Software Development Product Reviews

Review: Veredus

Rascal Software's Veredus is an easy-to-use single-source documentation builder that stores its projects using XML standards.

Review: XtraBars

XtraBars offers a dizzying array of flexible UI components, complete with source code, for an attractive price.

Review: MDB Artisan

MDB Artisan offers an easy tool for exploring and documenting Access databases.

Review: MaSaI Editor

A new and mysterious entrant in the MSI-editing field provides an interesting and useful alternative to Microsoft's Orca editor.

Review: ConceptDraw

This cross-platform Mac and PC drawing application is a viable alternative to more expensive programs such as Visio.

Review: Log Explorer

Log Explorer turns your SQL Server transaction logs into a powerful tool for browsing and recovering lost data. DBAs will find it an essential tool.

Review: C Sharp Programmable Calculator

A calculator that you can program in C# and that understands RPN - what more could you ask?

Viva la Pramati differenza

Pramati Server Version 3.5 provides high performance at a low cost, with features that allow users to run apps already deployed on Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat and WebLogic Server.

Looks at IBM Rational XDE Developer .NET Edition v2003.06 and Compuware DriverStudio

Mike Gunderloy reviews IBM Rational XDE Developer .NET Edition v2003.06 and DriverStudio 3.0

Review: RoboDemo

RoboDemo offers a flexible system for recording demonstrations as Flash movies (or other formats) from your computer. When you need to convey more than the written word can easily handle, check out RoboDemo.

Review: MasterList-XL

A free task-tracking program based on Excel, MasterList-XL is designed to let you see how much time you're spending on the truly important things.

Review: The Regulator

The Regulator is a full-featured regular expression tool for the .NET Framework. It offers innovative features including multiple document editing and connections to an online library of regexes.

Review: InstallShield Express

InstallShield Express offers an easy way to build setup packages for applications that don't need all the power of a high-end setup.

Review: TextML Server

If you're building a product that needs to handle lots of XML documents, TextML Server provides an embeddable component with attractive licensing terms for ISVs.

Review: Logidex .NET Library

Logidex offers a software development asset management tool integrated with Visual Studio .NET. If they can continue to improve the metadata for Microsoft content, it could be very useful indeed.

Review: RMTrack

RMTrack provides a customizable ASP.NET system for bug-tracking in the browser. You can change everything right down to the workflow with ease.

Briefing: Integra Enterprise

Integra Enterprise is a testing tool for serious enterprise development. Version 4.0 introduces intelligent recording and Mercury TestDirector integration.

Review: eXpress Persistent Objects for .NET

eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO) saves .NET objects into an Access or SQL Server database. An attribute-based approach makes it possible to do this without writing a line of data access code.

Briefing: Infravio Ensemble

Ensemble offers a contract-based approach to creating an SOA backbone in your enterprise.

Review: Compuware DriverStudio

DriverStudio features essential tools and documentation to make the job of writing device drivers for Windows easier.

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