Enterprise Mobile Dev Tool Goes from Low-Code to No-Code

Just in case those "ordinary business user" types find low-code tools too daunting for meeting the enterprise mobile app demand, dev tool maker Zuznow has gone to a no-code approach.

A whole industry has evolved to meet that growing demand, charged by the age of enterprise mobility and a corresponding lack of skilled mobile developers. That industry uses different terms for the solutions designed to help enterprises produce mobile apps without involving hard-to-find professional developers: low-code, do-it-yourself (DIY), model-driven, visual-development, rapid-application-development (RAD), wizard-based, citizen-developer, drag-and-drop, point-and-click, no-code and so on.

Zuznow today used several of those terms in announcing its updated mobile adaptation development platform (MADP) in a news release proclaiming "Zuznow Takes Low-Code to No-Code and Adds Insights for Omni-Channel Apps."

"Zuznow's new visual editor offers no-code functionality that further simplifies customizing the automatic mobile Web result that is produced from the Zuznow AI platform," the company said. "Using the interactive visual editor, non-developers can customize the user experience for all channels and devices. They can select an element and change the appearance using the simple-to-use editor. No coding is required."

That "automatic mobile Web result" refers to functionality of the Front-end-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform that automatically converts desktop Web apps to a "mobile friendly layout for all types of mobile devices." Users can then leverage the platform to customize that layout and create downloadable mobile apps.

Using the Zuznow Platform Editor
[Click on image for larger view.] Using the Zuznow Platform Editor (source: Zuznow)

"As easy as our platform is to use we continue to move it toward our vision of complete automation," said Chen Levkovich, company CEO and founder. "By using our visual editor to do 'point and click' customization of the automatic mobile Web result, we enable enterprises to create unique user experiences based on their brand and usability standards."

Along with further simplifying the development process, Zuznow said its platform now features increased reporting capabilities via a graphical dashboard that provides information such as mobile analytics.

The platform serves as the newest example of a growing trend explained by research firm Gartner Inc., which was quoted in the Zuznow announcement.

"The demand for large numbers of mobile apps delivered on very short timelines has also driven the demand for RMAD [rapid mobile application development] tools," Gartner said in its January report, "Survey Analysis: How Enterprises Are Tackling Mobile App Development in 2016" ($1,295 cost).

"These no-code/low-code tools allow people other than programmers to build mobile apps quickly and easily in visual development environments," Gartner continued in the report. "Adoption and use of these tools relieves pressure on development teams to build large numbers of mobile apps that the organization needs."

The Zuznow platform comes in cloud-based and on-premises versions. No pricing information was provided.

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