Open Source SOA Project Gets Axed

Last week week the Eclipse Foundation announced that it will be retiring its Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF) project, designed to offer an "multi-layered interoperability framework [for] leveraging SOA technologies"

As reported by The Register, the Eclipse Foundation has decided to retire the project, in part, because of lack of major interest from anyone other than Serena Software, an developer specializing in application lifecycle management (ALM) applications.

"Despite the ALF project's success in creating a quality codebase and achieving commercial adoption, several measures indicate ALF may no longer be a viable project at Eclipse [including] lack of committer committers are all from Serena... [and] insufficient ongoing investment to create the demos and packaged downloads that could generate the energy and excitement needed to revitalize the project," the organization's Project Archival Review report states in part.

"Given the current situation, and with little prospect of increased participation in sight, the ALF project leadership and committers recommend the project be archived," it continues. (View the report in PDF format here.)

Although the Eclipse Foundation found that it did not have enough interest in this particular project to keep it open, it should be noted that other SOA-related open source projects are expanding, including a number of other Eclipse-based projects, like the Swordfish SOA Runtime Framework and the organization's SOA Tools Platform Project.

The archived ALF project will eventually be hosted on the Eclipse organization's Web site here.

For more information on this story, read The Register's report here.

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