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A review of RMTrack 2.0 and Cape Clear SOA Editor 4.8

Mike Gunderloy reviews RMTrack 2.0 and Cape Clear SOA Editor 4.8

SOAPtest bubbles up

With its ability to automatically generate relevant testing scenarios, SOAPtest is the perfect counterpart for developing enterprise-class Web service apps.

Review: ASPxNavigation Suite

A pair of controls for ASP.NET developers, ASPxNavigation suite offers peppy performance and nice user interface for navigating Web sites.

Review: StateCoder

Build state machines for .NET the easy (and bulletproof) way.

Review: Deklarit 3.0

Deklarit is a Visual Studio .NET code generator with some excellent and innovative features. This version raises the bar with support for PocketPC and additional database types.

Review: OpenMake 6.3

Tighter integration with Visual Studio .NET and Eclipse, plus more flexible task definition, highlight the new release of this high-end build tool.

Review: VMware Workstation 4.5

If you're not using virtual machines, you're missing out. VMware 4.5 adds improvements to an already-strong product.

Review: RMTrack 2.0

RMTrack provides a flexible web-based bug-tracking system based on .NET. Version 2.0 adds some important features to an already strong product.

Review: Cape Clear SOA Editor

Web services may not have all the buzz these days, but more and more of them are going into action. For designers who want to start by defining an interface, the Cape Clear SOA Editor packs a lot of power into a free package.

Review: CAS/Tester

CAS/Tester is an innovative product for the .NET developer that shows how your code will react under a variety of security limitations.

Review: Lookout

Finally, a reasonable alternative to Microsoft Outlook's abysmally-slow search has arrived.

Review: TOAD for SQL Server

This long-time Oracle tool has been ported to SQL Server, and offers plenty of power for the DBA and developer.

Review: DirectSkin

DirectSkin provides an easy way to spiff up your application's user interface. As long as you can use COM controls, the code to do so it almost trivial.

.NET controls set to go

NetAdvantage 2004 Volume 1 is a best-of-breed suite of proven presentation layer .NET, ASP.NET and COM controls from a solid company where developer input strongly influences new product development.

Review: Graphics Server .NET

Graphics Server .NET provides a 100% managed code graphing package that works on both Windows forms and WebForms.

Review: MMM-Experts

An inexpensive Visual Studio .NET add-in brings a few useful tools to the IDE.

Review: MindManager

MindManager is an excellent brainstorming tool that can share data across a variety of programs and platforms.

Review: RapTier

RapTier provides fast template-based code generation for .NET applications, enabling you to go from a database to Windows or Web forms very quickly.

Review: ILOG Gantt for .NET

A very well-done specialized charting control for .NET, ILOG Gantt for .NET features some of the best design and supporting documentation of any .NET control.

Review: Telelogic SYNERGY

SYNERGY provides enterprise-level change management and configuration managment with innovative features.


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