Google Upgrades Accelerated Mobile Pages Testing Tools

Google this week announced an upgrade to its open source AMP initiative to improve mobile Web browsing by speeding up page loads, improving the testing tools associated with the project.

Standing for Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP debuted a few years ago, with the goal of boosting page loads by restricting some HTML functionality and implementing a distribution system built around caching.

Associated with the project are two online testing tools -- the AMP Test and the Mobile-Friendly Test -- that let users plug in a URL to put Google machinery to work analyzing the site and providing a report on any issues found.

Now, those tools let users also paste in source code that can edited during testing, letting them try out tweaks to see the effect on page loading speed and mobile friendliness.

The upgrade was announced in a tweet that included an animated GIF showing the new functionality in action:

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.