Infragistics Updates UI for Angular

Cross-platform UI and UX toolmaker Infragistics has announced an update of its UI for the latest release of the Angular Web application framework. Released on the heels of Googles release of Angular 10.1.0, this version of the Ignite UI for Angular includes new features and enhancements to its Angular data grid, new theming capabilities, and a set of new Material-inspired industry icons designed to improve productivity for developers creating apps in the Angular framework.

Cranbury, NJ-based Infragistics bills Ignite UI for Angular as a complete set of Material-based UI widgets, components, and sketch UI kits that includes supporting directives for Angular by Infragistics. Ignite UI for Angular was designed to enable developers to build modern, high-performance HTML5 and JavaScript apps for modern desktop browsers, "mobile experiences," and progressive Web apps (PWAs) targeting Google's Angular framework. The company claims more than two million developers are currently using its UX and UI toolkits.

"Our customers depend on us to be responsive, so that they can continue to innovate on their own projects," said Steven Johnston, product marketing manager for UX and UI Tools at Infragistics, in a statement. "That is what makes Ignite UI for Angular unique [is] the ability for our team to quickly translate feature requests and requirements from our users into new components and enhancements."

A key focus of this release, Johnston said, was improving data management and simplifying the process of creating data visualizations within Angular applications. "This supports our commitment to providing our customers with the components, features and functionality that they need to quickly and easily build modern Web applications in Angular and ensure the best possible UX," he said.

The list of features in Ignite UI for Angular 10.1.0 includes:

  • New theme for application design, which is based on Infragistics' own design system, Indigo. It's available in a dark or light option. It also provides UI developers and designers with two new palettes to apply to their applications.
  • Enhancements to the Angular Grid and components, including new filtering, sorting and editing capabilities that have been added to the Tree Grid and the Hierarchical Grid. These enhancements make the Angular grids more engaging and useful for end-users, the company says.
  • New Angular component features, including a new case-sensitive search capability, support for binding columns to properties in nested data objects, and updates to the Angular Calendar and Date Picker components. These new features make it easier for developers to manage and bind data, while also providing enhanced support for applications integrating calendars and scheduling, the company says.
  • Angular Material Design, an unofficial subset of icons that extends the official Material Design Icon set provided by Google, and includes 260+ new Material-inspired icons, distributed in 7 categories: Content, Editor, Finance, Health, Logos, Programming, and Social Media.


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