JFrog Announces Multi-Cloud DevOps Platform

JFrog, the company best known for its Artifactory binary repository manager, this week announced a new platform that integrates many of its tools into what the company is billing as "the first hybrid, multi-cloud, universal DevOps platform."

Designed to drive continuous software releases from any source to any destination, the new JFrog Platform combines JFrog Artifactory, one of the first cloud-based binary repository managers, with the Mission Control DevOps dashboard, the JFrog Distribution tool, the JFrog Xray security and artifact analysis tool, Access Federation, and the JFrog Pipelines continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) automation and orchestration tool.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company has been assembling the platform for the past year with a combination of acquisitions and internal developments, said Stephen Chin, who leads JFrog's developer relations team.

"Our customers really wanted an end-to-end platform they could use for their entire pipelines and DevOps workflows and organization," Chin told ADTmag. "The platform integrates everything into a seamless experience. DevOps teams have a single solution that takes them all the way from package management to CI/CD, security and deployments."

"We've been growing quite a bit recently, and this platform announcement is quite a big change for us," he added.

The JFrog Pipeline, for example, is the result of the company's acquisition of Shippable last year. The company used the assets from that acquisition to provide a centralized cloud-native CI/CD product that can be scaled across thousands of concurrent pipelines, universally supporting DevOps workflows across an organization and delivering orchestration and visibility at scale from code to production.

"This release is a game-changer for the DevOps community and our customers," said JFrog CPO Dror Bereznitsky in a statement. "Since announcing our plans for the JFrog Platform and JFrog Pipelines in 2019, we've worked to address the needs of the DevOps industry that relies heavily on CI/CD solutions. Developers told us they required a more unified and centralized solution for next-generation DevOps automation that streamlines their portfolio. As developers ourselves who know the pain, we're excited and proud to have met the challenge with JFrog Pipelines and the JFrog Platform."

JFrog unveiled the new all-in-one platform at the annual RSA Security conference, underway this week in San Francisco. Chin sees the platform as a natural result of the company's "liquid software" vision, of a future in which products and services will be connected to software pipes that stream updates into systems and devices, automatically and continuously.

The JFrog Platform is available now. The company is offering a free trial.

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