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At EclipseCon: Booch, techies define Eclipse

What is Eclipse? Officially, Eclipse is defined as an "open universal platform for tools integration." But in talking to some software industry leaders at EclipseCon, the Eclipse organization's first technical conference held at the Disneyland Hotel last week, a larger vision emerged

Red Hat CTO on Eclipse: 'Not just a Java initiative'

The Eclipse tools plug-in environment may succeed where other attempts failed to create a universal framework because Eclipse can bridge open-source and Java community efforts, Red Hat Inc. CTO Michael Tiemann told attendees at EclipseCon today.

Update: Eclipse declares independence

A declaration of independence was issued for the Eclipse Platform with the announcement that the IBM-sponsored consortium for the open-source tools framework initiative is now a not-for-profit corporation.

Eclipse: It's in the (Java) cards

News about smart cards underscores the opportunities for software developers with the know-how to create applications for these credit-card-sized slices of plastic embedded with microcontrollers.

Portal plays at Lotusphere

Embedding the Portal framework on the server side will extend Domino's reach to anyone with a browser or microbrowser. It will also enable integration of Domino and non-Domino apps in a consistent user interface on demand for any user role, said Ambuj Goyal in his keynote.

Java made easier for VB developers

Visual Basic developers transitioning to Java, and even veteran Java developers, struggle with building the Web browser interface for their Java applications, contends Eric von der Heyden, managing director at Innoopract. But help is now available.

Open-source plug-in targets HTTP load testing

Hyades framework project, a subgroup of the Eclipse open-source tool group, supports better tool interoperability and help developers avoid vendor lock-in. A recent example of a "Hyades savvy" tool is Scapa StressTest-Express from Scapa Technologies, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Creative Commons: The boundaries of intellectual property

Longtime Java Report Editor Dwight Deugo recently reported to us on some of the more stimulating chatter heard at last fall's OOPSLA conference, including a discussion of how intellectual property rights may inhibit creativity in software innovation.

In search of a gentler Java

J2EE complexity stemmed the growth of early Java tools. Now, an emerging breed of simpler offerings aims to give Visual Studio .NET a run for its money just as the next-generation Microsoft offerings increase complexity.

Looks at IBM Rational XDE Developer .NET Edition v2003.06 and Compuware DriverStudio

Mike Gunderloy reviews IBM Rational XDE Developer .NET Edition v2003.06 and DriverStudio 3.0

Eclipse overshadows wildfires and solar flares at OOPSLA

Despite wildfires and solar flares, the man-made Eclipse was a hot topic at the 18th Conference on Object Oriented Programming, Systems and Applications.

Instantiations acquires SWT Designer, and signs on its author

Design tool said to help software developers create rich client user interfaces for Java applications.

Extending Eclipse -- Part 2

Want to know more about extending Eclipse? Dwight explains how to add a new view and create your own perspective.

Eclipse aims to extend testing

The Eclipse standards consortium has launched an effort to allow the integration of testing and other automated software quality tools from multiple vendors.

WebSphere Studio update supports deeper Eclipse support

IBM has updated WebSphere Studio to support Version 2.0 of the open-source Eclipse tools plug-in IDE, Version 1.3 of the J2EE standard and Version 1.4 of the Sun JDK.

Eclipse to fund university research

The Eclipse consortium moved this week to expand on earlier IBM efforts with the creation of the Eclipse Technology Project, an open-source project that supports research, education and engineering initiatives undertaken to integrate multiple computing technologies using the so-called Eclipse Platform.

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