Eclipse Development News

Eclipse Survey Says Scrum Most Popular Methodology

Agile -- especially Scrum -- rules among developers who use Eclipse, the popular open-source IDE.

WSO2 Launches Open-Source Cloud Platform

Stratos is built on the open-source middleware maker's Carbon SOA platform.

Eclipse-Based GUI Builder Supports New GWT Designer Features

Instantiations' GWT Designer 7.5 is designed to allow developers to take advantage of recent Google Web Toolkit (GWT 2.0) enhancements.

IDE 101: 5 Open Source Web Development Tools -- Vim and Its Kin

Catch up on these IDE options for Web development that you might not know you had.

Platform for COBOL and Java Integration Gets Upgrade, Adds Eclipse Support

Veryant's isCOBOL 2010 adds support for Eclipse Galileo, among other changes.

Eclipse Foundation Approves Gemini, Virgo Projects

The Eclipse Foundation has given a thumbs up to two new projects under the Eclipse Runtime (RT) project.

Red Hat Updates JBoss Dev Tools, SOA Platform

Red Hat showed off the latest incarnation of its JBoss Developer Studio IDE at the annual EclipseCon developer conference, underway this week in Santa Clara.

EclipseCon: Oracle Pushes Java Modularization

Two Oracle execs kicked off the annual EclipseCon conference with a keynote focusing on the future of Java under the stewardship of Oracle.

Mylyn Project To Split into Subprojects

The Mylyn project is being divided into subprojects designed to accelerate the evolution of this open source framework for integrating task and ALM tools with the Eclipse IDE.

Java GUI Builder Syncs Up with Latest Google Web Toolkit Release

Instantiations recently upgraded its popular Eclipse-based Ajax/Java GUI builder to allow developers to take advantage of new features in the latest major release of the Google Web Toolkit.

SpringSource Offers dm Server to Eclipse

SpringSource wants the Eclipse community to take over ongoing development of its dm Server.

New MyEclipse IDE for Spring Developers

A new version of the MyEclipse Java IDE aimed specifically at developers using the Spring Framework is being developed jointly by Genuitec and Skyway Software.

New SOA Gadget Tool for Enterprise Web Devs

Open source middleware provider WSO2 is billing its new Gadget Server as "a radical departure from traditional portals."

IntelliJ IDE Keeps on Keepin' On

JetBrains releases IntelliJ IDEA 9.0, the latest version of the first Java IDE with integrated code refactoring.

Red Hat Adds SOA to JBoss Dev Tool

Red Hat Software has released the first major update to its Eclipse-based developer toolset.

Eclipse Launches Effort To Define Standard Mobile Dev Tools

Pulsar aims to create a standard mobile application development tools platform based on the open source Eclipse framework.

WSO2 Componentizes SOA

On Monday WSO2 unveiled a new service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework built on the OSGi specification.

New PHP for Eclipse

PHP Development Tools (PDT) version 2.0 is a "major upgrade" according to project leads.

New Open Source Maven Repository Manager Launched

Sonatype's Nexus professional offers a "superset" of features for commercial users.

COBOL Eclipsed

Hack your legacy COBOL code on Eclipse and run it on a mainframe rehosting package.

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