Okta Extends its Devices Platform Service to Devs through its SDK

Authentication solution provider Okta has extended its Okta Devices Platform Service capabilities to developers via the Okta Devices SDK (Software Development Kit). The new SDK and API offer devs packaged tooling to build passwordless sign-in flows through branded push notifications with biometric capabilities, minimizing friction for end-users and increasing security posture.

Okta's Platform Services is a set of modular components that can be combined to build new features and tailored experiences. These Platform Services are available in Okta's packaged products, APIs, and SDKs. The Devices SDK allows developers to leverage Okta Verify to build "customized, secure, and seamless" login experiences for their customers, the company says.

"We live in a multi-device world where we work, shop, and consume content across phones, laptops, and tablets," said Diya Jolly, Okta's Chief Product Officer. "This dynamic landscape has placed an extra emphasis on today's modern businesses to be relevant across every device. The Devices SDK takes the customizability and security of the Okta Identity Cloud, and puts it in the hands of developers everywhere."

Using the Devices SDK and API, developers can create a range of experiences through a single integration, including:

  • Embed Okta Verify technology with push and biometrics capability into mobile applications.
  • Develop branded, omnichannel multi-factor authentication experiences with custom push messaging and custom action buttons. 
  • Deploy additional layers of protection to address high-risk access attempts. 
  • Enable end-users to view and manage their Okta registered devices.
  • Simplify device management and increase overall security posture.

Using the newly announced Okta CLI (command line interface), developers can get up-and-running with Okta, "from setting up sandbox environments to configuring OIDC apps," the company says, "instantly, spending less time jumping from screen to screen and more time on building."

Okta is an independent provider of identity solutions for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organizations to securely connect "the right people to the right technologies at the right time." The company provides more than 6,500 pre-built integrations to applications and infrastructure providers, allowing its customers to use the best technologies for their business. Okta's customer list comprises 8,950 organizations, the company says, including JetBlue, Nordstrom, Slack, T-Mobile, Takeda, Teach for America, and Twilio.

At the recent Okta Showcase event, the company announced a new partnership with Salesforce. Okta will integrate the Okta Identity Cloud, its independent and neutral platform, with Salesforce, a set of solutions from Salesforce designed to help businesses and organizations reopen safely. It includes shift management; manual contact tracing; emergency response management; and more. The Okta Identity Cloud will help leaders across HR, Workplace, and IT organizations to quickly and securely deploy, the two companies said in a statement, while also providing security and protection for these solutions, regardless of location.

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