DataDirect Offers Data Integration Suite

DataDirect Technologies on Monday announced a suite of data transformation/aggregation solutions for developers that combine three of its XML-based tools. The new DataDirect Data Integration Suite includes the company's XQuery, XML Converters, and Stylus Studio solutions in a single package.

The suite provides design and runtime capabilities for data integration in both traditional and service-oriented architecture environments. It can integrate data from multiple sources and formats, facilitating data delivery in enterprise applications.

The company combined the solutions to deliver a complete environment and help reduce development times.

"With the DataDirect Data Integration Suite we have made it easier for software architects and developers to get everything they need for their projects in one simple, highly flexible and robust package," said Dr. Carlo Innocenti, senior XML program manager for DataDirect Technologies, in a prepared statement.

The suite features the following capabilities:

  • Code generation and debugging for Java and C#
  • Development tools for XQuery, XSLY, Web services and XML pipelines
  • Drag-and-drop mapping
  • Search capability for relational, flat, and XML databases
  • Integration of databases into an XML-based data interchange, using HTML or PDF for sharing
  • Bidirectional conversion of any data file (including EDI, flat file and legacy formats) into XML for use in Java and .NET.

The company offers a free 15-day trial of the DataDirect Data Integration Suite, which can be accessed here.

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