Kony Updates Low-Code Platform, Offers New Beta Program to Developers

Kony Inc. has released a new version of its enterprise mobility development platform, targeting both professional coders and "citizen developers" trying to help their pro counterparts keep up with the increasing demand for mobile business apps.

Also, the company -- named by analysts as a leader in the low-code space -- has for the first time released a beta version just for developers, inviting them to help shape the dev platform.

The Austin, Texas-based firm yesterday announced the release of Kony AppPlatform V8, providing a visual, drag-and-drop approach to creating omni-channel apps (phone, tablet, responsive Web, native desktop) that reportedly can share up to 80 percent of a single codebase via a patented cross-platform JavaScript API.

"Businesses are struggling to get ahead of the demands of an increasingly digital client base, workforce and business environment," said exec Burley Kawasaki in a statement. "Our latest V8 version of Kony AppPlatform addresses this need, by speeding and simplifying the process of app design, development and delivery, and ensuring the app does not compromise user experiences and is future proofed to take advantage of new, emerging technologies, such as chatbots and IoT."

Kawasaki also wrote an accompanying blog post announcing that the company for the first time is implementing a BETA program in which developers can help shape the tooling.

"Kony 8.0 is focused on creating an experience that will further simplify and accelerate your app design and development experience," he said. "As a BETA participant, you'll get hands-on with our latest offerings on Visualizer, MobileFabric, and our very own Kony Marketplace -- an environment enabled with reusable assets of varying categories allowing you to download and use components in your own app or contribute assets that can be used by everyone in the Marketplace."

Interested developers can register for the program here.

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