Eclipse Development News

First Look: Komodo IDE 5.0

The integrated development environment makes coding easy but it lacks .NET support.

Agile Solution Provider Rolls Out Java SDK

VersionOne added support for Java developers in the latest release of its agile management tool.

Open Source SOA Project Gets Axed

The Eclipse Foundation's archiving process for the Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF) project has already started.

Merb: The Rails Alternative

New Ruby framework offers a modular approach.

LongJump Addresses 'Long Tail' of IT Development

New Java-based, Eclipse-compatible rapid application development suite for cloud computing focuses heavily on reuse.

MyEclipse Mixes in More Maven

Genuitec has implemented Maven2 in the latest milestone release of its MyEclipse integrated development environment (IDE).

NetBeans 6.5 Beta Released

With support for all versions Java, many languages (including Ruby on Rails, Groovy and now PHP) and a number of frameworks, analysts say that the open source, Sun-backed NetBeans is becoming strong alternative to Eclipse.

Q&A: Dev Options in UNA's Collaborative IDE

N-BRAIN's exec talks about the integration of mixins and plug-ins in the company's new collaborative development tool.

Spring Gets Expanded Java Annotation Support

Spring 2.5 embraces annotations in a variety of new ways.

Eclipse's Third 'Release Train' on Schedule

On Wednesday June 25 the Eclipse Foundation is sending Ganymede down the tracks.

Curl Announces RIA Dev Tools Beta for Eclipse

Developers can create dynamic Web apps in the Curl language via Eclipse.

IBM Rational's Big-Band Jazz Release

IBM Rational Director Dave Locke calls Jazz the server-side counterpart of Eclipse; partners announce compatibility initiatives.

Eclipse Expands Runtime Scope

Developers expand Eclipse's ability to run applications across different systems; new languages, SOA tools expected in next release.

Eclipse Foundation Announces New Mobile, Embedded Projects

Organization expands into another segment of the development community.

RadRails 1.0 Adds Options for Ruby Coders

This latest Ruby IDE release features improved installation, plus a few customization features to suit your coding preferences.

IBM Partners With UCLA, N.C. State on Web Development

Colleges will get support from IBM on the use of some open programming tools.

HP Rolls Out SOA Governance Model

New products and services aim to help organizations deal with complexities of service-oriented architectures.

First Look: Project Zero

Web developers who want to avoid writing Java applets may like this Eclipse plug-in tool.

Component Assembly Service Has Its Head in the Cloud

A Web-based component map service helps users share applications.

Red Hat Bundles Tooling and Runtime in New JBoss IDE

JBoss Developer Studio provides more open source options for enterprise application developers.

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