Deloitte Consulting and iRise Announce Software Dev Alliance

Deloitte Consulting, a professional services organizations, and iRise, an app definition software and services company, announced on Tuesday that they have signed a new alliance agreement. The alliance aims to help clients reduce the cost and effort associated with software development projects, while helping improve the effectiveness of these initiatives, the two companies say.

According to a survey conducted for iRise earlier this year by Decipher, a leading independent research organization, the vast majority of IT organizations budget for cost overruns and software design changes resulting from insufficient requirement definitions made at the outset of development projects. Additionally, the survey found that nearly a third of companies set aside more than 25 percent of their development budgets for changes that could have been avoided in the first place.

iRise says its app simulation platform and its definition expertise help orgs validate and simulate custom applications to mitigate risk, deliver on time and improve the overall quality of the apps to the business.

The iRise platform can be used to quickly assemble a working simulation of a complex system during the requirements phase, helping the business user and the software developer find and redefine missing or unclear requirements before coding begins.

In the past, text and static screen shots were the primary method for defining requirements on most software development projects, the company says. With the iRise platform, a simulation can be created in hours with no code. Because business stakeholders often struggle with requirements until they are able to see how the software works, projects often suffer from late stage, unplanned rework, according to iRise.