VA Linux sheds workers, hardware

One-time high flyer VA Linux Systems, Inc. has disclosed a radical restructuring plan that calls for shedding its hardware offerings and cutting 35% of its workforce of 436 employees.

According to officials, VA Linux will concentrate its efforts on distributing application software, providing Linux operating systems software and services, and collaborative development solutions.

In a statement, VA Linux said the firm will restrict its focus to three key areas. They are: the SourceForge OnSite Collaborative Development System (CDS), which is said to enable large companies with distributed developers to increase efficiencies in software development; OSDN, or the Open Source Development Network that includes popular Internet sites such as, Slashdot and ThinkGeek; and the firm's traditional offerings, Linux Software Development and Consulting Services.

VA Linux Chief Executive Larry Augustin maintained that the move allows the company to retain its "differentiating strength," its expertise in software.

About the Author

Mike Bucken is former Editor-in-Chief of Application Development Trends magazine.