Software Development Product Reviews

Review: Superior SQL Builder

A very flexible scripting utility, Superior SQL Builder lets you create almost any text script using an innovative IDE.

Review: Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio provides a full-featured XML development environment at a reasonable price point.

Review: ZaneBug

Unit-testing tools for .NET are proliferating these days. ZaneBug brings some innovative new features to the familiar NUnit base.

Review: Omea Reader

With Omean Reader, the RSS reader grows into an information manager. It's an interesting direction.

Review: Desaware Licensing System 1.1

This client-server licensing system for .NET is improved with more samples, code obfuscation, and a lower entry price.

Review: Thinstall

Thinstall lets you shrink .NET deployment sizes by only delivering the parts of the Framework that you really need - among other benefits.

Review: CodeRush 1.1.1 with Refactor!

A great tool for the keyboard-oriented Visual Studio .NET developer, now made even better with the addition of refactoring functionality.

Review: IMSL C# Numerical Library

A tried and true numerical analysis tool comes to native C# code.

A review of CodeLogic for C# 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Beta 2

Mike Gunderloy reviews CodeLogic for C# 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Beta 2

Browsersoft lets developers write a little Java

Browsersoft’s eQ! Foundation is a solid product that is easy to set up and use. Its ability to script business logic makes it a great tool for inexperienced Java developers.

Review: DemoCharge

This demonstration recorder will produce animated GIFs as output, so you can display the results anywhere that HTML is accepted.

Review: TierDeveloper

The latest version of this .NET object-relational mapper adds two-way object creation and increased GUI customization, among other features.

Review: Portfolio

Portfolio offers an affordable and extensible Digital Asset Management suite for creative professionals and others.

Review: SOAPscope 4.0

The latest round of Mindreef's Web services tool has an absolutely killer feature: the ability to package and share a debugging session with any other user.

Review: Advanced Installer

Advanced Installer provides a cost-effective and streamlined way to create a basic MSI installer.

Briefing: Thinstall

Thinstall offers a way to install .NET applications as a single file that's far smaller than the framework. Add in rights management and the ability to run your app on a locked-down computer and you've got a winner.

Review: TEdit

TEdit provides an easy and flexible way to display and edit database tables on ASP.NET pages.

Review: Surround SCM

Surround SCM provides a solid software configuration management alternative for large cross-platform organizations.

Review: BlogWave

BlogWave provides an extensible workbench for constructing RSS feeds from a variety of sources.

Briefing: Big-IP

Big-IP's TCP/IP traffic management features can help ease the mismatch between application development and network administration.


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