MariaDB Launches New Database-as-a-Service, Partners with Google Cloud

MariaDB has launched a new database-as-a-service (DBaaS) this week called SkySQL, which it's billing as the first to provide a "MariaDB in the cloud" experience.

The company behind the popular open source relational database management system (DBMS) also announced a technical partnership with Google Cloud to make SkySQL available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Designed for multicloud and hybrid cloud deployments, SkySQL is the result of MariaDB's mission to build a new and better cloud database, the company says. It implements a cloud-native architecture, which leverages Kubernetes for container orchestration; ServiceNow for inventory, configuration and workflow management; and Prometheus and Grafana for real-time monitoring and visualization.

With this launch, the company is also offering cloud database administrator (DBA) support via a service called SkyDBA. This feature gives users the ability to offload tasks that can't be automated. "Certified cloud architects implement best practices and deliver consultative support to customers in times of need," the company says.

MariaDB was created as a fork of MySQL by developers who played key roles in building the original database after Oracle acquired MySQL in 2009. Freedom from vendor lock-in has been one of MariaDB's core selling points from the beginning.

"The universal need for accessible yet robust database services has never been higher," said MariaDB CEO Michael Howard in a statement. "Existing services, long in the tooth, lock out community innovation [which means] patches, new versions and features are missing literally for years. MariaDB SkySQL is a next-generation cloud database, built by the world's top database engineers in the industry, allowing organizations large and small to know they have an always-on partner to, not only roll out new applications, but ensure a consistent and enduring quality of service."

The company is debuting SkySQL on the GCP in a partnership that "enables deeper product integration and a go-to-market relationship to better serve joint MariaDB and Google customers," the two companies said in a statement.

"Partnering with Google Cloud as the undisputed experts on Kubernetes and a big supporter of open source gives us a unique opportunity to bring best-of-breed solutions with 'from the source' support for joint customers," said Kevin Farley, MariaDB's director of strategic alliances, in a statement.

Data from 451 Research indicates that the database market is accelerating toward both DBaaS across hybrid IT systems and hybrid operational and analytic processing, said James Curtis, senior analyst in 451's Data, AI and Analytics group. "Further, our research indicates that it will be those vendors that offer a consistent experience across the broadest portfolio of options that will likely benefit most from the changing market dynamics," he said.

SkySQL comes with enterprise documentation, a support portal with frequently asked questions, plus getting-started guides and tutorials. Developers can access sample applications built on SkySQL on GitHub.

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