Yahoo Provides Apple Watch Analytics for Mobile Developers

Less than two weeks after the official launch of the Apple Watch wearable computer, Yahoo announced it's providing analytics for the device to mobile developers.

Yahoo said the metrics are available through its Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite, provided for free via its Flurry Analytics offering.

Flurry lets developers track app performance, analyze usage, monitor user acquisition and perform other analytic chores. It's provided for free for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and mobile Web apps.

"With the latest Flurry iOS SDK and a few minutes of implementation time, developers will be able to track new users, active users and the actions of their Watch users with custom events," Yahoo said in a news release. "They will also be able to understand how usage balances out between the Apple Watch app and its parent app on the user's smartphone."

In addition to Flurry Analytics, the Yahoo Developer Suite also comprises Yahoo App Publishing, Yahoo App Marketing, Flurry Pulse (for sending app data to partners with one SDK), and Yahoo Search in Apps. The suite was introduced in February.

"With this new opportunity in wearables, many developers are experimenting with strategies for building successful Apple Watch apps," said Yahoo exec Brad Jones. "The Watch is shifting the way the industry thinks about app creation. Analytics are an important part of this journey. This is uncharted territory for developers and advertisers alike, and understanding user behavior is crucial for success."

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.