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Eclipse CDT: Reshaping the C/C++ Tools Market

If Eclipse Foundation executive director Mike Milinkovich has said it once, he's said it a thousand times (to us, anyway): Eclipse is not just about Java.

EclipseME 1.1.0: Big News for Developers in Small Spaces

It came and went last month with relatively little fanfare, but the release of the latest version of EclipseME, the open-source plugin for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, was big news for Java developers working in small spaces.

Red Oak Opens Legacy Composer to Java Development

Red Oak Software today introduced an Eclipse-based version of its Legacy Composer to help developers integrate legacy applications across enterprises and eventually integrate these apps into service-oriented architectures.

Genius Steals, Marketing Homogenizes

The current Java IDE war appears to be about stealing features and copying the way other IDEs do things. The result could eventually be a bland, homogenized landscape.

Vendors Embrace Open Source, Eclipse, JBI and SOA at JavaOne

Vendors are making significant announcements this week in San Francisco at the annual JavaOne conference, which marks the 10th anniversary of Java.

Wind River's Workbench 2.3 Reflects Multiple Developer Roles

In the wake of its first-ever worldwide user conference, Wind River Systems made a spate of announcements around "refreshes" across its product line. The biggest news for device software developers is the company's plan to "radically redefine the development tools space" with four new configurations of its Workbench dev tool.

Borland Unveils JBuilder Roadmap; Signposts Include Eclipse

Borland Software recently laid out plans for JBuilder, including continued development of JBuilder products to utilize Eclipse as the integration framework.

Eclipse Brings Open Source to Business Intelligence Market

The Eclipse Foundation says the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) project version 1.0 is now generally available.

Rich Internet Client Development gets Richer

OpenLaszlo 3.0, and IDE for Laszlo 2.0 - that'll do nicely sir...

Two Object Relational Mapping Projects Proposed for Eclipse

Hot on the heels of Oracle’s recent announcement of its proposed Eclipse project to support the Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 3.0 specification, Versant, a data management company, has proposed an Eclipse initiative that appears to stake out the same territory.

Eclipse Project Takes on Parallel Computing

Development tools for parallel computer systems tend to be architecture-specific, difficult to integrate and fairly basic. Parallel application developers often find themselves juggling tools to match the different machines, shifting gears from stark command-line interfaces and text editors to a range of graphical user interfaces.

Is Eclipse the Commercial IDE Killer?

Has the traditional integrated development environment gone the way of the dinosaur? The company that invented the IDE seems to think so...sort of.

Eclipse-Based Reporting Plug-In Debuts

There seems to be a consensus among open-source technology watchers that the Eclipse platform has reached a tipping point in its evolution toward widespread industry acceptance and even popularity. The recent EclipseCon trade show offered plenty of evidence to support the idea--primarily in the form of brand-name companies either jumping on board for the first time or ratcheting up their involvement in the Eclipse Foundation.

Borland Becomes Eclipse Strategic Partner

Borland Software confirmed rumors this week that it would be upgrading its membership in the Eclipse Foundation. The Scotts Valley, CA-based toolmaker, which was one of the founding member companies of the organization, has signed on as a strategic developer and member of the board.

BEA, Sybase, and Borland to Deepen Involvement with Eclipse Foundation

The number of companies jumping on the Eclipse bandwagon has been growing at a furious pace since it gained official independence from IBM last year. Twenty-six companies joined the Eclipse Foundation in 2004, bumping that organization's roster to 82 members, including strategic developers, add-in providers, and associate members.

Eclipse Foundation Releases First-Ever Roadmap

One of the more intriguing pieces of news to come out of this week's EclipseCon 2005 conference is the Eclipse Foundation's announcement that it has completed its first-ever roadmap. The roadmap document, which the foundation plans to revise annually, is intended to provide visibility to the open-source community around Eclipse and the Eclipse ecosystem, explains Eclipse Foundation Executive Director Mike Milinkovich.

IBM seen challenging software industry with release of patents

IBM seen challenging software industry with release of patents to open source community.

IBM offers new integrated tools for J2EE development teams

As promised, a week after releasing a new version of WebSphere, IBM announced a new integrated toolset that draws heavily on its Rational technology.

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