Open Source ArangoDB Launches Managed Service for Enterprises

On Thursday the San Francisco, Calif. (by way of Cologne, Germany)-based ArangoDB team announced the release of ArangoDB Oasis, a new enterprise managed service for its open source, multi-model database.

ArangoDB is known for its "native multi-model format" -- meaning it can serve as a graph database, a key/value store and a document database, all of which can be queried at once using full-text search and geo queries, graph traversal or other patterns. All identifying data is stored in a common JSON-based format, allowing it to be pulled into other collections and used in a variety of ways.

The new ArangoDB Oasis managed service is a paid add-on that gives enterprises tools to easily deploy and manage their ArangoDB cluster deployments. It works on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, offers "enterprise-grade" security and gives users custom multi-deployment capabilities along with various new collaboration features.

"ArangoDB Oasis furthers the benefits already gained with ArangoDB by providing a managed service that will remove the burden of deployment, uptime, maintenance and other tasks involved in database administration," the company remarked on the new release. "By providing developers an easy way to spin up clusters of any size, at any time, for as long as needed, ArangoDB Oasis makes it easy to focus on application development that can elastically scale up and out as needed."

"Our core belief is developers must be able to easily leverage the right data model for the right job without the complexity of navigating between different databases," said Claudius Weinberger, CEO and co-founder of ArangoDB, in a prepared statement. "ArangoDB Oasis makes this vision more of a reality by lifting the burden of database administration and maintenance from organizations, allowing them to focus on their core competency: brilliant application development and delivery."

ArangoDB Oasis is available now. A 14-day free trial can be signed up for here.

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