• IBM Opens Up Node.js App Metrics Tool

    The Node Application Metrics monitoring and profiling agent from IBM is now fully available with an open source license, according to the company's developerWorks Open site. Previously the tool -- also called "appmetrics" -- was available as a hybrid project with some parts open source but with core monitoring capabilities kept in-house.

  • Apache Kafka Stars in Two New Open Source Big Data Offerings

    Following the path of Hadoop and Spark, Apache Kafka is becoming a rising star in the Big Data ecosystem, playing a leading role in two brand-new open source offerings from LinkedIn, where Kafka originated, and Confluent, a company founded by former LinkedIn developers who helped create it.

  • A Kotlin-Based Build Language for Gradle

    Gradle Inc., chief commercial supporter of the open source Gradle build automation system, is working with software development toolmaker JetBrains to provide a Kotlin-based build programming language for Gradle, the two companies announced.

  • JFrog Xray's 'Radical Transparency'

    JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim describes his company's fourth major product release as a one-of-a-kind tool that will give organizations an unparalleled level of understanding about all their container images, software packages and binary artifacts.

  • Microsoft To Host Jenkins on Azure

    The Jenkins community is partnering with Microsoft to move its back-end infrastructure to the Azure cloud, a move that unifies the Jenkins infrastructure -- which has been distributed in four locations among four different providers -- on a single, scalable platform.

  • I/O 2016: Android 2.2 Gets New Test Recorder, Layout Designer and More

    Much of the press around this year's Google I/O event focused on the company's day-one consumer app-economy announcements, but there was plenty of news for enterprise developers in the opening keynote.

  • Looking for a Pay Boost? Learn Scala, Go

    An ambitious new skills report drawing on salary information from more than 2 million workers reveals that learning the programming languages Scala and Go are excellent career moves for software developers.

  • Programmable AWS IoT Button Sells Out in Hours

    The limited release AWS IoT Button, designed to help developers use Internet of Things and other data-related services from Amazon Web Services, sold out last week just hours after being made available.

  • Firms Team Up To Advance AI in the Enterprise

    Move over, Siri and Tay, and make room for a new female virtual agent set to invade the enterprise: Amelia, a joint effort by Accenture and IPsoft aiming to help organizations adopt complicated and potentially game-changing artificial intelligence technology.

  • IoT News Roundup: SAP, HP Enterprise Lead New Offerings

    New offerings from SAP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise highlight a busy week for the Internet of Things, which continues to edge aside Big Data, the cloud and mobile to take a seat as a first-class software development target.

  • Databricks Previews 'Shiny New Toy': Apache Spark 2.0

    Two years in the making, Apache Spark 2.0 will officially debut in a few weeks from Databricks, which just released a technical preview so Big Data developers could get their hands on the "shiny new toy" that has become instrumental in processing streaming data.

  • New JNBridge Lab: Using Play To Create Java Web Apps on .NET

    Java/.NET interoperability solutions provider JNBridge published a new entry in its growing database of free developer tutorial kits called Labs, which "showcase the myriad possibilities available to developers when bridging Java and .NET frameworks."

  • Oracle and Google Back in Court Over Java APIs

    The long-running court battle between Oracle and Google continued this week in San Francisco as the two companies faced off again in federal court before a new jury and a familiar judge.

  • Amid iPhone Slump, Apple Makes New Enterprise Overture

    After a quarterly earnings report revealed a surprising slump in iPhone sales, Apple announced a new overture into the enterprise mobility space with partner SAP, paving the way for new opportunities for iOS developers.

  • New Tools for Enterprise Node.js Monitoring

    Enterprises can get help monitoring their Node.js implementations with two brand-new tools from NodeSource and RisingStack.

  • 5 Most Active Apache Big Data Projects

    Here's a look at the most active open source Big Data projects under the direction of the Apache Software Foundation.

  • Big Data Benchmark: Google Cloud Dataflow Beats Apache Spark

    Big Data consultancy Mammoth Data today published a new benchmark study that shows Google's Cloud Dataflow service outperforms the extremely popular open source data processing engine, Apache Spark.

  • Data Scientists Flooding Field, Salaries Leveling Off, Report Says

    The long-lasting hunt for elusive data science skills has brought new recruits flooding into the field, according to new research, resulting in salaries finally beginning to level off for what has been termed the "sexiest job" of the century and "best job" in America.

  • New Node.js v6 Is Faster, Nearing Full ES6 Support

    The community-led Node.js Foundation is out with a new release of its namesake open source JavaScript developer platform, featuring performance upgrades such as faster module loading and more complete support for the new ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) JavaScript standard.

  • Codenvy Announces Che-Based IDE for Samsung ARTIK

    Codenvy today announced the beta release of a new IDE for Samsung's ARTIK Internet of Things platform.

  • Jenkins 2.0 Goes Live

    It's official: Jenkins 2.0 has arrived. Available today, this is the first major release of the open source continuous integration server in 10 years, and the excitement surrounding it is palpable.

  • Open Source Big Data Tool Kafka Advances in Enterprise

    Big Data is still a hot topic, and industry buzz points to Apache Kafka as one of the hottest projects in that space, a notion supported by a new survey showing its increasing use in enterprise analytics.

  • Avi Networks: Modernizing Application Services

    John talks to Avi Networks CEO Amit Pandey about his company and its efforts to modernize application services with a new platform fully implemented in software.

  • Node.js Survey: Enterprise Inroads, New Meaning for 'Full Stack' Developers

    A new survey from the Node.js Foundation shows the open source JavaScript platform is making inroads into enterprise dev shops, where the term "full stack developer" has a new meaning, making room for the burgeoning Internet of Things.

  • Mesosphere Open Sources Software for Containers and Stateful Services

    Mesosphere today unveiled the beta release of its newly open sourced DC/OS software, which helps organizations build and manage modern distributed applications in container-based datacenters.

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