommended for any SQL Server developer.

Review: ESP

ESP is a helpful and inexpensive tool for those with too darned many files to sort through.

Review: DotNetBar Suite

DotNetBar offers a solid and flexible set of controls in modern visual styles for your .NET applications.

A review of Portfolio 7 and TierDeveloper 4.0 Enterprise Edition

A review of Portfolio 7 and TierDeveloper 4.0 Enterprise Edition

Sun Java Studio Creator: The VB of Java?

Sun has designed Java Studio Creator to be the Visual Basic of Java and J2EE Web development. It’s not there yet, but JSC is a major improvement over NetBeans, Eclipse, and even IntelliJ and JBuilder for quickly creating JSP applications that use JavaServer Faces.

Review: Databeacon

.NET Smart Client technology helps deliver a scalable story for analyzing business data via OLAP cubes.

Review: ActiveWords

ActiveWords provides a fast and flexible way for the keyboard-oriented worker to automate tasks in Windows.

Briefing : Blaze Advisor

A rules management solution for the enterprise, Blaze Advisor lets you capture business rules into a repository with flexible APIs for easy reuse.

Review: Evolution

Evolution is a source code control system designed around the notion of versioning entire components rather than just files.


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