Perfecto Unveils AI-Driven, No-Code Automation Testing

Perfecto, specializing in cloud-based DevOps testing of Web and mobile apps, unveiled a new solution that uses machine learning to automatically write and maintain test scripts.

As its name implies, Perfecto Codeless mimics the appeal of no-code/low-code software development tools that target users and coders of all levels with simplified solutions.

In this case, the codeless approach addresses the burdensome process of creating and maintaining scripts while also eliminating manual scripting issues that Perfecto said are the No. 1 cause of automation failures.

"We are harnessing the power of machine learning to offer the next generation of codeless automation testing capabilities," CEO Eran Yaniv said in a statement yesterday. "By eliminating the need to write and maintain test scripts, teams save time and can focus on more complex tasks."

Perfecto said the solution helps both testers -- who often don't have needed skills for writing test automation scripts with tools like Selenium or Appium -- and developers, who have those skills but whose time would be better spent on product development and innovation.

In putting AI to work, Perfecto said it uses machine learning functionality embedded into the solution to address object maintenance issues within code. "If code needs to get deleted, moved, or changed, it will happen agnostically to the test script -- without delaying the process," the company said.

The codeless solution is part of the Smart Automation platform offered by Perfecto, which is a Perforce Software company. That platform includes a cloud-based testing lab, along with reporting and analytics functionality.

Perfecto Codeless will be available next month.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.