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DDC-I Unveils Real-Time Java Tool

Solution helps create low-latency applications to better meet FAA safety standards.

SOA Uptake Still 'Early,' Analysts Say

The general enthusiasm for using SOA to improve business IT processes is high, but the actual adoption rates haven't skyrocketed yet, according to some accounts.

Black Duck Expands Its IBM Rational Ties

The company's integrated app helps hunt down open source software and ensure licensing compliance.

Trolltech Adds Java Support to Qt Framework

New product broadens options for developers of rich client apps.

Sun Studio 12 Supports Linux, Multi-Core

New IDE provides tools for C, C++ and FORTRAN developers.

CodeGear Readies C++ and Ruby on Rails IDEs

The Borland subsidiary, moving at a rapid clip, has announced new tools for rapid application development.

SOA Report: Enterprise Deployments Predicted To Grow

A research firm expects to see a spike in SOA use as enterprises add new solutions, with a boost of 50 percent predicted for this year.

Adobe Takes Flex SDK Open Source

Move aimed at boosting use of Adobe's Flash-based development environment for rich Internet applications.

Eclipse Milestones Released for AJAX, Dynamic Languages

The Eclipse Foundation has announced three new project milestone releases that extend the open-source Eclipse framework to support AJAX and dynamic programming languages, such as Python, Ruby, and Tcl.

Intalio Donates Workflow Framework to Eclipse

Intalio is donating its Tempo project to the Eclipse Foundation. Tempo is the first open-source workflow framework to support IBM and SAP's BPEL4People model. Available under the Eclipse Public License, the framework will become part of the foundation's SOA Tools Platform project.

New NetBeans Release Aimed at the Enterprise

Sun Microsystems and the NetBeans community last week announced the general availability of the latest version of the free, open-source NetBeans integrated development environment. NetBeans 5.5 comes with new features aimed at enterprise software developers.

New Eclipse IDE Eases Open Source SOA

Open source platforms offer flexibility and faster time to production if your team is adept at hand coding and working with command lines. LogicBlaze, sponsors of an open source SOA distribution, released an Eclipse-based dev environment last week designed to do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Borland Advances Eclipse-Based Modeling Platform

Borland Software Corporation on Friday announced a major upgrade of its Together 2006 for Eclipse, an enterprise-modeling platform designed to support architects, Java and C++ developers, Unified Modeling Language (UML) designers, business process analysts, and data modelers.

Eclipse Popularity Rises: Heterogeneity on the Desktop is Back

The Eclipse Foundation kicks off its EclipseWorld Enterprise Developer Conference in Boston this week with some hot survey numbers: Sixty percent of 384 respondents queried for Evans Data's 2006 Annual Eclipse Global Enterprise Survey say they're using the open source, Java-based platform as their primary IDE.

Software Brings Transparency to Dev Environment

A day in the life of a developer is just a few clicks away with a software analysis solution that displays what, when and how long they’re working on projects. But reps say this is more than Big Brother knocking on developers’ doors.

Business Objects Embraces Eclipse

Skeptics might have scoffed when Business Objects SA announced plans to develop a version of its ubiquitous Crystal Reports reporting tool for Eclipse, but—as savvy industry-watchers note—there is a certain undeniable logic to this move. After all, the development world isn’t an Eclipse-only enclave.

Ward Cunningham on Wikis, Patterns, Mashups and More

Ward Cunningham, best known as the inventor of the first wiki (WikiWikiWeb), is currently the director of Committer Community Development at the Eclipse Foundation. Find out what he's up to and what he thinks of current application technologies.

Scan for security issues while building apps

The old adage, “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself” is seldom accurate in the IT industry. Obviously, Franklin D. Roosevelt never had to secure a Web site in his lifetime. With the risks in today’s world, one company is taking the “fear” out of Web services with improved app scanning software that puts the developer in the driver’s seat.

SOA solution offers free management options

A slew of new SOA management functions are available through a new version of CentraSite, including a plug-in that lets developers ease into integration within Eclipse-based dev environments.

IBM launches Lotus Notes for Linux

IBM released Lotus Notes for Linux, marking the first time IBM has supported biz-grade e-mail, group scheduling and other Notes apps on the open desktop system.

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