Software Development Product Reviews

Briefing: Pivia

Pivia offers a way to accelerate Web-based applications without any application modifications.

Review: InstallAnywhere.NET

A new entry in the setup tools market, InstallAnywhere.NET offers a well-designed and comprehensive IDE for installing .NET applications.

Review: AutoCode

Inject templated code into your .NET projects as fast as you can type with this no-frills product.

Review: Groove Virtual Office 3.0

The new version of Groove is more tightly integrated with Windows than ever before. It deserves a spot in any far-flung enterprise or extranet collaboration picture.

Review: Mono 1.0

This open source project offers the prospect of making your .NET applications truly cross-platform. It's worth keeping an eye on.

Review: SQL Packager

No-muss, no-fuss solution for delivering SQL Server databases and updates to your customers.

Review: Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition

Still in beta, the new Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition offers a peek at many of the innovative technologies coming in the next version of Visual Studio.

Review: StrikeIron Web Services Business Network

This site is trying to become the online hub for Web Services and SOA activity.

A review of XWall 3.1 and Mapforce 2004

Mike Gunderloy reviews XWall 3.1 and Mapforce 2004.

Product Review: Flex your UI

Flex delivers a very rich client dev tool on the first try. This tool and cross-platform RIA will only get better.

Review: X1

A lightning-fast search engine for Outlook that can handle the largest message stores, X1 is worth the slightly premium price

Review: Evermore Integrated Office 2004

Despite what you may have heard, Office suites are still not a one-horse race, as this new Chinese import shows.

Review: SqlDataScripter 2.0

SqlDataScripter fills in one of the missing pieces in SQL Server's tools, letting you build a set of INSERT statements to recreate a database on a new machine.

Review: XMLSPY 2004

This high-end XML editor continues to improve with new features in every release. Now there's a free version to get you started as well.

Review: NEO Pro

This second generation e-mail client is designed to make it easier to find things if you're a volume e-mail user.

Review: BuildIT

If you need a repeatable build process, but can't afford a commercial tool, try this free alternative.

Review: Professional Validation and More

If you're writing ASP.NET applications, this package of validation and data entry controls is a must-have, as simple as that.

Review: XWall

This XML firewall also offers a variety of developer-oriented services, including WS-I Basic Profile checking. It might be just the place where sysadmins and devs can agree on a purchase.

Review: MAPFORCE 2004

MAPFORCE 2004 offers flexible mappings between database data and XML files, among other choices. Its drag-and-drop interface is vastly easier than writing XSLT by hand.

Review: SQL Dev Pro

SQL Dev Pro is an all-in-one utility for SQL Server developers. It provides source code control, scripting, and a bunch of other functions.


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