Software Development Product Reviews

Review: Total Access Analyzer

With this new preview release, FMS makes their flagship Access addin better than ever.

Review: Xamlon

Why wait for Microsoft to try XAML, the new declarative markup language for Longhorn? Xamlon can deliver it today.

Review: CodeLogic

CodeLogic generates a variety of visual diagrams from your C# code. It's a great tool for exploring the structure of complex applications.

Review: Wise for Windows Installer

A superior tool for complex setup, the latest version of Wise for Windows Installer includes significant new capabilities for server applications.

Review: Demo Builder

Demo Builder turns screen recordings into interactive Flash demonstrations.

A review of ReSharper 1.0.1 and Pivia Performance Suite 4.0

Mike Gunderloy reviews ReSharper 1.0.1 and Pivia Performance Suite 4.0

Sun adds to open-source Java IDE roster

NetBeans is a versatile and highly configurable editor that stacks up very well against Eclipse. The key difference is that the NetBeans editor ties in well with additional functionality, such as the project manager, the GUI designer and the debugger.

Product Briefs

A look at software tools and technologies on the market.

Review: Ad-Aware SE

Malware comes in more forms than viruses and worms. Having Ad-Aware handy can be an important part of tuning up Windows.

Review: Qwik-Fix Pro

Qwik-Fix tries to prevent malware from attacking your computer by hardening Windows. In some cases, this fixes vulnerabilities months before Microsoft releases patches.

Review: Metasploit Framework

Think it's tough to exploit a buffer overflow in Windows? Download this tool and you might change your mind.

Review: FlexWiki

Wikis provide an easy way for a team to collaborate on Web pages. FlexWiki provides a good way for .NET shops to test this idea.

Review: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Beta 2

The first peek we have at the replacement for MSDE looks promising indeed.

Briefing: QAnywhere

Mobile development takes another big step forward with this message queueing implementation for Palm and PocketPC.

Review: ReSharper

This new product offers refactoring and coding shortcuts for the Visual Studio .NET developer - as long as they're working in C#. If that's you, ReSharper could be essential.

Briefing: iRise

iRise promises to bridge the gaps between business analyst and developer. The new version adds WebLogic code generation to the mix.

A review of Iron Speed Designer 1.6.4 and IntelliView 2.2, Designer

Mike Gunderloy reviews Iron Speed Designer 1.6.4 and IntelliView 2.2, Designer

Oracle opens up (just a bit)

JDeveloper successfully integrates features for all development phases of J2EE and several related technologies into one environment. While it is an ideal solution for building apps built on top of Oracle’s database and application server, JDeveloper’s lack of broad support for other environments may inhibit its adoption.

Review: OpenNETCF Smart Device Framework

A great - and free - way to make your .NET Mobile device development more effective than ever.

Review: Speed SQL IDE Pro

An IDE for the SQL Server developer and DBA, Speed SQL IDE Pro is getting more useful features all the time.


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