Perfecto Publishes Mobile/Web App Testing Guide

Mobile and Web app testing specialist Perfecto has published its latest test coverage index for app developers and DevOps teams, serving as a guide to app testing in the summer of 2019.

Specifically, the testing company said it developed the index to answer the question: "On what devices and browsers should I be testing my mobile and Web applications?"

The Perforce Software company said it uses insights it has garnered from its continuous testing wares, along with market data research, to produce its benchmark for devices, Web browsers and user conditions to guide testers. The report, available as a free PDF, identifies the top platforms -- mobile devices, OSs and Web browsers -- in use by consumers worldwide to help guide app testing strategies.

In the new Summer 2019 Mobile & Web Test Coverage Index, Perfecto said it focused on four key trends that are reshaping the mobile and desktop Web app landscape:

  • Foldable smartphones
  • Android Q and iOS 13 releases
  • The transition from 4G LTE to 5G networks
  • The rise of AI and machine learning (ML)

Speaking of the latter, the report said: "We've seen both Big Data analysis -- as well as codeless test automation -- being introduced recently using AI and ML capabilities. In the future, we will continue seeing more of these technologies evolving to help address the pace of innovation and the complexities that they bring to enterprises."

Mobile Market Calendar 2019
[Click on image for larger view.] Mobile Market Calendar 2019 (source: Perfecto)

Coincidentally, Perfecto itself is leveraging AI, having recently unveiled an AI-driven, no-code solution for automation testing, using ML to automatically write and maintain test scripts.

Perfecto exec Eran Kinsbruner summarized the new report in a statement: "Following several years of stagnation, the mobile market is finally beginning to experience a shift as user demand for more sophisticated technologies, like 5G, foldables and IoT devices, rapidly climbs.

"The Summer 2019 Mobile & Web Test Coverage Index identifies these changes and provides teams with actionable advice. For example, how utilizing AI and machine learning (ML) for codeless test automation and smarter analytics/reporting helps accelerate velocity and deliver consistent, high-quality experiences."

Global Web Index
[Click on image for larger view.] Global Web Index (source: Perfecto)

Highlights of the report summarized by Perfecto include:

  • Apple, Samsung and Google Pixel dominate the global mobile market; however, Android vendors Huawei and Xiaomi lead the charge in APAC and EMEA.
  • The iPhone 7 is the most prominent smartphone across the market three years after it was launched; following its release last fall, the iPhone XS/XR/XS Max series are quickly catching up.
  • The OS market is consolidating with the majority of devices running on Android Pie/Oreo or iOS 12.
  • Web browser competition continues to be tight with Chrome, Firefox and Safari holding the top three spots.
  • In China and India, there is a significant dominance of smartphones that are 6.00'' screen size and larger. This is a clear difference compared to EMEA and NA where there is a more balanced mix between the screen size families.
  • "With innovations in OSs (e.g. Android Q and iOS 13), foldable devices and 5G networks expected to dominate the market later this year, development teams should be prepared to deal with greater complexity, app instability and issues with automation compatibility," Perfecto said.

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